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Āzādī (Persian: آزادی) is a Persian word, meaning freedom and liberty. It is also used in other Western Iranian languages (such as Kurdi) and is also borrowed by some other languages such as Urdu, Pashto and Hindi. It may refer to:


  • Azadi Sport Complex, a sports complex in Tehran, Iran built for the 1974 Asian Games
  • Azadi Square, a square in Tehran, Iran
  • Azadi Stadium, Iran's national and largest stadium in Tehran with a capacity of 100,000.
  • Azadi Tower, the symbol of Tehran, Iran
  • Azadiye Stadium, 40,000 seat covered stadium in Tehran, Iran.
  • Simaye Azadi, a satellite television channel covering issues relating to Iran.
  • Azadi Indoor Stadium, an indoor sports arena in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Basketball Arena, an all-seater indoor arena in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Street, a street in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Cinema, a movie theatre in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Museum, a museum inside the Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Station, a metro station in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Hospital, a specialized clinic of psychiatry and psychology in Tehran, Iran.
  • Azadi Hotel, one of the largest hotels in Iran located in Tehran.
  • Azadi Square (Esfahan), one of the main squares of Esfahan, Iran.

Arts and fiction

  • Bahare Azadi, a gold coin issued in Iran.
  • Azadi (film), a 2005 Australian short film by Anthony Maras
  • Azadi Empire, a fictional state in the 2006 video game Dreamfall
  • Azadistan, a fictional state in the 2007 anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • Azadi (book), a 2008 book by Italian writer and poet Marcella Boccia


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