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Municipal flag
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Location of Baarle-Hertog in the province of Antwerp
Location of Baarle-Hertog in the province of Antwerp
Baarle-Hertog is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Sovereign state Belgium Belgium
Region  Flemish Region
Community Flanders Flemish Community
Province  Antwerp
Arrondissement Turnhout
Coordinates 51°27′0″N 04°56′0″E / 51.45°N 4.933333°E / 51.45; 4.933333Coordinates: 51°27′0″N 04°56′0″E / 51.45°N 4.933333°E / 51.45; 4.933333
Area 7.48 km²
– Males
– Females
2,306 (2006-01-01)
308 inhab./km²
Unemployment rate 8.29% (1 January 2006)
Mean annual income €10,312/pers. (2003)
Mayor Jan Van Leuven (CDK)
Governing parties CDK
Postal codes 2387
Area codes 014
Cafe in Baarle-Nassau, showing border between Belgium and the Netherlands.
The town hall

Baarle-Hertog is a municipality belonging to the Belgian province of Antwerp, but for the biggest part located in the Netherlands province of North Brabant. The municipality only comprises the town of Baarle-Hertog proper. On January 1, 2006 Baarle-Hertog had a total population of 2,306. The total area is 7.48 km² which gives a population density of 308 inhabitants per km².




The border with Baarle-Nassau

Baarle-Hertog is noted for its complicated borders with Baarle-Nassau in the Netherlands [1]. In total it consists of 24 separate pieces of land. Apart from the main piece (called Zondereigen from the main hamlet) located north of the Belgian town of Merksplas, there are twenty Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and three other pieces on the Dutch-Belgian border. There are also seven Dutch exclaves within the Belgian exclaves. Six of them are located in the largest one and a seventh in the second-largest one. An eighth Dutch exclave lies nearby Ginhoven.

The border is so complicated that there are some houses that are divided between the two countries. There was a time when according to Dutch laws restaurants had to close earlier. For some restaurants on the border it meant that the clients simply had to change their tables to the Belgian side.

The border's complexity results from a number of equally complex medieval treaties, agreements, land-swaps and sales between the Lords of Breda and the Dukes of Brabant. Generally speaking, predominantly agricultural or built environments became constituents of Brabant and other parts devolved to Breda. These distributions were ratified and clarified as a part of the borderline settlements arrived at during the Treaty of Maastricht in 1843.

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Baarle-Hertog


In Belgian mainland (also named Zondereigen) are located 2 villages belonging to the municipalities: Zondereigen and Ginhoven.

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The BBC reported from Baarle as part of their coverage of the 2009 European elections. The reporter was filmed as if he was with his twin in a cafe, each on the one side of the border. The "twin" on a chair on the Belgian side explained what he was entitled to in Belgium. He mentioned compulsory voting, but maintained he was allowed to build a house 300 metres away from a pig farm, which is illegal in the Netherlands.


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