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Ayah (آية ʾāyatun, plural Ayat آيات ʾāyātun) is the Arabic word for sign or miracle, cognate with Hebrew ot (אות), means sign. The word usually refers to each one of the 6236 verses [1] found in the Qur'an (6349 ayat counting in 113 bismilas, excluding one for Surah At-Taubah). Muslims regard each ayah of the Qur'an a sign from Allah. The word Ayat is also used by Christians in countries with strong Arabic language influence, such as Indonesian Christians.

The verse number in a symbol is written at the end of each verse.[1] This symbol is ۝, end of Ayah. Its Unicode number is U+06DD and ۝۝۝۝ also denotes the end of a sura.

There are two types of ayat:

1- Verses that are Muhkumaat: with very clear and straightforward meanings.

2- Verses that are Mutashabehaat: with multiple interpretations.


  1. ^ Proposal for additional Unicode characters; page 3 has a scanned example of the use of the Ayat symbol.

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AYAH, a Spanish word (aya) for children's nurse or maid, introduced by the Portuguese into India and adopted by the English to denote their native nurses.

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