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Badges of the United States Coast Guard are issued by the Department of Homeland Security to members of the United States Coast Guard to denote certain qualifications, achievements, and postings to certain assignments. Prior to 2002, the issuance of such badges was under the authority of the United States Department of Transportation.

The following are the current badges in use by the U.S. Coast Guard.



Coast Guard Astronaut Badge En-NavAstro.jpg
Coast Guard Aviator Badge Naval Aviator Badge.jpg
Coast Guard Flight Surgeon Badge USCG - Flight Surgeon.jpg
Coast Guard Aircrew Badge NavyAircrew.jpg
Aviation Mission Specialist Badge Flightmetor.jpg
Aviation Rescue Swimmer Badge USCG - Rescue Swimmer.jpg

Qualification Insignia

Cutterman Officer Badge USCGCO.jpg
Cutterman Enlisted Badge USCGCE.jpg
Surface Warfare Officer Pin USN - Surface Warfare Officer.jpg
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Pin USN - Surface Warfare Enlisted.jpg
Port Security Officer Pin USCG - Port Security Officer.png
Port Security Enlisted Pin USCG - Port Security Enlisted.png
Advanced Boat Force Operations Insignia USCG - Boat Force Operations Advanced BW.png
Boat Force Operations Insignia USCG - Boat Force Operations.png
Coxswain Badge Coxswain.jpeg
Surfman Badge Surfman.jpeg
Marine Safety Insignia Marine Safety Insignia.png
Tactical Law Enforcement Badge USCG - Tactical Law Enforcement.jpg
Physician Assistant and
Nurse Practitioner Badge
USCG - Physician Assistant.jpg

Diving Badges

Diving Officer Badge USN - Diving Officer.png
Diving Medical Officer Badge DMO.gif
Diving Medical Badge NavyMedicalDiver.jpg
Master Diver Badge USN - Diver Master.png
First Class Diver Badge USN - Diver 1st Class.png
Diver Badge ArmyDiveBadge.gif
Scuba Badge ScubOffBadge.jpg

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