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The following is a list of players, both past and current, who appeared at least in one game for the Baltimore Orioles (1954-present), St. Louis Browns (1902-1953), or Milwaukee Brewers of 1901.

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Player Seasons Pos
Aase, DonDon Aase 1985-1988 P
Ables, HarryHarry Ables 1905 P
Abrams, CalCal Abrams 1954-1955 OF
Abreu, WinstonWinston Abreu 2006 P
Abstein, BillBill Abstein 1910 1B
Adair, JerryJerry Adair 1958-1966 2B
Adams, BobbyBobby Adams 1956 3B
Adams, SpencerSpencer Adams 1927 2B
Adams, WillieWillie Adams 1912-1913 P
Adamson, MikeMike Adamson 1967-1969 P
Agnew, SamSam Agnew 1913-1915 C
Ainsworth, KurtKurt Ainsworth 2003-2005 P
Aiton, GeorgeGeorge Aiton 1912 OF
Albers, MattMatt Albers 2008 P
Albrecht, EdEd Albrecht 1949-1950 P
Aldrich, JayJay Aldrich 1990 P
Alexander, BobBob Alexander 1955 P
Alexander, DoyleDoyle Alexander 1972-1976 P
Alexander, MannyManny Alexander 1992-1993,1995-1996 SS
Alexander, WaltWalt Alexander 1912-1913,1915 C
Allen, EthanEthan Allen 1937-1938 OF
Allen, JohnnyJohnny Allen 1941 P
Allen, SledSled Allen 1910 C
Allison, MackMack Allison 1911-1913 P
Almada, MelMel Almada 1938-1939 OF
Alomar, RobertoRoberto Alomar 1996-1998 2B
Amaral, RichRich Amaral 1999-2000 OF
Anderson, AndyAndy Anderson 1948-1949 SS
Anderson, BradyBrady Anderson 1988-2001 OF
Anderson, JohnJohn Anderson 1901-1903 1B
Anderson, JohnJohn Anderson 1960 P
Anderson, MikeMike Anderson 1978 OF
Andino, RobertRobert Andino 2009- SS
Andrews, IvyIvy Andrews 1934-1936 P
Aparicio, LuisLuis Aparicio 1963-1967 SS
Appleton, PetePete Appleton 1942-1945 P
Archie, GeorgeGeorge Archie 1941,1946 3B
Ardoin, DannyDanny Ardoin 2006 C
Arft, HankHank Arft 1948-1952 1B
Arnold, TonyTony Arnold 1986-1987 P
Auker, EldenElden Auker 1940-1942 P
Austin, JimmyJimmy Austin 1911-1929 3B
Avila, BobbyBobby Avila 1959 2B
Ayala, BennyBenny Ayala 1979-1984 OF
Bader, ArtArt Bader 1904 OF
Badgro, RedRed Badgro 1929-1930 OF
Baecht, EdEd Baecht 1937 P
Baez, DanysDanys Baez 2007-2008 P
Baichley, GroverGrover Baichley 1914 P
Bailey, BillBill Bailey 1907-1912 P
Bailor, BobBob Bailor 1975-1976 OF
Baines, HaroldHarold Baines 1993-1995,1997-2000 DH
Baker, FloydFloyd Baker 1943-1944 3B
Baker, FrankFrank Baker 1973-1974 SS
Bako, PaulPaul Bako 2007 C
Baldwin, JamesJames Baldwin 2005 P
Bale, JohnJohn Bale 2000-2001 P
Balenti, MikeMike Balenti 1913 SS
