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Coordinates: 51°48′58″N 0°49′01″W / 51.816°N 0.817°W / 51.816; -0.817

County constituency
Aylesbury shown within Buckinghamshire, and Buckinghamshire shown within England
Created: 1553
MP: David Lidington
Party: Conservative
Type: House of Commons
County: Buckinghamshire
EP constituency: South East England

Aylesbury is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Conservative Party has held the seat since 1924, and won the 2005 General Election with a 21.5% majority.



The constituency is based around the town of Aylesbury and the surrounding countryside in Buckinghamshire.


Boundary review

Following their review of parliamentary representation in Buckinghamshire, the Boundary Commission for England have made minor changes to the existing Aylesbury constituency. The electoral wards used in the newly shaped seat are;

Members of Parliament

  • Constituency created (1553)
Year First member Second member
April 1554 Thomas Smith Humphrey Moseley
November 1554 William Ryse Unknown
1555 Anthony Restwold
1558 Names lost
1559 Arthur Porter Thomas Crawley
1563 Thomas Sackville Thomas Coleshill
1571 Thomas Lichfield Edward Dockwra
1572 George Burden
1584 Thomas Tasburgh John Smith
1586 Thomas Scott
1589 Thomas Pigott Henry Fleetwood
1593 Sir Thomas West John Lillye
1597 Thomas Tasburgh Thomas Smythe
1601 John Lillye Richard Moore
1604 Sir William Borlase Sir William Smythe
1614 Sir John Dormer Samuel Backhouse
1621 Henry Borlase
1624 Sir John Pakington, Bt Sir Thomas Crewe
1625 Sir Robert Carr
May 1625 Sir John Hare
1626 Clement Coke Arthur Goodwin
1628 Sir Edmund Verney
April 1640 Sir John Pakington, Bt Ralph Verney
1640 Thomas Fountaine
November 1640 Sir John Pakington, Bt
1645 Thomas Scot Simon Mayne
Year Member
1654 Henry Philips
1656 Thomas Scot
Year First member First party Second member Second party
1659 Sir James Whitelocke Thomas Tyrrill
1660 Sir Thomas Lee, 1st Bt. Sir Richard Ingoldsby
1685 Sir William Egerton Richard Anderson
1689 Sir Thomas Lee, 2nd Bt. Richard Beke
1690 Sir Thomas Lee
1691 Simon Mayne
1695 James Herbert
1699 Robert Dormer
1701 Sir Thomas Lee, 2nd Bt.
July 1702 Sir John Pakington, 4th Bt.
December 1702 Simon Harcourt
1704 Sir Henry Parker, 2nd Bt.
1705 Sir John Wittewrong, 3rd Bt. Simon Mayne
1710 Simon Harcourt John Essington
January 1715 Nathaniel Meade John Deacle
April 1715 Trevor Hill
1722 Richard Abell John Guise
1727 Sir William Stanhope Philip Lloyd
1728 Edward Rudge
1730 Thomas Ingoldsby
1734 George Champion Christopher Tower
1741 Charles Pilsworth Viscount Petersham
1747 The Earl of Inchiquin Edward Willes
1754 Thomas Potter John Willes
1757 John Wilkes
1761 Welbore Ellis
1764 Anthony Bacon
1768 John Durand
1774 John Aubrey
1780 Thomas Orde
1784 Sir Thomas Hallifax William Wrightson
1789 Scrope Bernard
1790 Gerard Lake
1802 James Du Pre Robert Bent
1804 William Cavendish
1806 George Nugent, 1st Bt. George Henry Compton Cavendish
1809 Thomas Hussey
1812 The Lord Nugent Liberal
1814 Charles Compton Cavendish Liberal
1818 William Rickford
1832 Henry Hanmer
1837 Winthrop Mackworth Praed
1839 Charles John Baillie-Hamilton
1841 Richard Rice Clayton
1847 John Peter Deering The Lord Nugent Liberal
1848 Quintin Dick
1850 Frederick Calvert
1851 Richard Bethell
1852 Austen Layard Liberal
1857 Thomas Tyringham Bernard
1859 Samuel George Smith
1865 Nathan Rothschild
1880 George William Erskine Russell Liberal
  • Reduced to one member (1885)
Year Member Party
1885 Ferdinand James de Rothschild Liberal
1886 Liberal Unionist
1899 Lionel Walter Rothschild Liberal Unionist
1910 Lionel Nathan de Rothschild Liberal Unionist
1912 Conservative
1918 Coalition Conservative
1922 Conservative
1923 Thomas Keens Liberal
1924 Sir Alan Hughes Burgoyne Conservative
1929 Michael Beaumont Conservative
1938 Sir Stanley Reed Conservative
1950 Spencer Summers Conservative
1970 Timothy Raison Conservative
1992 David Lidington Conservative


Confirmed candidates for the next UK general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Kathryn White
Conservative David Lidington
Liberal Democrat Steven Lambert
UKIP Chris Adams
General Election 2005: Aylesbury
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative David Lidington 25,254 49.1 +1.8
Liberal Democrat Peter Jones 14,187 27.6 +0.7
Labour Mohammed Khaliel 9,540 18.5 −4.7
UKIP Chris Adams 2,479 4.8 +2.3
Majority 11,067 21.5
Turnout 51,460 62.4 +1.0
Conservative hold Swing +0.6
General Election 2001: Aylesbury
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative David Lidington 23,230 47.3 +3.1
Liberal Democrat Peter Jones 13,221 26.9 -2.6
Labour Keith White 11,388 23.2 +1.0
UKIP Justin Harper 1,248 2.5 N/A
Majority 10,009 20.4
Turnout 49,087 61.4 -11.5
Conservative hold Swing

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