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BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award
Statue of the BAFTA Mask award
Awarded for In recognition of outstanding achievement in the art forms of the moving image
Presented by British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
Country United Kingdom
First awarded 1971
Official Website,125,BA.html

The BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award is an award presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) since 1971 "in recognition of outstanding achievement in the art forms of the moving image", and is regarded as the most prestigious of the BAFTA awards.[1][2][3] The Fellowship recipients have been mainly film directors, but several Fellowships have also been awarded to actors, film and television producers, cinematographers, film editors, screenwriters and significant contributors to the video game industry.

The inaugural recipient of the award was film-maker and producer Alfred Hitchcock. The only people to have been awarded the Fellowship award posthumously are Stanley Kubrick, who died in 1999 and was made a fellow the following year,[4] and comedy pair Morecambe and Wise, recipients in 1999.[5] Four new fellows were awarded at the most recent ceremony in 2009: comedy actress duet Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, Monty Python member and director Terry Gilliam, and Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari Inc.[6]

Fellowship Awards

Year Country of citizenship Fellow Notes Ref(s)
1971  United Kingdom
Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred Hitchcock Filmmaker and producer [7]
1972  United Kingdom
Young, FreddieFreddie Young Cinematographer [8]
1973  United Kingdom
Goldie, Grace WyndhamGrace Wyndham Goldie Television producer [8]
1974  United Kingdom
Lean, DavidDavid Lean Filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and editor [9]
1975  France
Cousteau, JacquesJacques Cousteau Naval officer, explorer, ecologist and filmmaker [8]
1976  United Kingdom Charlie Chaplin, wearing a bowler hat Chaplin, CharlesCharles Chaplin Filmmaker, actor, writer, director, producer, composer and editor [7]
1976  United Kingdom Laurence Olivier, facing to the right Olivier, LaurenceLaurence Olivier Actor, director and producer [7]
1977  United Kingdom
Forman, DenisDenis Forman Director and then Chair of the British Film Institute [8]
1978  United States
Zinnemann, FredFred Zinnemann Film producer [8]
1979  United Kingdom
Grade, LewLew Grade Media proprietor [10]
1979  United Kingdom
Wheldon, HuwHuw Wheldon Broadcaster and executive [8]
1980  United Kingdom David Attenborough at the launch of Arkive Attenborough, DavidDavid Attenborough Broadcaster and naturalist [11]
1980  United States
Huston, JohnJohn Huston Actor, filmmaker and screenwriter [8]
1981  France
Gance, AbelAbel Gance Film director and producer [8]
1981  United Kingdom
Powell, MichaelMichael Powell Film director and of Powell and Pressburger [12]
1981  United Kingdom
Pressburger, EmericEmeric Pressburger Screenwriter, film director, producer and member of Powell and Pressburger [12]
1982  Poland Anrzej Wajda Wajda, AndrzejAndrzej Wajda Film director [8]
1983  United Kingdom Richard Attenborough Attenborough, RichardRichard Attenborough Actor, film director and producer [13]
1984  United Kingdom
Greene, HughHugh Greene Journalist and television executive [8]
1984  Austria
Spiegel, SamSam Spiegel Film producer [8]
1985  United Kingdom
Isaacs, JeremyJeremy Isaacs Television producer and executive [8]
1986  United States Stephen Spielberg speaking at the Pentagon on 11 August 1999 Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg Film director, screenwriter and film producer [7]
1987  Italy Federico Fellini Fellini, FedericoFederico Fellini Film director [9]
1988  Sweden Ingmar Bergman examining a negative Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Film director, writer and producer [9]
1989  United Kingdom
Guinness, AlecAlec Guinness Actor [8]
1990  United Kingdom
Fox, PaulPaul Fox Television executive [8]
1991  France
Malle, LouisLouis Malle Film director [8]
1992  United Kingdom John Gielgud Gielgud, JohnJohn Gielgud Actor and singer [14]
1992  United Kingdom
Plowright, DavidDavid Plowright Television executive and producer [15]
1993  United Kingdom
Samuelson, SydneySydney Samuelson First British Film Commissioner [16]
1993  United States