Ballard, JeffJeff Ballard 1987-1991 P
Ballou, WinWin Ballou 1926-1927 P
Bamberger, GeorgeGeorge Bamberger 1959 P
Barber, SteveSteve Barber 1960-1967 P
Barberie, BretBret Barberie 1995 2B
Barker, RayRay Barker 1960 1B
Barkley, RedRed Barkley 1937 2B
Barnhart, EdgarEdgar Barnhart 1924 P
Barnowski, EdEd Barnowski 1965-1966 P
Bass, BrianBrian Bass 2009- P
Bass, KevinKevin Bass 1995 OF
Batista, TonyTony Batista 2001-2003 3B
Batts, MattMatt Batts 1951 C
Bauer, RickRick Bauer 2001-2005 P
Bauers, RussRuss Bauers 1950 P
Baumgardner, GeorgeGeorge Baumgardner 1912-1916 P
Bautista, DennyDenny Bautista 2004 P
Bautista, JoseJose Bautista 1988-1991 P
Bautista, JoseJose Bautista 2004 3B
Baylor, DonDon Baylor 1970-1975 DH
Bayne, BillBill Bayne 1919-1924 P
Beamon, CharlieCharlie Beamon 1956-1958 P
Bearden, GeneGene Bearden 1952 P
Bechler, SteveSteve Bechler 2002-2003 P
Beck, Boom-BoomBoom-Boom Beck 1924-1928 P
Becker, RichRich Becker 1998 OF
Bedard, ErikErik Bedard 2002,2004-2007 P
Beene, FredFred Beene 1968-1970 P
Bejma, OllieOllie Bejma 1934-1936 2B
Belanger, MarkMark Belanger 1965-1981 SS
Bell, BeauBeau Bell 1935-1939 OF
Bell, EricEric Bell 1985-1987 P
Bell, JuanJuan Bell 1989-1991 2B
Bell, RobRob Bell 2006-2007 P
Belle, AlbertAlbert Belle 1998-2000 OF
Bengough, BennyBenny Bengough 1931-1932 C
Beniquez, JuanJuan Beniquez 1986 OF
Benitez, ArmandoArmando Benitez 1994-1998 P
Bennett, FredFred Bennett 1928 OF
Bennett, HerschelHerschel Bennett 1923-1927 OF
Bennett, JoelJoel Bennett 1998 P
Benson, KrisKris Benson 2006-2007 P
Berardino, JohnnyJohnny Berardino 1939-1947,1951 2B
Bero, JohnnyJohnny Bero 1951 SS
Berroa, GeronimoGeronimo Berroa 1997 DH
Berry, NeilNeil Berry 1953-1954 SS
Bertaina, FrankFrank Bertaina 1964-1967,1969 P
Besana, FredFred Besana 1956 P
Bettencourt, LarryLarry Bettencourt 1928-1932 OF
Bickford, VernVern Bickford 1954 P
Bierd, RandorRandor Bierd 2008 P
Bigbie, LarryLarry Bigbie 2001-2005 OF
Bigler, PetePete Bigler 1917 ?
Bilbrey, JimJim Bilbrey 1949 P
Bildilli, EmilEmil Bildilli 1937-1941 P
Billings, JoshJosh Billings 1919-1923 C
Binks, GeorgeGeorge Binks 1948 OF
Birkins, KurtKurt Birkins 2006-2007 P
Birrer, BabeBabe Birrer 1956 P
Biscan, FrankFrank Biscan 1942-1948 P
Bisland, RivingtonRivington Bisland 1913 SS
Black, JohnJohn Black 1911 1B
Blaeholder, GeorgeGeorge Blaeholder 1925-1935 P
Blair, PaulPaul Blair 1964-1976 OF
Blake, CaseyCasey Blake 2001 3B
Blake, SheriffSheriff Blake 1937 P
Blefary, CurtCurt Blefary 1965-1968 OF
