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B M Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering(BMSCE)
BMS College of Engineering.gif
Established 1945
Type VTU,autonomous stream, affiliated with AICTE
Staff approximately 300
Undergraduates approximately 4000
Postgraduates approximately 250
Location Bangalore, Karnataka,  India
Campus 15 acres (61,000 m2), in the heart of the Bangalore city opposite the Bull Temple.
Website BMSCE Official Website
BMS College Campus as seen from the Digital Library
BMS College Campus as seen from the entrance
BMSCE decorated with pebbles and ornamental plants

The B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering (B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering), is one of the most reputed engineering college in Karnataka, Bangalore, India. The engineering college, started in 1946, was one of the first private sector initiatives in technical education in India. Popularly known as BMS, it is located on the Bull Temple Road, opposite to the famous Bull Temple. Though a private engineering college, it is partially funded by the government of Karnataka. It has the largest student population of engineering colleges in Karnataka, drawing students from other states of India and from abroad. Nearly 30,000 engineers around the world hail B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering as their Alma mater.

One of the oldest engineering colleges in Karnataka, it recently celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 2006. It is also known for the annual inter-collegiate cultural fest UTSAV, one of the prominent student-managed fests in the country.



In the history of Karnataka, the name of late Sri Bhusanayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah (BMS) occupies a prominent place in the field of philanthropy. The Maharaja of Mysore honored him with the title of Raja Karya Prasaktha in 1946, when he opened the college. He had foreseen the urgent need for high quality technical education in India even before its independence. The ideals for which Sri B.M. Sreenivasaiah stood continue to inspire the inheritors of his legacy.

After the death of Sri Sreenivasaiah, his son Sri B.S. Narayan took over the reigns of the college. Under his guidance the institution grew. He was also instrumental in initiating International Collaborative programmes such as cross-cultural programmes with the Melton Foundation and training foreign students under International Co-operation Division (ICD). Governments of Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and others regularly sponsor their students to study at BMS Institutions.

After the death of Sri B.S.Narayan in 1995, the government of Karnataka entrusted the reigns of BMS Educational Trust to a new managing body consisting of a Chairman, Member Secretary and three trustees of repute in the fields of Judiciary( Chairman), Administration (Member Secretary, IAS cadre) and Education (Former Vice Chancellor, Director of Technical Education etc.,).The placement offers received for the 2007 graduates were 1047.

The graduate school offers masters degrees and research degrees in most branches of engineering, computer applications, and business administration.

It is currently headed by Dr.Kayala Mallikharjuna Babu.


Late Sri B. M. Sreenivasaiah
Late Sri B. S. Narayan

In the history of Karnataka, the name of Late Businayana Mukundadas Sreenivasaiah (BMS) occupies a prominent place in the field of Philanthropy. The Maharaja of Mysore honoured him with the title of Raja Karya Prasaktha in 1946. He started the B.M.S. College of Engineering in the same year. He had forseen the urgent need for high quality technical education in India, even before independence. The ideals for which Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah stood, continued to inspire the inheritors of his legacy.

Founder's Mission  : Promoting prosperity of mankind by augmenting human resource capital through quality Technical Education and Training

After the demise of "Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah", his dynamic and enterprising son Sri. B. S. Narayan, took over the reigns of the college. The institution grew from strength-to-strength under his able guidance. He was also instrumental in initiating international collaborative programmers such as training foreign students under International Co-operation Division (ICD) and cross cultural programs with Melton Foundation.

Undergraduate Departments

Library and Information Center at BMSCE

Postgraduate Departments

Pg Block Building at BMSCE.Along with various departments,it also houses B S Narayan Auditorium.The building at the left; houses the Admin. section and principal chamber.The circular lawn visible lies infront of the Library and Information section
  • Computer Science (M.Tech)
  • Construction Engineering (M.Tech)
  • Digital Communication (M.Tech)
  • Environmental Engineering (M.Tech)
  • Machine Design (M.Tech)
  • Power Electronics (M.Tech)
  • Transporatation Engineering & Management (M.Tech)
  • Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) [1]

Doctoral Courses

Admission to Doctoral courses leading to Ph.D. are offered by following departments

  • Bio-Technology (Ph.D)
  • Civil Engineering (Ph.D)
  • Businness Administration (Ph.D)
  • Chemical Engineering (Ph.D)
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Ph.D)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering (Ph.D)
  • Industrial Engineering & Management (Ph.D)
  • Mathematics (Ph.D)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D)


Corridor joining Classroom block and Digital Library at BMSCE campus

.The B.M.S College of Engineering-American Alumni Association (BMSCE-AAA)[2] was founded in 1996 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. BMSCE-AAA has been providing financial assistance in the form of Scholarship to the needy and deserving students of the college every year since 1996 in addition to regularly subscribing books to the College Library.

