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Screenshot of the video

"Badger Badger Badger", "The Badger Song" or "Badgers" is a Flash cartoon by British animator Jonti Picking. It consists of images of badgers doing calisthenics, a toadstool in front of a tree, and a snake in the desert. Accompanied by electronic music, a voice repeats the word "badger" over the animation, breaking off to say either "mushroom" or "a snake".[1]

The cartoon, published 2 September 2003, loops indefinitely. The first scene contains twelve badgers; subsequent badger scenes contain eleven badgers. After a long running time, the song becomes out of sync with the animation.

The cartoon brought Picking to the attention of MTV Europe, for whom Picking produced Weebl and Bob.[1] That cartoon series, together with the dancing badgers, helped Picking's website Weebl's Stuff win a People's Choice award from users of Yahoo! in the UK.[2] "Badger Badger Badger" was also listed as one of the top five internet fads of all time by PC World.[3]


Follow-up versions

There have been several follow ups to the "Badger Badger Badger" cartoon posted to the Weebl's stuff website. A Halloween version of the cartoon, "Badgers 2" was created in 2003 and features zombie badgers on a black background with a scratching sound added to the music.[4] A Christmas-themed version, with badgers dressed in Santa outifts, is also available.[5] "Badgers On A Plane" consists of a scene from a Snakes On a Plane trailer that includes badgers and a mushroom, which have been digitally edited into the scene, tumbling from their seats while a bit of the song plays in the background.[6] In 2007, "Big Ass Badgers" was released to spoof the Transformers film.[7] Also in 2007, a live action version of the cartoon called "Baby Badgers" was released to promote the new Badger toys.[8]

A "Euro 2004 Edition" was also created during the UEFA Euro 2004 football championship, where the badgers wore England football jerseys to "footy, footy, footy" and "England! England! Goal! A goal! Oh, it's a goal, scored by England, England..."[9]

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