Blue, BertBert Blue 1908 C
Blue, LuLu Blue 1928-1930 1B
Blyzka, MikeMike Blyzka 1953-1954 P
Boddicker, MikeMike Boddicker 1980-1988 P
Boehler, GeorgeGeorge Boehler 1920-1921 P
Boland, BernieBernie Boland 1921 P
Bold, CharlieCharlie Bold 1914 1B
Bolen, StewStew Bolen 1926-1927 P
Bolton, TomTom Bolton 1994 P
Bone, GeorgeGeorge Bone 1901 SS
Bones, RickyRicky Bones 1999 P
Bonetti, JulioJulio Bonetti 1937-1938 P
Bonilla, BobbyBobby Bonilla 1995-1996 3B
Bonilla, JuanJuan Bonilla 1986 2B
Bonin, LutherLuther Bonin 1913 OF
Bonner, BobbyBobby Bonner 1980-1983 SS
Boone, DannyDanny Boone 1990 P
Bordi, RichRich Bordi 1986 P
Bordick, MikeMike Bordick 1996-2002 SS
Borkowski, DaveDave Borkowski 2004 P
Borowski, JoeJoe Borowski 1995 P
Borton, BabeBabe Borton 1916 1B
Boskie, ShawnShawn Boskie 1997 P
Bottomley, JimJim Bottomley 1936-1937 1B
Bowcock, BennyBenny Bowcock 1903 2B
Bowden, TimTim Bowden 1914 OF
Bowens, SamSam Bowens 1963-1967 OF
Bowers, BrentBrent Bowers 1996 OF
Boyd, BobBob Boyd 1956-1960 1B
Boyd, RayRay Boyd 1910 P
Brabender, GeneGene Brabender 1966-1968 P
Bradford, ChadChad Bradford 2007-2008 P
Bradley, GeorgeGeorge Bradley 1946 OF
Bradley, PhilPhil Bradley 1989-1990 OF
Brandt, JackieJackie Brandt 1960-1965 OF
Brannan, OtisOtis Brannan 1928-1929 2B
Braxton, GarlandGarland Braxton 1931-1933 P
Brea, LesliLesli Brea 2000-2001 P
Brecheen, HarryHarry Brecheen 1953 P
Breeding, MarvMarv Breeding 1960-1962 2B
Brideweser, JimJim Brideweser 1954 SS
Brief, BunnyBunny Brief 1912-1913 1B
Briles, NelsonNelson Briles 1977 P
Britton, ChrisChris Britton 2006 P
Brock, ChrisChris Brock 2002 P
Bronkie, HermanHerman Bronkie 1919-1922 3B
Brower, JimJim Brower 2006 P
Brown, BillBill Brown 1912 OF
Brown, CurlyCurly Brown 1911-1913 P
Brown, DickDick Brown 1963-1965 C
Brown, ElmerElmer Brown 1911-1912 P
Brown, HalHal Brown 1955-1962 P
Brown, JarvisJarvis Brown 1995 OF
Brown, KevinKevin Brown 1995 P
Brown, LarryLarry Brown 1973 SS
Brown, LloydLloyd Brown 1933 P
Brown, MarkMark Brown 1984 P
Brown, MartyMarty Brown 1990 3B
Brown, WalterWalter Brown 1947 P
Brown, WillardWillard Brown 1947 OF
Bruner, JackJack Bruner 1950 P
Brunet, GeorgeGeorge Brunet 1963 P
Bruyette, EdEd Bruyette 1901 OF
Buchanan, JimJim Buchanan 1905 P
Buelow, FritzFritz Buelow 1907 C
Buford, DamonDamon Buford 1993-1995 OF
Buford, DonDon Buford 1968-1972 OF
Bumbry, AlAl Bumbry 1972-1984 OF
Bunker, WallyWally Bunker 1963-1968 P
Burkam, ChrisChris Burkam 1915 ?
