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In Australian rules football, the term backline refers to a position on the field. The backline consists of 3 defenders, one in the left back pocket, one in the right back pocket, and one at full-back.

Examples of back-pocket players include Kevin Sheedy, Tom Hafey, and Ty Zantuck.

Full-backs are usually the biggest of the 3 defenders in the backline, and they must have skills in spoiling the ball, body strength to out-muscle opposition forwards that they are playing on, and awareness and balance to keep up with leading forwards. Examples of full-backs include Matthew Scarlett, Shane Wakelin, Ben Rutten, James Clement, Bret Thornton, Danny Frawley and Luke Penny.

In rugby the backline consist of the centre wings and fullback these are usually the fastest players on the field and gain the most metres


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