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Catalan, Valencian
Català, Valencià
Spoken in Spain,
Region In Spain:
Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, Aragon (in La Franja), Murcia (in Carche).
In France:
Northern Catalonia.
In Italy:
The city of Alghero.
In Andorra.
Total speakers 9.1 million
Ranking 93
Language family Indo-European
Official status
Official language in In Spain:
Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands.
In Italy:
In Andorra.
Regulated by Institut d'Estudis Catalans
Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua
Language codes
ISO 639-1 ca
ISO 639-2 cat
ISO 639-3 catCatalan
Domini lingüístic català.png
The Catalan-Valencian cultural domain
Phonology and orthography
Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua
Institut d'Estudis Catalans
History of Catalonia · Counts of Barcelona
Kingdom of Majorca · Kingdom of Valencia
Crown of Aragon · Military history of Catalonia
Catalan constitutions · Furs of Valencia
Treaty of the Pyrenees · Nueva Planta decrees
Geo-political divisions
Catalonia · Valencian Community · Balearic Islands
Northern Catalonia · Franja de Ponent
Andorra · L'Alguer · Carxe
All the above territories together: Països Catalans
Government and Politics
Generalitat de Catalunya
Generalitat Valenciana
Govern de les Illes Balears
Consell General de les Valls (Andorra)
General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales
Politics of Catalonia
Catalan nationalism
Castells · Correfoc · Falles · Sardana · 
Caganer · Tió de Nadal · Muixeranga
Nit de Sant Joan · Botifarra
Barça · Rumba · Paella · 
Myths and legends
Catalan literature · Antoni Gaudí · Modernisme
La Renaixença · Noucentisme · Joaquim Sorolla
Salvador Dalí · Joan Miró · Antoni Tàpies

Philologists coined Balearic as a collective name for the group of Catalan variants that people speak in the Balearic Islands. Those who speak it refer to their variant by the name local to their individual island: "Mallorquí" (on Majorca), "Eivissenc" (Ibiza), and "Menorquí" (Minorca).

At the last census, 746,792 people in the Balearic Islands claimed to be able to speak Catalan, though some of these people may be speakers of mainland variants.[1]

Some features of Balearic:

  • Most variants of Balearic preserve a vocalic system of 8 stressed vowels /a ə ɛ e i ɔ o u/:
    • The Majorcan system has 8 stressed vowels /a ə ɛ e i ɔ o u/, reduced to 4 in unstressed position (/a ə ɛ e/[ə]), (/ɔ o/[o]).
    • The Western Minorcan system has 8 stressed vowels /a ə ɛ e i ɔ o u/, reduced to 3 in unstressed position (/a ə ɛ e/[ə]), (/ɔ o u/[u]);
    • The Eastern Minorcan and Ibizan system has only 7 stressed vowels /a ɛ e i ɔ o u/ reduced to 3 in unstressed position (/a ɛ e/[ə]) (/ɔ o u/[u]), just as in Central Catalan. There are differences between the dialect spoken in Ibiza Town (eivissenc de vila) and those of the rest of the island (eivissenc pagès) and Formentera (formenterer).
  • Balearic preserves a phonemic distinction between /v/ and /b/, as do Alguerese and most varieties of Valencian.
  • Balearic is the variant of Catalan that has the strongest tendency not to pronounce historical final r in any context.
  • Balearic preserves the salat definite article (derived from Latin ipse/ipsa instead of ille/illa), a feature shared only with Sardinian among extant Romance languages, but which was more common in other Catalan and Gascon areas in ancient times. However, the salat definite article is also preserved along the Costa Brava (Catalonia) and in the Valencian municipalities of Tàrbena and La Vall de Gallinera.

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  1. ^ 2001 census, from Institut Balear d'Estadística, Govern de les Illes Balears


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Balearic (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. From, or pertaining to, the Balearic Islands


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  1. A dialect of Catalan used in the Balearic Islands.



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