The sole criteria for selection of the recipients of the said awards are by Merit-Cum-Means basis and decided by the committee comprising of the Heads of the Departments of the college and the local representatives of the association. As a token of gratitude to the Alma Mater, BMSCEAAA has embarked on these worthy causes.

  • B.M.S.C.E. American Alumni Association Merit-Means Scholarship Awards(15 nos).
  • Sri Govindaraj Memorial Scholarship Awards for Economically poor students(4 nos).
  • The M.S.S. Scholarship Award for the 7th Semester student possessing Leadership Qualities, Active Participant in the Extra-curricular Activities, Sports, Debate, Student body etc.(1 no)
  • Champa Krishna Murthy Scholarship Award for the Best Student in Mechanical Engineering (donated by Dr. N. K. Anand under the auspices of B.M.S.C.E American Alumni Association in the name of his beloved Mother Smt. Champa Krishna Murthy).
  • Scholarship and freeship for SC/ST/BT/LIC/BCM.
  • Scholarship for all categories of merits.
  • 'The Jindal Scholarship.
  • Miscellaneous Scholarships.
  • Defence Scholarship.
  • Sanjay Kumar foundation.
  • TATA Steel Millennium Scholarship.
  • BSNL Scholarship.
  • Postal Scholarship. [3]


  • Full-fledged Laboratories for all disciplines and all courses.
  • Established R&D Center with government funding for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Electronics discipline.
  • Internet browsing center for all the students of BMSCE.
  • Indoor stadium featuring Basketball court and Badminton court
  • Football ground and Cricket ground with Flood lamps.
  • Seperate Gymnasiums for Hostel and College.
  • State-of-the-art Library with all the latest books,technical publications,journals and magazines.The Library unit at BMSCE also consists a Digital library which provides E-learning with EDUSAT program. [4] [5]
  • Cafeteria / Canteen open during college hours.
  • State-of the art Seminar Halls for better interactions and learning.
  • Full-fledged Placement cell for On-campus placements. [6]
  • Multi-purose Hall in the BMSET Hostel Campus used for organising various Techno-Cultural events.
  • Presence of various Cultural-Fashion-Academic-Adventure-Sports clubs to ensure a healthy and interactive atmosphere in the campus.

The Melton Foundation.jpgThe Melton Foundation

The Melton Foundation was established in 1991 through an endowment by technology entrepreneur, William Melton in collaboration with his wife, Patricia Smith Melton. The Melton Foundation helps address today’s global challenges through sponsorship of an international network of over 400 talented Fellows competitively selected from universities in Chile, China, Germany, India, and the US. Fellows participate in inter-cultural training, leadership development, and global education through symposia, travel, online activities, project grants, and social service.This is a non-profit organisation. Melton fellows also called as ‘Fellows’ enter the program as undergraduate students following a competitive application process at their host universities. Subsequently, they must meet a series of milestones in training and participation levels in order to retain their fellowship, which supports their travel to activities and events as well as their online connectivity and educational and social projects. Since 1991, close to 400 talented individuals have been chosen as Melton Fellows and are in varying stages in this lifelong fellowship. [7]

Following university graduation, Fellows continue to interact among their peers, mentor younger Fellows, and become active in the governance of the network. After graduation, Senior Fellows also take leadership roles in deploying the Melton network for positive social impact. The Melton Foundation sponsors a number of events and activities designed to achieve its goals of fostering cross-cultural understanding and building a global network of individuals from diverse environments, professions, and at varying stages in their lifecycle. These activates make use of both face-to-face events, usually hosted by partner universities, and intensive online interactions through the Melton Portal, its online communication channels, and other supporting Internet technologies. Some of them are Annual Symposiums, Project groups and Work groups, Social service projects.[8]

Partner universities of The Melton Foundation are

William (Bill) Melton, is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Internet Ventures, an Internet Holding Company. For more than 20 years, Mr. Melton has been an entrepreneur bringing technology to the financial industry.Patricia Smith Melton, The Melton Foundation Co Founder, is an active member, a Board member and consultant to the Foundation, actively involved in the global forum and in the conflict resolution project.[10]

