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Bahman Mirza Qajar
File:Bəhmən Mirzə Qacar Qovanlı.jpg
Born 11 October 1810
Died 11 February 1884 (aged 73)
Shusha, Qarabaq
Nationality Persian

Bahman Mirza (11 October 1810 – 11 February 1884) was a Persian Prince of Qajar Dynasty, son of Abbas Mirza.



Bahman Mirza was the fourth son of Prince Abbas Mirza son and Vali Ahad of Fat'h Ali Shah by his first wife and cousin, Assyeh Khanoum. He was born at Tehran on 11 October 1810. He was educated privately. He was appointed governor of Ardabil 1831 to 1834, governor of Teheran and commander of the royal forces, 1834 and governor of Borujerd, Silakhor and Hamadan from 1834 to 1841. After the death of his brother Ghahreman Mirza in 1839 He succeed him as governor of Azerbaijan. He exiled to Tiflis in 1848. He moved to Shusha in 1853 and died there on 11 February 1884.

Bahman Mirza was a patron of literature and art. He was one of the well-educated princes of the Qajar Dynasty. The first Persian translation of One Thousand and One Nights from Arabic was translated by Abdol-Latif Tasooji by the order of Bahman Mirza.


He married 16 wives and had 31 sons and 30 daughters.


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