Burke, JimmyJimmy Burke 1901 3B
Burke, LeoLeo Burke 1958-1959 OF
Burke, PatPat Burke 1924 3B
Burkett, JesseJesse Burkett 1902-1904 OF
Burleson, RickRick Burleson 1987 SS
Burnett, JohnnyJohnny Burnett 1935 SS
Burns, JackJack Burns 1930-1936 1B
Burnside, PetePete Burnside 1963 P
Burres, BrianBrian Burres 2006-2008 P
Burwell, BillBill Burwell 1920-1921 P
Busby, JimJim Busby 1957-1958,1960-1961 OF
Bush, JoeJoe Bush 1925 P
Butler, JohnJohn Butler 1901 P
Butler, KidKid Butler 1907 2B
Buzhardt, JohnJohn Buzhardt 1967 P
Bynum, FreddieFreddie Bynum 2006-2008 OF
Byrd, HarryHarry Byrd 1955 P
Byrdak, TimTim Byrdak 2004-2006 P
Byrne, TommyTommy Byrne 1951-1952 P
Byrnes, EricEric Byrnes 2005 OF
Byrnes, MiltMilt Byrnes 1943-1945 OF
Cabell, EnosEnos Cabell 1972-1974 3B
Cabrera, DanielDaniel Cabrera 2004-2008 P
Cabrera, FernandoFernando Cabrera 2008 P
Cafego, TomTom Cafego 1937
Cain, BobBob Cain 1952-1953 P
Cain, SugarSugar Cain 1935-1936 P
Caldwell, EarlEarl Caldwell 1935-1937 P
Calzado, NapoleonNapoleon Calzado 2005 OF
Campbell, BruceBruce Campbell 1932-1934 OF
Carey, PaulPaul Carey 1993 1B
Carey, TomTom Carey 1935-1937 2B
Carrasco, HectorHector Carrasco 2003 P
Carrasquel, ChicoChico Carrasquel 1959 SS
Carreon, CamCam Carreon 1966 C
Carter, JoeJoe Carter 1998
Casanova, RaulRaul Casanova 2002 C
Casimiro, CarlosCarlos Casimiro 2000 DH
Caster, GeorgeGeorge Caster 1941-1945 P
Castillo, AlbertoAlberto Castillo 2007 C
Castillo, AlbertoAlberto Castillo 2008 P
Castleman, FosterFoster Castleman 1958 3B
Castro, BernieBernie Castro 2005 2B
Causey, WayneWayne Causey 1955-1957 SS
Ceccarelli, ArtArt Ceccarelli 1957 P
Chakales, BobBob Chakales 1954 P
Chapman, HarryHarry Chapman 1916 C
Charlton, NormNorm Charlton 1997-1998 P
Chartak, MikeMike Chartak 1942-1944 OF
Chavez, RaulRaul Chavez 2006 C
Chen, BruceBruce Chen 2004-2006 P
Cherry, RockyRocky Cherry 2007-2008 P
Chevez, TonyTony Chevez 1977 P
Chism, TomTom Chism 1979 1B
Christman, MarkMark Christman 1939-1946 3B
Cimoli, GinoGino Cimoli 1964 OF
Clancy, AlAl Clancy 1911 3B
Clark, EarlEarl Clark 1934 OF
Clark, HowieHowie Clark 2002,2006 OF
Clark, TerryTerry Clark 1995 P
Clark, WillWill Clark 1998-2000 1B
Clarke, NigNig Clarke 1911 C
Clary, EllisEllis Clary 1943-1945 3B
Clemens, BobBob Clemens 1914 OF
Clements, PatPat Clements 1992 P
Clemons, VerneVerne Clemons 1916 C
Clift, HarlondHarlond Clift 1934-1943 3B
Clyburn, DannyDanny Clyburn 1997-1999 OF
Coan, GilGil Coan 1954-1955 OF
Cobb, HerbHerb Cobb 1929 P
Coffie, IvanonIvanon Coffie 2000 3B
Coffman, DickDick Coffman 1928-1935 P
Coffman, SlickSlick Coffman 1940 P
Coggins, RichRich Coggins 1972-1974 OF
Cole, EdEd Cole 1938-1939 P
Coleman, EdEd Coleman 1935-1936 OF
Coleman, JoeJoe Coleman 1954-1955 P
