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"The Bachelor Party"
Angel episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Written by Tracy Stern
Directed by David Straiton
Production no. 1ADH07
Original airdate November 16, 1999
Guest stars

Kristin Dattilo
Carlos Jacott

Episode chronology
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"Sense & Sensitivity" "I Will Remember You"
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"The Bachelor Party" is episode 7 of season 1 in the television show Angel. Written by Tracy Stern and directed by David Straiton, it originally broadcast on November 16, 1999 on the WB network.



Doyle is caught off guard when his estranged wife, Harriet, asks for a divorce so she'll be free to marry her new love, Richard. Though quite surprised to learn this piece of Doyle's past, Angel and Cordelia do all they can to support their friend. With the wedding a few days away, Cordelia accepts Harrie's invitation to her bridal shower. That night, Angel shadows Richard and discovers that Harrie's affable fiancé is an Ano-movic demon. Since Doyle believes that Harrie's rejection of his own half-demon heritage caused their breakup, he must contend with a certain amount of rekindled pain and anger. Nevertheless, Doyle reluctantly accepts Richard's sincere invitation to the bachelor party. Apparently, the wedding cannot proceed without Doyle's express blessing on Harrie's second union. Little do either the bride-to-be or Team Angel know, a sacred Ano-movic tradition involves ritualistically eating the first husband's brain.

Harriet and Cordelia discover Doyle is in danger and crash the party, followed soon after by Angel. Doyle morphs into his demon form and tries to help out but in the ensuing fight, he is knocked senseless. Harriet learns her husband won't go through with the marriage unless they can kill Doyle, so she breaks it off.

Angel and Cordelia watch Doyle mope in the darkened outer office until Cordelia goes out and cheers him up in her straight-forward way. All of a sudden, Doyle has yet another painful vision. This time, he recognizes the blond woman from Angel's bookmark photo, apparently fighting for her life against multiple foes. When Angel asks, wide-eyed, what he saw, Doyle hesitates to speak Buffy's name.


Guest star Carlos Jacott also appeared in two other Mutant Enemy produced television shows: he played Ken in "Anne", the first episode of the third season of Buffy, and Lawrence Dobson on the first two episodes of Firefly.


Main cast

Guest stars


  • Ted Kairys as Ben
  • Chris Tallman as Nick
  • Brad Blaisdell as Uncle John
  • Robert Hillis as Pierce
  • Lauri Johnson as Aunt Martha
  • Kristen Lowman as Mother Rachel
  • David Polcyn as Russ

Cultural references

  • Giorgio Armani: Cordelia's date, Pierce, wears an Armani suit.
  • Mercedes: Cordelia further says Pierce drives a Mercedes-Benz CLK320 coupe.
  • Blue boxes: Cordelia believes Pierce could buy her expensive jewelry for the rest of her life.
  • Green card: Cordelia wonders if the Ireland-born Doyle's marriage was related to an immigration loophole.
  • Frogs' legs: Straley's Steak House probably has reasonable access to this common French or Chinese dish.
  • Yin and yang: Harrie believes Richard is different, yet complementary, to her.
  • Pictionary: The women at the party play Pornographic Pictionary.
  • ESPN: Richard's uncle is a fan of the cable TV sports channel.


  • Crossover with Buffy: In the last scene, Doyle has a vision of Buffy in danger. Angel goes to Sunnydale in "Pangs".
  • Despite noting Angel's expression of pain, Doyle can't know how deeply his remark about "a man with an Irish accent" cuts. In addition to being a general reminder of Angel's recent loss, Doyle's unfortunate comment recalls the fact that though Angel was born in Ireland, the only time Buffy might have heard his Irish accent is during the dream she shares with Angel ("Amends") when he flashes back to his Dublin days as evil Angelus.
  • Cordy's attempt to break free of the stalker vamp by biting his arm is reminiscent of the final battle in the season one finale of Buffy, "Prophecy Girl". Cordelia, trying to barricade the library door from a horde of attacking vampires, bites a vamp's reaching arm and shouts, "See how you like it!"
  • Doyle fulfills the first half of his promise ("Rm w/a Vu") to tell Angel the story of his life by confessing salient points of his failed relationship with Harrie.

Arc significance

Doyle has at least two significant opportunities to show Cordelia his demon face, neither of which he takes. The first is when he fights the stalker vamp and chooses to struggle unaugmented rather than reveal his mixed heritage. The second comes when Harrie and Cordelia walk in on the boys' mêlée. Doyle has just been knocked flying and is lying out of sight under the table in one of the restaurant booths. He groggily sits up during Harrie's tirade—still in demon form. Cordelia, in an excess of concern for her friend, Doyle, vents some of her anger and anxiety by grabbing a handy serving tray and repeatedly bashing the blue-green, spiny thing she believes to be one of the evil, brain-eating demons. Angel hastily comes to Doyle's rescue, both pulling Cordy off and distracting her so she won't see him morph back to human form. It remains unclear whether Cordelia recognizes him as the same person when Doyle deliberately shows her his demon face in "Hero".



  • Italian title: "Addio al celibato" ("Bachelor party", literally "Farewell to bachelorhood")
  • Spanish title: "Despedida de soltero" ("Bachelor party")
  • Portuguese title: "A Despedida de Solteiro" ("The Bachelor Party")
  • French title: "Enterrement de vie de démon" ("Bachelor party" literally "Demon party")
  • German title: "Party mit Biss"

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