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Baker, Nevada, is a small community in White Pine County, Nevada. It is located outside Great Basin National Park. The town is named after an early settler, George W. Baker.



Public education is provided through the White Pine County School District. Baker Elementary is located in Baker.

Commercial operations

Motels within the community include the Border Inn, located just east of town on the Utah/Nevada border; The Silver Jack Inn, located at the center of town; and End of the, Baker's original bed-and-fix-your-own-breakfast, located at the edge of town.

Several artists reside in Baker, including Margaret Pense,[1] Bill and Kathy Rountree,[2] and "Doc" Sherman[3]

Prominent citizens

Prominent people from Baker include Calvin Quate, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University who is famous for the invention of the atomic force microscope.

The town is also home to The School of Natural Order, which follows the teachings of Vitvan. The Long Now Foundation has recently purchased land near the town in order to construct Clock of the Long Now, a timepiece that will operate with minimum human intervention for ten millennia.

Letterman feature

In January, 1997, Late Show with David Letterman produced a segment on the town,[4] with the show's Biff Henderson touring the area and ending his narrative on Baker with the quote "It's quiet, peaceful, beautiful and the people are friendly".


Coordinates: 39°00′48″N 114°07′22″W / 39.01333°N 114.12278°W / 39.01333; -114.12278



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