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Omar Agha, officer for Mahmoud Pasha of Baban, 1820.
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Baban, (1649-1850), was a Kurdish principality and ruling family originated in the region of Pijder. The first ruler was Feqî Ehmed ( Ahmad Al-Fakih in Arabic), whose grandson became powerful in the Sharazur region. Ahmad's successor, Baba Sulaiman extended his influence to Kirkuk. During the reign of Sulaiman Pasha, Baban rule was extended to Koya, Khanaqin, Arbil, Harir, Altun Kupri, Badra and some areas of Eastern Kurdistan(western Iran). The headquarters of Baban was initially based at Qala Chuwalan, and later it was moved to the newly founded city of Sulaimaniya(سلێمانی) in 1781 during the reign of Mahmud Pasha Baban. The region under Baban rule stretched from the little Zab river to Sirwan. The history of Baban from 1750 to 1847 was dominated by their rivalries against other Kurdish principalities such as Soran and Botan, and also their reaction against centralizing efforts of Ottomans and Qajars. The principality was finally destroyed during the modernization period in the Ottoman state in mid 19th century. Ahmad Pasha Baban, their last ruler, was defeated near Koya in 1847. After that the region of Sharazur was permanently annexed to the Ottoman territory. The last Baban prince left Sulaimaniya in 1850.

List of rulers

  1. Faqi Ahmad, 1649-1670
  2. Baba Sulaiman, 1670-1703
  3. Khana Mohammad Pasha, 1721-1731
  4. Khalid Pasha, 1732-1742
  5. Salim Pasha, 1742-1754
  6. Sulaiman Pasha, 1754-1765
  7. Muhammad Pasha, 1765-1775
  8. Abdolla Pasha, 1775-1777
  9. Ahmad Pasha, 1777-1780
  10. Mahmoud Pasha, 1780-1782
  11. Ibrahim Pasha, 1782-1803
  12. Abdorrahman Pasha, 1803-1813
  13. Mahmoud Pasha, 1813-1834
  14. Sulaiman Pasha, 1834-1838
  15. Ahmad Pasha, 1838-1847
  16. Abdollah Pasha, 1847-1850

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