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A monument to Azerbaijani contribution to the Eastern Front of WWII in Baku.

Azerbaijan during World War II refers to the involvement of Azerbaijan SSR and Azerbaijani people during the Soviet-German War.

In April 1940, intelligence flights by the British and French Air Forces did fly over the Absheron Peninsula. In 1941, the first year of the Soviet-German War, Azerbaijan produced 25.4 million tons of oil - a record for the entire history of its oil industry. Meanwhile, Great Britain and France seriously considered the possibility of bombing the Republic's oil fields. By the end of 1941, thousands of Azeris had joined the People's Voluntary Corps. Mobilization affected all spheres of life, particularly the oil industries. A week after fighting began, the oil workers themselves took the initiative to extend their work to 12-hour shifts, with no days off, no holidays, and no vacations until the end of the war. In September 1942, Hitler's generals presented him with a large decorated cake which depicted the Caspian Sea and Baku. Baku then became the primary strategic goal of Hitler's 1942 Fall Blau offensive. This offensive was unsuccessful, however. The German army was at first stalled in the mountains of Caucasus, then decisively defeated at the battle of Stalingrad and forced to retreat from the area, abandoning all hopes for Reichskommisariat Kaukasus.

In 1942, Azerbaijan also became the second largest tea producer of the Soviet Army. By the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in February 1942, the commitment of more than 500 workers and employees of the oil industry of Azerbaijan was awarded orders and medals. Many Azerbaijanis fought well in the ranks of the Soviet Army (about 600-800,000) and Azeri Major-General Azi Aslanov was awarded twice Hero of the Soviet Union. About 400,000 Azeris died in WWII.




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