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Bacon Explosion
Bacon Explosion.jpg
A complete Bacon Explosion dish
Place of origin US
Region or state Kansas City
Creator(s) Aaron Chronister and Jason Day
Dish details
Course served Main
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredient(s) Sausage, bacon
Approximate calories per serving At least 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat per roll [1] The calories per serving depend on how thickly one slices the roll, which is typically 20-30 cm long.

A Bacon Explosion is a pork dish that consists of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage and bacon bits. The American football-sized dish is smoked or baked.

It caused an internet sensation after being posted on the BBQ Addicts blog[1][2], and quickly spread to the mainstream press with numerous stories discussing the porcine feast.[1] In time, the articles began to discuss the Internet "buzz" itself.[1]

The phenomenon is international, with popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Daily Telegraph noted that the "recipe is most popular on the web" and that the "5,000 calorie barbeque dish has become one of the most popular meal ideas in the world."[2]


History and origin

Jason Day and Aaron Chronister posted the dish in December 2008 on their "BBQ Addicts" blog.[3] It quickly became an internet phenomenon, generating more than 500,000 hits and 16,000 links to the blog, and was even included on political blogs because "Republicans like meat."[1][2][4] There are fan clubs and follow-up videos of various attempts to create the dish.[2]

The inventors are experienced barbecue competition participants from Kansas City, and compete in cook-offs as the Burnt Finger BBQ team.[2] According to the Telegraph, "They came up with the delicacy after being challenged on Twitter to create the ultimate bacon recipe."[2] They christened their innovation the "Bacon Explosion: The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes."[2]

The Bacon Explosion is similar to a number of previously published recipes, and Day and Chronister do not claim to have invented the concept.[1] Earlier in December 2008, Headless Blogger posted a recipe for the "Ultimate Fattie", which is made of sausage, chili pepper, pepperoni, and muenster cheese rolled into a bacon lattice.[5] This concoction was inspired by a bacon and cheese roll (again, lattice-based) posted by a user on the Foodroll blog.[5][6]

Widespread popularity

The huge popularity of the recipe has led to international coverage;[2] besides the US and the UK, German and Dutch media are paying attention to the rage.[7][8] Some controversy has arisen about the high calorie, high fat dish. Commentary in major publications about the health/obesity of Americans quickly suggested dishes like bacon explosion as the reason for "Why Americans are fat"; another paper noted that it isn't something a doctor would recommend.[9][10] It's also been cited as an example of the use of Web 2.0 technology (Chronister is an Internet marketer).[11]


The woven bacon base
The bacon explosion meats sauced and ready for rolling
The bacon explosion rolled and seasoned prior to cooking
The bacon explosion served by candlelight

Preparing a bacon explosion "requires the minimum of culinary talent" and the ingredient list is short.[2] It is made from two pounds of thick cut bacon, two pounds of Italian sausage, one jar of barbecue sauce, and one jar of barbecue rub/seasoning.[2]

It is constructed by weaving the bacon together to serve as a base which is then seasoned, followed by the layering of sausage meat on top, with bacon bits sprinkled on top of the mass. Barbecue sauce is added, more barbecue seasoning is added, and it is rolled into a giant "sausage-shaped monster."[2] It takes about an hour per inch of thickness to cook and is then basted with more barbecue sauce, sliced into rounds, and served.[2]

A prepared bacon explosion contains at least 5,000 Calories (21,000 kJ) and 500 grams of fat.[1] After preparing a version of the dish, Andrew Vennari of the San Francisco Food Examiner said the dish tasted better than expected, "but I didn't learn the true meaning of the bacon explosion until the next day."[12]

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