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M-80 A.JPG
Type Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin  Yugoslavia
Weight 13.850 kg
Length 6.42 meters
Width 2.90 meters
Height 2.20 meters
Crew 3 + 8

Armor Aluminum/Aluminum oxide/Titanium boride
20 mm M-55 (HS 804) cannon

900 rounds
9M114 Maljutka (AT-3 Sagger) ATGW
2 Missiles or ATGM launcher

coaxial 7.62 machine-gun and 12.7 mm Heavy Machine gun

2,200 rounds

Engine Daimler Benz OM-403
320 hp
Power/weight 22.6 hp/tonne
Suspension torsion bar
500 km
Speed 65 km/h on land
8 km/h in water

The BVP M-80 ICV/IFV is a Yugoslavian military vehicle, developed to replace the M-60P [1] then serving in the JNA arsenal. Its production began in 1980 and continued till the breakout of civil war in Yugoslavia in 1991.



The development of new infantry fighting vehicle to replace obsolete APC M-60 began in 1969. Testing of the prototype was finished in 1974 following the decision to start serial production. First examples of this new IFV, BVP M-80 rolled out in 1979 but full entry to service happened in 1982. An upgraded model was unveiled a year after with a designation M-80A. This variant had a more powerful engine and somewhat better armor. Around 800 vehicles were produced before the breakup of the country.

The first production variant was the M-80 which was only made in small numbers. The vehicle used a French built engine with an output of 260hp, the same engine as used in AMX-10. After only a year, Yugoslavia decided to start a license production of Daimler-Benz's 320hp engine in domestic FAMOS factories. This variant received a new designation as M-80A.

At the time it was produced, M-80 had similar characteristics with existing IFVs like Russian BMP-1 or French AMX 10P. Although many foreign experts compare M-80 with Russian BMP-1, the Yugoslav IFV is a true original design. Unlike BMP-1 which had 6 support wheels and was armed with 73 mm gun, M-80 had 5 support wheels and had 20 mm gun. M-80 incorporates numerous elements from the newer BMP-2 and the French AMX-10 giving it more power and better protection over its counterpart. All M-80 are amphibious. For anti-tank warfare, M-80s are equipped with twin launcher for ATGM-3 Maljutka which are now being replaced by more modern weapons.

It was used extensively through the Yugoslav wars to great effect by all sides. Its loss rate was considered fairly low and proved very valuable to ground forces alike. It was often used alongside M-84 tanks. Today they are being modernized by Serbia and Croatia separately in an effort to enable them to serve 10 years more.


M-80 is armed with one 20 mm gun, co-axial machine gun 7.62 mm and twin launcher for wire guided anti-tank missiles. Inside the vehicle there is also one portable anti-tank rocket launcher RB M-57. Vehicle is also equipped with NCB protection, fire suppression system, inside heating and water ejecting system. It’s fully amphibious and can perform crossing of any water barrier without previous preparations. Max. speed at water is 7 km/h. Crew consist of three, driver, commander and gun operator and in the after compartment there is space for six fully equipped infantrymen who can engage the enemy with personal armament through six gun slits on both vehicle sides and back doors. Infantry leaves IFV through two doors at the back of the vehicle.



  • M-80 - First production standard version, built only in small numbers.
  • M-80A - Standard version with and upgraded engine and other light improvements.
  • M-80AI - Scout version based on M-80A1, only prototype built.
  • M-80A KC - Company commander's vehicle, based on M-80A with communication gear added. It was put in serial production.
  • M-80A KB - Version designed for armoured ore mechanized battalion commander. It was put in serial production.
  • VK-80A - Designed for command on level of brigade. It's armed only with 7,62mm machine gun. Few were built in first serial of production.
  • M-80A Sn - Ambulance, no turret. Single oblong hatch in the roof and single rear door. Crew consists of a driver and 3 medics. Carry's 4 stretcher patients or 8 seated patients.
  • M-80A LT - Tank hunter version with new POL M-83 turret, which is already used on BOV-1 and it has six launchers for AT-3.
  • Sava M-90 - 9K35 Strela-10M SAM mounted, named Strela-10MJ. Only prototype built.
  • SPAT 30/2 - Self-Propelled Ant-aircraft gun. Made with mounting of two 30mm guns. The aim-scan gear is J-171 ore Motorola 6800.
  • MOS - Self-propelled mine layer.
  • M-80A1/M-98A Vidra - New Serbian prototype featuring new turret, weapons and smoke dispensers.


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