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The Baloch Students Organization, or BSO was founded by Khair Jan Baluch in 1967 as a separatist militant group in Pakistani Balochistan. He organized the guerilla group for the 1973-1977 insurgency. After 1979 the group members fled to hills and trained small groups for guerilla warfare. Today the group is divided into serial groups.

The group supported the USSR invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s due to its leftist-inclinitaions. But nowadays the greater and the powerful group of the Baloch Students is leading by Mohydin Baloch he is the Chairman of BSO (mohyudddin) which is the follower of Balochistan national party's ideology.

Many of today's veteran Baloch nationalist political leaders emerged out of the BSO leadership, including Allah Nazar Baloch, Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and Abdul Hai Baloch.

The Baloch Students Organization (BSO)came in to being in 1967 in Karrachi, Pakistan, after merger of two smaller, and less political groups. The main purpose of BSO (Baloch Students Organization) was to unite and moblize Baloch youths to gain political voice and fight against injustices.

Basically, BSO is an institution for both male and female Baloch Students. Its main mission was/are to provide the young Baloch with an ideological training so they are prepared to commit to the Baloch cause. Committed ideological members of B.S.O are actively busy in their national struggle for their “fatherland” Balochistan.

BSO (Baloch Students Organization) demands to establish their own “sovereign” state of Balochistan, to carry on their separate recognition in the international community.

Baloch martyrs such as Hameed Shaeed, Fida Ahamed Shaheed, Nizar Baloch Shaheed, and Javid Akthar Baloch Shaheed have all sacrificed their life for their next generation to be master of their own Baloch land. By martyring all BSO’s fellows their enemy wanted to send a message that Baloch students might think about their own salvation by remembering their martyred fellow’s fate, perhaps rulers were unaware after such a series of Baloch youth martyrdom, the Baloch mothers have given thousand rebirths of such brave sons whom are taking their previous fellow’s sacred mission, are becoming more resolute than ever against the oppressor of their “fatherland” Balochistan.

BSO has played a vital role in promoting Baloch national cause. Organization has produced highly devoted, skilled and credible Baloch leaders in last 40 years. Some of BSO prominent activists opted for arm struggle to attain their objective. However, from 1988 onward BSO along with other Baloch nationlist parties took part in political process to have their say and voice in Pakistani institutions.

In the political process BSO succeeded to raise its legitimate demands and concerns nationally and internationally. BSOs former Chairman and Sectretry Generals served on different political possitions in Pakistan, though they always remained anti-establishment. BSOs top leaders who served as Members of Parliament are Dr. Malik Baloch, Ayub Jattak, Waeed Baloch, Akram Baloch, Mir Bizen Bizenjo, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo, Jan Mohammad Buledi, Sanaullah Baloch and Habib Jalib.

Organization leaders those have opted for armed struggle include Khair Jan Baloch, Abdul Nabi Bangulzi and Dr. Allah Nizar.


Political Terrorism: A New Guide to Actors, Authors, Concepts, Data Bases, Theories, & Literature By Albert J. Jongman, Alex Peter Schmid, ISBN 1412804698 Today three persons resigoned from bso bushair zaib and joind the BSO(m) which is the real bso

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