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The Baltic nobility in Latvia and Estonia has existed continuously since the medieval days of the Teutonic Knight state. Most of the nobles were Baltic Germans, but Poles and Swedes joined as well, and Russians later under the Russian empire.[1]

This nobility was a source of officers and other servants to Swedish and Polish kings in 16th and particularly 17th centuries, when Estonian, Oeselian, Kurlandian and Livonian lands belonged to them. Russian emperors used Baltic nobles in government.

They were organized in an institution of nobility in Reval, and another for the duchy of Kurland, and yet one in Riga. Vyborg also had an institution to register rolls of nobles in accordance with Baltic models in the 18th century. Most of the nobility was recalled by Hitler to Germany in late 1939, a few months prior to the annexation of Estonia and Latvia by Soviet Union in June 1940, although, nowadays it is possible to find the successors of the Baltic Nobility all around the world.

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