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Bailey may refer to:



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In fiction:

  • Bailey, New Hampshire, a fictional town in the DC Universe line of comic books; one-time hometown of Mister Miracle and Big Barda



  • Bailey (car), a former USA automobile manufacturer using rotary engines in its cars
  • Bailey, a South Wales mining valleys term to describe the area immediate to the kitchen and between the neighbour's kitchen wall, usually floored in flagstones, and typically housing the washing utensils including mangle (machine)
  • Baileys Irish Cream, a type of alcoholic liqueur
  • Bailey bridge, a portable pre-fabricated truss bridge
  • Beetle Bailey, a comic strip created by Mort Walker
  • Bailey, in the television series Cleopatra 2525, a type of large and heavily armed floating bio-mechanical robot whose sole purpose is to collect and/or destroy any human it encounters.
  • Bailey Pickett, a character on The Suite Life on Deck
  • Miranda Bailey, a character Grey's Anatomy.

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BAILEY (said to be a corruption of Ballium by some, and derived by others from the Fr. baille, a corruption of bataille, because there the soldiers were drilled in battle array), the open space between the inner and outer lines of a fortification. Sometimes there were more than one, as the Inner and Outer Bailey; there are in England the Old Bailey at London and at York, and the Upper and Nether Baileys at Colchester.

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Proper noun




  1. An occupational surname for a steward or official.
  2. A topographic surname from someone who lived by a bailey (the outer wall of a castle).
  3. A male given name derived from the surname.
  4. (mostly U.S:) A female given name.


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U.S. naturalist (1811-1857) (Bailey)

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