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Balance may refer to:

Specific terms

  • Balance (film), a 1989 Academy Award–winning short animated film
  • Balance (networking), a popular piece of software for load balancing
  • Balance (puzzle), a math/physics puzzle in which one tries to balance hanging weights
  • "Balance", a poem by Patti Smith from her book kodak


Similar terms


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The Balance
by Clark Ashton Smith

The world upheld their pillars for awhile:
Now, where imperial On and Carthage stood,
The hot wind sifts across the solitude
The sand that once was wall and peristyle;
Or furrows like the main each tawny mile
Where, ocean-deep above its ancient food
Of cities fame-forgot, the waste is nude,
Traceless as billows of each sunken pile.

Lo! for that wrong shall vengeance come at last,
When the devouring earth, in ruin one
With royal walls and palaces undone,
In dust far-blown from the orbit of the past,
Shall drift, and winds that wrangle through the vast
Immingle it with ashes of the sun.

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1911 encyclopedia

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From LoveToKnow 1911

BALANCE (derived through the Fr. from the Late Lat. bilantia, an apparatus for weighing, from bi, two, and lanx, a dish or scale), a term originally used for the ordinary beam balance or weighing machine with two scale pans, but extended to include (with or without adjectival qualification) other apparatus for measuring and comparing weights and forces. In addition to beam and spring balances (see Weighing Machines)) apparatus termed "torsion balances," in which forces are measured or compared by their twisting moment on a wire, are used, especially in gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic experiments (see Gravitation and Electrometer). The term also connotes the idea of equality or equalization; e.g. in the following expressions: "balance," in bookkeeping, the amount which equalizes the debit and credit accounts; "balance wheel," in horology, a device for equalizing the relaxing of a watch or clock spring (see Clock); the "balancing of engines," the art of minimizing the total vibrations of engines when running, and consisting generally in the introduction of masses which induce vibrations opposed to the vibrations of the essential parts of the engine.

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  • IPA: /ba.lɑ̃s/

Proper noun

Balance f.

  1. Libra (constellation)
  2. (astrology) Libra (star sign)



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Balance f. (genitive Balance, plural Balancen)

  1. balance


Bible wiki

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From BibleWiki

occurs in Lev. 19:36 and Isa. 46:6, as the rendering of the Hebrew kanch', which properly means "a reed" or "a cane," then a rod or beam of a balance. This same word is translated "measuring reed" in Ezek. 40:3,5; 42:16-18. There is another Hebrew word, mozena'yim, i.e., "two poisers", also so rendered (Dan. 5:27). The balances as represented on the most ancient Egyptian monuments resemble those now in use. A "pair of balances" is a symbol of justice and fair dealing (Job 31:6; Ps. 62:9; Prov. 11:1). The expression denotes great want and scarcity in Rev. 6:5.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

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Balance may mean:


=General terms


  • Balance in stereophonic sound
  • Balance (accounting)
  • Balance beam, gymnastics equipment
  • Balance disorder, a medical disorder
  • Balance (metaphysics), a desirable point between opposite forces
  • Balance wheel in a watch
  • Balancing or hard balancing in international relations
  • Engine balance
  • Tire balance
  • Equilibrioception, the sense of balance, or spacial equilibrium, in humans and animals
  • Homeostasis, a biological balance within a living organism
  • Media balance, media coverage of politics
  • Balance, a scale for weighing
  • Game balance, a concept in game design describing fairness or balance of power in a game

Specific terms

  • BALANCE Act {H.R. 1066}, Benefit Authors without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations
  • Balance (animation), a 1989 Academy Award-winning short film
  • Ballance, a 2004 puzzle computer game
  • Balance (In Urdu:Mizan or ميزان) is a comprehensive treatise on Islam written by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, a Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar.
  • Balance Bar, a popular nutritional energy bar


  • Balance (band), a 1980s pop/rock group
  • Balance (album), an album by Van Halen
  • Balance (Kim-Lian album), an album by Kim-Lian
  • Balance (dance move), a move in waltz dances

Similar terms

  • Balanced line (electronics)
  • Rebalancing (investment), an action to bring investments in line with target asset allocation


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