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The BQM-90 was a target drone proposed by the United States of America.


The BQM-90 project was begun in 1970 as the ZBQM-90A; the intent was to create a supersonic high-altitude target drone for use in testing air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. It was to be launched from the ground or the air, using a turbojet powerplant, and would be controlled by either ground-baser or airborne control stations. The requirements for flight performance were increased during development - eventually the BQM-90 was to be able to simulate a sea skimming anti-ship missile at Mach 1.3 or a high altitude missile travelling at Mach 3 at 24,400 metres (80,000 feet). At the end of a flight the drone was to deploy a parachute, allowing it to be recovered and re-used.

ZBQM-90A program was cancelled in 1973 due to a lack of funding.

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