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Aytos is located in Bulgaria
Location of Aytos
Coordinates: 42°42′N 27°15′E / 42.7°N 27.25°E / 42.7; 27.25
Country  Bulgaria
 - Mayor Evgeni Vrabchev
Elevation 95 m (312 ft)
Population (2005)
 - Total 25,030
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 - Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 8500
Area code(s) 0558

Aytos (Bulgarian: Айтос), sometimes written Aitos and Ajtos, is a town located in eastern Bulgaria some 30 kilometers from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and belonging to the administrative boundaries of Burgas Province.



Aytos has a rich and long history dating back to antiquity. An old settlement founded by Thracian tribes, archaeological finds near the town testify that its existence dates back to the 5th century BC. Throughout the centuries, the town has been known under different names including Aetos (Αετος), Astos, Eidos, Aquilia, Tchengis, etc.

During the reign of Khan Tervel, the region was incorporated in the Bulgarian Empire for the first time. The fortress Aetos took an important part in the defensive system of the Bulgarian lands against the sudden attacks of the Tatars, the Avars and the Crusaders.

In 1378 the town was conquered by the armies of the Ottoman Empire under Murad I. During the Russian-Turkish War (1828-1829), General Hans Karl von Diebitsch turned the town into a strategic strong point. After the Treaty of Edirne in 1829, many of the town's citizens fled to Bessarabia to join the Bessarabian Bulgarians.

During the Bulgarian National Revival the population participated actively in the Bulgarian struggles for liberation. Vasil Levski organized a revolutionary committee in the town.

After the Liberation, Aytos became a vivid commercial center, reputedly more important than Burgas. The first girls' agricultural school in the country was established in Aytos during the period.


The geographic location determines the special significance of the municipality as a transport junction, where the road networks between Northern Bulgaria and Southern Bulgaria in this part of the country join. Important highways and the railway from Sofia to Burgas pass through it. Its good transport characteristics are also determined by the fact that it is only 28 km from Burgas, a key Black Sea port.


The town hosts the annual folk festival and competition Slaveevi Noshti, which takes place every Spring during the months of May and June. The festival is held at the "Slaveeva Reka" Recreational Park and it celebrates traditional dance and folk music from across Bulgaria.


Established in the early '50s, the famous Aytos Sports Academy “Vihar” has produced many national and international gymnastics champions including three-time international champion Silviya Kostova. The Academy has a popular soccer team as well -- "Vihar Aytos".

Recreation and tourism


Natural landmarks

  • Recreation Park "Slaveeva Reka" ("Nightingale's River") — Few towns in Bulgaria can boast parks as big as "Slaveeva Reka" park. Impressive in size and diverse in natural beauty, the park also hosts the Aytos Animal Zoo.
  • Rock Formation "Trite Bratya" ("The Three Brothers")
  • Natural Reserve "Kazanite"
  • Natural Reserve "Hisarya"
  • State Forest "Koriata"

Historical landmarks

  • Ancient Fortress "Aetos"
  • Aitoski Historical Pass — Connecting the ancient lands of Thrace and Moesia
  • St. Dimitrii Solunski Orthodox Church
  • Aitos Mineral Baths

Cultural landmarks

  • Ethnographic Complex "Genger" — A small Etara-like ethnographic center built in the traditional local architectural style. The complex has a variety of different traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts shops as well as a traditional hotel, taverns, cafes and restaurants.
  • Museum of "Peter Stanev"
  • Theater "Vasil Levksi"

Famous citizens

  • Eva Kirilova — Singer from Tonika
  • Filip Kutev — Composer and founder of the Bulgarian National Ensemble & Choir
  • Zhivko Mutafchiev — Painter
  • Panayot Panayotov — Singer
  • Pencho Peev — Poet
  • Georgi Popgeorgiev — Painter and founder of the Young Bulgarian Painters Society
  • Petar Stanev — Painter
  • Hristo Tanev — Sculptor
  • Yovi Tenev — Federal Prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice
  • Sava Tanev — Sculptor
  • Tatyana Yotova — Poet
  • Rositsa Zhivkova — Poet
  • Ivan Angelov - Singer


Aytos Point on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for Aytos.

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Coordinates: 42°42′N 27°15′E / 42.7°N 27.25°E / 42.7; 27.25


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Alternative spellings

  • Ajtos

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  1. a town in eastern Bulgaria


  • Bulgarian: Айтос


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