Coleman, RayRay Coleman 1947-1952 OF
Coleman, RipRip Coleman 1960 P
Collins, PatPat Collins 1919-1924 C
Collins, RipRip Collins 1929-1931 P
Compton, PetePete Compton 1911-1913 OF
Conine, JeffJeff Conine 1999-2003,2006 1B
Connally, FritzieFritzie Connally 1985 3B
Connor, JoeJoe Connor 1901 C
Conroy, WidWid Conroy 1901 3B
Consuegra, SandySandy Consuegra 1956-1957 P
Cook, MikeMike Cook 1993 P
Cook, RollinRollin Cook 1915 P
Cooney, BobBob Cooney 1931-1932 P
Coppinger, RockyRocky Coppinger 1996-1999 P
Corbett, DougDoug Corbett 1987 P
Corbin, ArchieArchie Corbin 1996 P
Cordova, MartyMarty Cordova 2002-2003 OF
Corey, MarkMark Corey 1979-1981 OF
Corriden, RedRed Corriden 1910 SS
Corsi, JimJim Corsi 1999-2000 P
Courtney, ClintClint Courtney 1952-1954,1960-1961 C
Covington, SamSam Covington 1913 1B
Cox, BillBill Cox 1938-1940 P
Cox, BillyBilly Cox 1955 3B
Crandall, DocDoc Crandall 1916 P
Crawford, JakeJake Crawford 1952 OF
Criger, LouLou Criger 1909 C
Criscione, DaveDave Criscione 1977 C
Criscola, TonyTony Criscola 1942-1943 OF
Crisp, JoeJoe Crisp 1910-1911 C
Criss, DodeDode Criss 1908-1911 P
Crompton, NedNed Crompton 1909 OF
Crossin, FrankFrank Crossin 1912-1914 C
Crouch, BillBill Crouch 1910 P
Crouch, JackJack Crouch 1930-1931,1933 C
Crowder, AlvinAlvin Crowder 1927-1930 P
Crowley, TerryTerry Crowley 1969-1973,1976-1982 DH
Cruz, DeiviDeivi Cruz 2003 SS
Cruz, ToddTodd Cruz 1983-1984 SS
Cubillan, DarwinDarwin Cubillan 2004 P
Cuellar, MikeMike Cuellar 1969-1976 P
Cullenbine, RoyRoy Cullenbine 1940-1942 OF
Cullop, NickNick Cullop 1921 P
Cummings, MidreMidre Cummings 2005 OF
Currin, PerryPerry Currin 1947 SS
Curry, GeorgeGeorge Curry 1911 P
Cust, JackJack Cust 2003-2004 DH
Daal, OmarOmar Daal 2003 P
Dagres, AngeloAngelo Dagres 1955 OF
Dahlgren, BabeBabe Dahlgren 1942,1946 1B
Daley, JohnJohn Daley 1912 SS
Dalrymple, BillBill Dalrymple 1915 3B
Dalrymple, ClayClay Dalrymple 1969-1971 C
Danforth, DaveDave Danforth 1922-1925 P
Danning, IkeIke Danning 1928 C
Dauer, RichRich Dauer 1976-1985 2B
Davanon, JerryJerry Davanon 1971 SS
Davenport, DaveDave Davenport 1916-1919 P
Davis, ButchButch Davis 1988-1989 OF
Davis, DixieDixie Davis 1920-1926 P
Davis, EricEric Davis 1996-1998 OF
Davis, GlennGlenn Davis 1991-1993 1B
Davis, HarryHarry Davis 1937 1B
Davis, StormStorm Davis 1982-1986,1992 P
Davis, TommyTommy Davis 1999-2000 C
Davis, TommyTommy Davis 1972-1975 OF
Deal, CharlieCharlie Deal 1916 3B
Dean, DizzyDizzy Dean 1947 P
Dean, PaulPaul Dean 1943 P
Deberry, JoeJoe Deberry 1920-1921 P
DeCinces, DougDoug DeCinces 1973-1981 3B
Dedrick, JimJim Dedrick 1995 P
Dee, ShortyShorty Dee 1915 SS
DeJean, MikeMike DeJean 2004 P
de la Rosa, FranciscoFrancisco de la Rosa 1991 P
