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Azumazeki stable

Azumazeki stable (Japanese: 東関部屋, Azumazeki-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Takasago group of stables. It is located at Higashi–Komagata, Sumida, Tokyo. It was founded in April 1986 by the Hawaiian born Takamiyama of the Takasago stable. Azumazeki's first sekitori was Akebono, also from Hawaii, in 1990, who subsequently reached the yokozuna rank. A total of nine foreign born wrestlers have fought for the stable: seven from the US, one from Great Britain and one (still active as of May 2008) from China. As of April 2008 it had 15 sumo wrestlers.

Azumazeki Oyakata will reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 in June 2009 and was succeeded by Ushiomaru who announced his retirement after the May tournament.


Azumazeki Daigoro - oyakata

Former wrestlers

  • Akebono the 64th Yokozuna 1988-2001
  • Daiki, aka Percy Kipapa, former juryo 10, from Hawaii, 1991-98
  • Takamishu aka Taylor Wiley, former makushita 2, from Hawaii, 1987-89
  • Takamio, aka John Feleunga, former makushita 2, from Hawaii, 1986-97
  • Ozora, aka Troy Talaimatai, former makushita 13, from Hawaii, 1989-95
  • Hidenokuni aka Nathan Strange, former jonidan 93, first wrestler from Europe, 1989-90

Active wrestlers with makuuchi experience




  • Yonosuke Kimura (Masashi Okuno) - juryo referee


  • Daikichi (Yuji Oba) - Juryo Yobidashi

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