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A baccalaureate is an educational qualification. See Bachelor's degree for background on the term.

Baccalaureate may also refer to:

  • Baccalauréat, France's national secondary-school (lycée) diploma
  • International Baccalaureate, a group of three internationally recognised educational programmes for students aged 13 to 19
  • European Baccalaureate, awarded to students who successfully manage to complete a European School
  • Romanian Baccalaureate, Romania's national secondary-school (liceu) diploma
  • Welsh Baccalaureate, a recently introduced pre-university qualification in Wales
  • Bachiller, Colombian and Venezuelan national secondary-school (Bachillerato) diploma
  • Baccalauréat, a term used in Canada that refers to a bachelor's degree in Francophone universities
  • Baccalaureate service, "a farewell address in the form of a sermon delivered to a graduating class" (in the United States)
  • Engineering Baccalaureate in Quebec, a 4-year study program


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