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Backstage Production
Industry Music & entertainment
Genre Various
Founded 1999
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Key people Khodr Alama (CEO)
Products Music & entertainment

Backstage Production (or simply Backstage) is a pan-arab and internationally acclaimed artist management company based in the Middle East and controlled by CEO Khodr Alama.



The company was founded in 1999 by Alama, with a primary objective of managing the work of his brother Arab superstar Ragheb Alama's musical and artistic work. The success of the company came with Alama's ability to incorporate international record labels and artists in his events, which further flourished Ragheb's career as a performer. After the immense success of Ragheb Alama, the company expanded to manage artists such as Haifa Wehbe, Yara, Myriam Fares, and collaborating with international artists such as DJ Karma[1], David Vendetta[2] and Shakira[3].

In 2009, Backstage Production's Ragheb Alama received the Platinum Award from Virgin Megastore Middle East for his album Ba'sha'ak[4], the first of such in the region. This marked another milestone in the company's continuous success, which also includes managing the largest pan-arab concerts and events.

That same year, the company produced and organized the concert for the 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie.

In 2010, Backstage Production struck a deal with Starbucks coffee[5] to sell its albums at its coffee shops in an unprecedented move that further solidifies the 10 year success of the company.

List of Backstage Production artists[6]

Ragheb Alama
Haifa Wehbe
Myriam Fares
DJ Karma

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