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Directed by Robert Townsend
Produced by Jay Stern
Written by Troy Beyer
Starring Halle Berry
Martin Landau
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) March 28, 1997
Running time 91 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10,000,000

B*A*P*S is a 1997 comedy film written by Troy Beyer, directed by Robert Townsend, and starring Halle Berry and Martin Landau.



Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle-Reid) have dreams of opening the world's first combination hair salon/soul food restaurant. To accumulate start-up money they audition for a music video in Los Angeles and, through an unusual turn of events, end up assisting a Beverly Hills butler and caring for an aging millionaire who welcomes them into his mansion. They become Black American Princesses (BAPs) "livin' large and takin' charge" amongst the rich and famous. They soon find themselves in the middle of a plot to bilk the millionaire out of his fortune.


Awards and nominations

1998 Acapulco Black Film Festival


The reception was overwhelmingly negative. It has a 13% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert called the film "jaw-droppingly bad, stupid and offensive."


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B*A*P*S is a 1997 comedy film, written by Troy Beyer, and directed by Robert Townsend. This film stars Halle Berry and Martin Landau.


  • My food is created to nourish the soul, okay? I haven't used pork since Thelma was on Good Times about to marry Ibe, the African prince and I said, "No, no, no, I'm waiting on my African prince to be my baby's daddy, so I stopped use pork, because I started using chicken broth! So I don't know what you're talking about." See what I cook is much healthier than that *bird* stuff Alfred is cookin' for him!"
  • ...A-re-ah-der-chee to you too... and some mozzerella and fettichinni... Hell yea!


Nate: Now why did you have to burn my toast, baby?
Nisi: Now you know said you wanted everything well done.

Isaac: I'm calling the police. You two have been stealing - from my uncle.
Manley: No... The girls had nothing to do with it. [looks at Antonio] It was Antonio.
Isaac: Antonio...
Antonio: Isaac, our plan could still work! It could be our words against theirs. Her fingerprints are still on the safe, man!
Isaac: I don't know what you're talking about! What plan? I'm calling the police...

[looking up at painting on a wall]
James: Now, look at the picture! Look at the picture! Who does this picture remind you of?
James and Ali: Laquisha Jenkins!

Nisi: You remember when we took those CPR classes?
Mickey: Yeah - All the cute guys were in there.
Nisi: Didn't you learn anything?
Mickey: No... But I met James.
Nisi: Shh... we gonna check his heart to see if it's still beating... Go on. Check it.
Mickey: You check it.
Nisi: You check it.
Mickey: You check it...
Nisi: YOU CHECK IT! It's on yo side!
Mickey: [Mickey laid her head against Mr. B's neck to see if he was still alive] He's alive!
Nisi: I'm going to bed!
Mickey: Nisi? Nisi? Nisi!

Nisi: Now at the audition I didn't do the best I could...
Heavy D: Hey! Ain't you that girl that hit the other girl in the face with your hair?
Nisi: Uh huh...
Heavy D: Oh no... I seen all you can do, Hon...
Mickey: Naw, naw. She can really dance...
Heavy D: No, I seen all you could do - you could hurt somebody
Mickey: No, she can dance and I'm the next Monifa
Nisi: She is!
Heavy D: Oh - you the next Monifa?
Mickey: Yea... look here - This the "Mickey remix..." Check this out... IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE YOU BEEN GO-ONE... FEELS GOOD WHEN I'M WITH-CHU... I MISS YOU COME BACK HOME...

Mickey: You think Ali and James miss us?
Nisi: I don't know, but I know I miss my man...
Mickey: Uh uh... you NEED to scoot over cause I ain't got no problem sleepin' on this expensive white carpet, cause I know it's poodle hair.

James: See you deserve this kinda stuff... [hanging head to "cry"] but I just can't give it to you... You deserve nice stuff... You deserve a big ol' house... and you - you deserve your own back yard... and - and everyone else got a - a little white dog, why you can have one? I wanna take you out to dinner... everytime we go out, we gotta watch - other people eat... HELL I wanna eat too! And - and you need some clothes... W-w-why should you have to wear your Sunday clothes on Wednesday? Now look girl... don't think a dude a punk cause he crying like a little girl - but you my queen... and I Lah-Love you!
Mickey: Oh James you ain't never said nothin' like this... Don't said it if you don't mean it!
[knocks James into a fountain]


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