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Babysitter Wanted

Promotional poster
Directed by Michael Manasseri
Jonas Barnes
Produced by Kimberley Kates
Michael Manasseri
Written by Jonas Barnes
Starring Sarah Thompson
Matt Dallas
Bruce Thomas
Bill Moseley
Kristen Dalton
Monty Bane
Music by Kurt Oldman
Cinematography Alex Vendler
Editing by Stephen Eckelberry
Distributed by Big Screen Entertainment Group
Release date(s) 2008
Running time 102 min.
Country United States
Language English
Followed by Babysitter Wanted 2: Undead Devil

Babysitter Wanted is a 2008 American suspense horror film Directed by Jonas Barnes & Michael Manasseri being written by Jonas Barnes and starring Sarah Thompson and Matt Dallas, released on DVD on February 23, 2009.



Small-town college girl Angie is hired by Jim and Violet Stanton to babysit their son Sam. Aware of the recent reports of missing people, she believes someone is stalking her. On the way to the Stantons' farm, her car breaks down. She is given a lift by Rick, her friend, who promises to repair her car.

At the farm, Jim and Violet tell Angie that Sam is asleep upstairs, and leave her with instructions for the night. During the night, Angie receives several strange phone calls and hears noises outside. Frightened, Angie calls Rick and the Chief of Police. The police chief reassures Angie, and tells her that he will stop by later in the night. As the night moves on, she is attacked by a heavily scarred man. She barely escapes with Sam, dressed in a cowboy outfit, only to realize she forgot the keys to the jeep inside the house. She returns with Sam to the house to get the keys while the scarred man is still lying unconscious in the hallway. She leaves Sam by the front door and gets the key. As they are about to make their escape again, the scarred man awakens and grabs Angie by the ankle, pulling her to the ground and starts attacking Sam by lifting him off the ground and trying to strangle him. Angie sees and grabs a golf club and beats the man unconscious.Turning him over she discovers he is wearing a priest's collar. Sam removes his cowboy hat to reveal he has devils horns. Jim and Violet return home and recognise the priest as someone Jim says he thought he had killed in Romania. Jim kills the priest and knocks Angie out. Jim and Violet agree to run for it, taking Angie and an unconscious girl they have in the trunk of their car as food for Sam, who only eats female human flesh. Jim prepares to butcher Angie and the girl.


Winner of Best Feature at Weekend of Fear Festival in Nuremberg, Germany. It was also accepted into competition at Fantasporto, Sitges, Hollywood Film Festival, Malaga Film Festival, Montreal's Fantasiafest



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