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Bahey El Din Barakat Pasha (Arabic: بهي الدين بركات باشا ‎) (1889-1972) was an Egyptian political figure.

Born in Menyat El Morshed village (in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate), he studied in Cairo as well as in Paris. Originally a law teacher, he entered politics and was appointed Minister of Education twice during the 1930s.[1] During his tenure, a committee was established to facilitate Arabic grammar rules in order to make it easier for students to study in Arabic. He paid attention to the improvement of textbooks, and created an admission system for the High Institute of Education in 1938. In January of the same year, he inaugurated Egypt's radio broadcasting service.[2]

A leading figure of the Wafd Party during Saad Zaghlul's leadership as well as during the reign of King Farouk I, Bahey El Din Barakat was elected Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies on 12 April 1938, a position he held for a year and a half.[3]

Barakat received the nobiliary title of Pasha on 15 February 1938.[4] He headed the Divan of Accounting from 1945 to 1949.[5] He also served on the three-member Regency Body that was formed following the 1952 Revolution to assume the powers of King Fuad II, who was barely six months old at the time. The Regency Body had no actual powers, however, these having been effectively assumed by the Revolutionary Command Council. Created on 2 August 1952, the Regency Body was dissolved on 7 September of the same year, with Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim being appointed as sole regent.[6]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Hafez Hassan Pasha
Minister of Education
1 January 1930 - 19 June 1930
Succeeded by
Mourad Sayyed Ahmad Pasha
Preceded by
Abdel Salam Fahmi Gomaa Pasha
Minister of Education
30 December 1937 - 26 April 1938
Succeeded by
Muhammad Husayn Haykal
Preceded by
Mahmoud Basyouni
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
12 April 1938 - 17 November 1939
Succeeded by
Abdel Salam Fahmi Gomaa Pasha
Preceded by
Cabinet of Egypt
assuming the powers of infant King Fuad II
Regent of Egypt
with Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim
Rashad Mehanna
Succeeded by
Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim
as sole Prince regent
Government offices
Preceded by
Kamel Sidqi Pasha
Chairman of the Divan of Accounting
17 April 1945 - 20 September 1949
Succeeded by
Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud


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