Young, ColinColin Young First director of the National Film and Television School [8][17]
1994  United Kingdom
Grade, MichaelMichael Grade Broadcast executive [8]
1995  United States
Wilder, BillyBilly Wilder Journalist, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer [9]
1996  France Jeanne Moreau in front of a red background, waving Moreau, JeanneJeanne Moreau Actress, screenwriter, director [18]
1996  United Kingdom
Neame, RonaldRonald Neame Cinematographer, producer, screenwriter and director [8]
1996  United Kingdom
Schlesinger, JohnJohn Schlesinger Film and stage director [8]
1996  United Kingdom Maggie Smith Smith, MaggieMaggie Smith Film, stage and television actress [8]
1997  United States Woody Allen Allen, WoodyWoody Allen Film director, screenwriter, actor and playwright [9]
1997  United States Steven Bochco and wife Barbara Bosson on the red carpet at the Emmys in 1994 Bochco, StevenSteven Bochco Television producer and writer [19]
1997  United Kingdom Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago Christie, JulieJulie Christie Actress [8]
1997  United States
Morris, OswaldOswald Morris Cinematographer [8]
1997  United Kingdom
Pinter, HaroldHarold Pinter Playwright, screenwriter, actor and director [20]
1997  United States David Rose (third left) at the AFRS Radio Show Rose, DavidDavid Rose Songwriter, composer and arranger [8]
1998  United Kingdom Sean Connery Connery, SeanSean Connery Actor [21]
1998  United Kingdom
Cotton, BillBill Cotton Television producer and executive [22]
1999  United Kingdom
Morecambe, EricEric Morecambe Television and stage actor, and member of Morecambe and Wise [23]
1999  United Kingdom
Wise, ErnieErnie Wise Television and stage actor, and member of Morecambe and Wise [23]
1999  United Kingdom Elizabeth Taylor Taylor, ElizabethElizabeth Taylor Actress [7]
2000  United Kingdom Michael Caine Caine, MichaelMichael Caine Actor [4]
2000  United States Self-taken photograph of Stanley Kubrick Kubrick, StanleyStanley Kubrick Filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and photographer [4]
2000  United Kingdom Peter Bazalgette Bazalgette, PeterPeter Bazalgette Media expert [24]
2001  United Kingdom
Finney, AlbertAlbert Finney Actor [25]
2001  United Kingdom
Thaw, JohnJohn Thaw Actor [26]
2001  United Kingdom Judi Dench at the BAFTAs in 2007 Dench, JudiJudi Dench Actress [27]
2002  United States Warren Beatty at the Academy Awards Beatty, WarrenWarren Beatty Actor, producer, screenwriter and director [28]
Merchant Ivory Productions Film company founded by director James Ivory and producer Ismail Merchant [29]
2002  United Kingdom
Davies, AndrewAndrew Davies Author and screenwriter [7]
2002  United Kingdom
Mills, JohnJohn Mills Actor [30]
2003  United States
Zaentz, SaulSaul Zaentz Film producer [31]
2003  United Kingdom
Jason, DavidDavid Jason Actor [32]
2004  United Kingdom John Boorman Boorman, JohnJohn Boorman Filmmaker [33]
2004  United States
Graef, RogerRoger Graef Criminologist and filmmaker [34]
2005  United Kingdom Barry in concert.jpg Barry, JohnJohn Barry Composer [35]
2005  United Kingdom David Frost Frost, DavidDavid Frost Writer, journalist and television presenter [7]
2006  United Kingdom David Puttnam Puttnam, DavidDavid Puttnam Film producer [36]
2006  United Kingdom
Loach, KenKen Loach Film and television director [37]
2007  United Kingdom
Coates, Anne V.Anne V. Coates Film editor [38]
2007  United Kingdom Richard Curtis Curtis, RichardRichard Curtis Screenwriter, music producer, actor and film director [7]
2007  United States Will Wright speaking at South by Southwest Wright, WillWill Wright Video game designer and co-founder of the game development company Maxis [39]
2008  United Kingdom Anthony Hopkins Hopkins, AnthonyAnthony Hopkins Film, stage and television actor [7]
2008  United Kingdom Bruce Forsyth in a tuxedo Forsyth, BruceBruce Forsyth Television entertainer [40]
2009  United Kingdom Dawn French French, DawnDawn French Actress, writer, comedienne, member of French & Saunders [7]
2009  United Kingdom
Saunders, JenniferJennifer Saunders Actress, screenwriter, comedienne, member of French & Saunders [7]
2009  United Kingdom Terry Gilliam speaking at the 41st KVIFF Gilliam, TerryTerry Gilliam Writer, filmmaker, animator and member of Monty Python [41]
2009  United States Nolan Bushnell speaking in a coffee shop Bushnell, NolanNolan Bushnell Engineer, founder of Atari Inc. [42]


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