International Co-operation Division (ICD)

This division was established in 1979 to initiate innovative ventures at national and international levels. The purpose is to establish good relationship and linkages with outside agencies and foreign universities for exchange programmers that would contribute towards the advancement of science and technology.The excellence of BMSCE in the field has been amply acknowledged by many agencies around the world. In recognition, these agencies have been funding special programmers for more than two decades for training international students from various countries. Governments of Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Rwanda and others have been regularly sponsoring their students studying at BMS institutions. An International Hostel with all modern amenities is provided to the students. More than 1000 international students have graduated from portals of BMSCE since the inception of ICD.

International Co-operation Division Committee :

1. Chair Person Mrs. Ragini Narayan Donor Trustee, BMSET (BMS Educational Trust)

2. Executive Chairman Dr. Ing. H.R. Viswanath [11]

BMSET Hostels

BMSET Hostels (B. M. Sreenivasaiah Educational Trust Hostels) are the student hostels or housing complex.These hostels house the students of BMSCE, BMS College of Law, BMS College of Women and BMSIT.The B.M.S. Educational Trust has the following hostel units adjacent to B.M.S. College of Engineering premises.These hostels house about 700 students.Below is the list of the hostels that are managed by the Hostel Committee constituted by the B.M.S. Educational Trust. [12].

Sl No. Hostel Unit Type of Rooms Total seats available in each hostel Accommodation meant for
1. Main Hostel Unit-I 150 Single rooms 150 Pre-final and final year
2. International Hostel Unit-II 125 Single rooms 125 Foreign Students
3. Boys Hostel Unit-III(New Hostel) 144 rooms (2 seater) 288 I year and II year Students (Boys)
4. Girls Hostel Unit-IV 41 rooms (3 seater) 123 Girls

BMSET Hostels Motto: Home unmatched: Home away from Home

BMSET Boys Hostel Unit-III (New Hostel)
BMSET Boys Hostel Unit-I (Main Hostel)
BMSET Girls Hostel and MPH(Multi-Purpose Hall) Unit-IV
BMSET Boys Hostel as seen from MPH lawns
Mr G N Shekhar at Farouche
Farouche 2009 at MPH (Hostel premises)

BMSCE Phone Directory

BMSCE entrance
  • Courtesy: Department of Telecommuncations, BMSCE [13]

Phone: +91-80-26622130-35 ( 6 lines)

Sl Number Designation Extension Number
1. Chairman 2041
2. Director TEQIP 2034
3. Executive Chairman,ICD 2022
4. Board Room 3015
5. Trust Office 2006
Sl Number Designation Extension Number
1. Principal 2033
2. Vice Principal (Admin) 3033
3. Vice Principal (Academics) 4033
4. Principal's Secretary 2039
5. Registrar (AAO) 2037
6. Account Section 2032
7. Account Computer Section 2038
8. Admission Section 2027
9. Examination Section 2029
10. Establishment Section 2030
11. Central Stores Section 2028
12. Cash Counter 2020
13. ICD Office 2023/31
14. Chairman' Personal Secratory 2043
15. Dispatch Section 2035
16. Auditing Controller 2024
  • Heads of Departments
Sl Number Designation Extension Number
1. Architecture (ARCH) 2058
2. Bio-Technology (BT) 3070
3. Business Administration (BA) 2087
4. Chemical Engineering (CHE) 3025
5. Chemistry (CHEM) 2052
6. Civil Engineering (CVE) 2010
7. Computer Applications (CA) 2097
8. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 2045
9. Electrical Engineering (EE) 2066
10. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) 2046
11. Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM) 2061
12. Information Science & Engineering (ISE) 3002
13. Instrumentation Technology (IT) 2089
14. Mathematics (MATHS) 2050
15. Mechanical Engineering (ME) 2060
16. Medical Electronics (ML) 3000
17. Physics (PHY) 2013
18. Telecommunication Engineering (TE) 3011
Sl Number Designation Extension Number
1. Resident Engineer 2021
2. Resident Engineer(Electrical) 3074


Outlook top 50 Private Colleges in India: RANK 18[1]

Livemint top 30 private colleges in India: RANK 16[2]

Outlook top 75 colleges in India :RANK 54[3]


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