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Baltic may refer to:


Northern Europe

  • The Baltic Sea
  • Baltic states (also Baltics, Baltic countries or Baltic republics): Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • The Baltic region, an ambiguous term referring to the general area surrounding the Baltic Sea
  • Baltic governorates or provinces, former parts of the Russian Empire (modern Latvia, Estonia)
  • The Baltic Shield, the exposed Precambrian northwest segment of the East European Craton
  • The Baltic Plate, an ancient tectonic plate that is now fused onto the Eurasian Plate

North America

People and their languages

  • Baltic languages, a subfamily of Indo-European languages, including Lithuanian, Latvian and extinct Old Prussian language
  • Balts (or Baltic peoples), ethnic groups speaking the Baltic languages and/or originating from the Baltic countries
  • Baltic Germans, historical ethnic German minority in Latvia and Estonia
  • Baltic Russians, Russian immigrant community of post World War II origin in the Baltic countries

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  • (UK) enPR: bôl'tĭk, IPA: ˈbɔːl.tɪk/
  • (US) IPA: /ˈbɑl.tɪk/


Baltic (comparative more Baltic, superlative most Baltic)


more Baltic

most Baltic

  1. Of or pertaining to the Baltic region or the Baltic sea.
    • 1994 — S. C. Rowell, Lithuania Ascending, page 9
      The Teutonic Knights were newly established in the Baltic region, where they owed their first possessions to Mazovian policy.
  2. Of or pertaining to any of the Baltic languages.
    • 1918 — Charles E. Bennett, New Latin Grammar
      The Baltic division of the group embraces the Lithuanian and Lettic.
  3. Of or pertaining to the Balts (the Baltic peoples).


Proper noun




  1. the Baltic language family
  2. the areas on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea
    • (A date for this quote is being sought):Thomas Malthus, Importation of Foreign Corn
      It appears from the evidence, that the corn from the Baltic is often very heavily taxed, and that this tax is generally raised in proportion to our necessities.
  3. the Baltic sea.
    • 1906 — Robert Barr, A Rock in the Baltic
      Well, you see, I was temporarily in command of the cruiser coming down the Baltic, and passing an island rock a few miles away, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test a new gun that had been put aboard when we left England.

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