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Jat Clan, Khatri Clan and Gujjar clan: Bagri
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan), Punjab (India), Rajasthan and Haryana
Descended from: Original Jats, Khatris and Gujjar
Branches: None
Religion Hinduism and Sikhism
Languages Punjabi, Rajasthani and Haryanvi
Surnames: Bagri

Bagri is a warrior clan found in Gurjar[1] living in Rajasthan, Jatts and Khatris living in the Punjab region of Northern India. They are an Indo-Aryan people and their main occupation is agriculture.Bagri clan traditionally belonged to the Kshatriya caste.

Bagris come from the large and prominent group of tribes, the Jatts, in Punjab and the Gujjar in Rajasthan. Bagri is a gotra among Mali caste of Rajasthan too. Bagris are one of the 72 sub-clans in Jats and from 3000 sub clans of Gujjar.
Jats and Gurjar are a brave, hardworking and independent minded people known for their military prowess;[citation needed] many of them were recruited into the British Indian Army during World War I.

People belonging to the Bagri clan are found in large numbers as Sikhs in Punjab state, India. Many Bagris have now emigrated to the UK, USA and Canada.

Most Bagris come from a village in Punjab called Chak Kalan (also called Chak Bagrian), near Jullundar. They migrated from Rajastan about 300–400 years ago. There are still some Bagri of Gurjar clan in Rajasthan; most of them live in Tonk district. There is village in Tonk District named Bagri ki Dhani, most of the Bagri in Rajasthan belong from "Bagri ki Dhani" situated near Mashi dam, Manoharpura Tonk.[2]

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