Delahanty, JimJim Delahanty 1907 2B
DeLeon, LuisLuis DeLeon 1987 P
Dellucci, DavidDavid Dellucci 1997 OF
Delock, IkeIke Delock 1963 P
Delsing, JimJim Delsing 1950-1952 OF
Demaestri, JoeJoe Demaestri 1952 SS
Demaree, FrankFrank Demaree 1944 OF
Demars, BillyBilly Demars 1950-1951 SS
Demmitt, RayRay Demmitt 1910,1917-1919 OF
Demontreville, GeneGene Demontreville 1904 2B
Dempsey, RickRick Dempsey 1976-1986 C
Dente, SamSam Dente 1948 SS
DeShields, DelinoDelino DeShields 1998-2001 2B
Desilva, JohnJohn Desilva 1995 P
Devarez, CesarCesar Devarez 1995-1996 C
Devereaux, MikeMike Devereaux 1989-1994,1996 OF
Devoy, WaltWalt Devoy 1909 OF
Diering, ChuckChuck Diering 1954-1956 OF
Dillard, GordonGordon Dillard 1988 P
Dillinger, BobBob Dillinger 1946-1949 3B
Dillman, BillBill Dillman 1967 P
Dimmel, MikeMike Dimmel 1977-1978 OF
Dinneen, BillBill Dinneen 1907-1909 P
Dixon, KenKen Dixon 1984-1987 P
Dixon, LeoLeo Dixon 1925-1927 C
Dobson, PatPat Dobson 1971-1972 P
Dodd, TomTom Dodd 1986 DH
Donahue, JiggsJiggs Donahue 1901-1902 1B
Donahue, RedRed Donahue 1902-1903 P
Dondero, LenLen Dondero 1929 3B
Dorish, HarryHarry Dorish 1950,1955-1956 P
Douglass, SeanSean Douglass 2001-2003 P
Dowling, PetePete Dowling 1901 P
Doyle, JessJess Doyle 1931 P
Doyne, CoryCory Doyne 2007 P
Drabek, DougDoug Drabek 1998 P
Drabowsky, MoeMoe Drabowsky 1966-1968,1970 P
Drago, DickDick Drago 1977 P
Dreisewerd, ClemClem Dreisewerd 1948 P
Drews, KarlKarl Drews 1948-1949 P
Driskill, TravisTravis Driskill 2002-2003 P
Dropo, WaltWalt Dropo 1959-1961 1B
DuBose, EricEric DuBose 2002-2006 P
Duffy, HughHugh Duffy 1901 OF
Duggan, JimJim Duggan 1911 1B
Dukes, TomTom Dukes 1971 P
Duncan, DaveDave Duncan 1975-1976 C
Duren, RyneRyne Duren 1954 P
Dyck, JimJim Dyck 1951-53, 1955-56 LF/3B
Early, JakeJake Early 1947 C
East, CarlCarl East 1915 OF
Edwards, HankHank Edwards 1953 OF
Eichhorn, MarkMark Eichhorn 1994 P
Elder, GeorgeGeorge Elder 1949 OF
Ellerbe, FrankFrank Ellerbe 1921-1924 3B
Elliott, BobBob Elliott 1953 3B
Elliott, JumboJumbo Elliott 1923 P
Elmore, VerdoVerdo Elmore 1924 OF
Embree, RedRed Embree 1949 P
Enzenroth, JackJack Enzenroth 1914 C
Epps, HalHal Epps 1943-1944 OF
Epstein, MikeMike Epstein 1966-1967 1B
Erickson, ScottScott Erickson 1995-2003 P
Essegian, ChuckChuck Essegian 1961 OF
Estalella, BobbyBobby Estalella 1941 OF
Estrada, ChuckChuck Estrada 1960-1964 P
Estrada, OscarOscar Estrada 1929 P
Etchebarren, AndyAndy Etchebarren 1962-1975 C
Evans, DwightDwight Evans 1991 OF
Evans, JoeJoe Evans 1924-1925 OF
Evans, RoyRoy Evans 1903 P
Evers, HootHoot Evers 1955-1956 OF
Ezzell, HomerHomer Ezzell 1923 3B
Fahey, BrandonBrandon Fahey 2006-2007 SS
Falk, ChetChet Falk 1925-1927 P
Falkenborg, BrianBrian Falkenborg 1999 P
Fannin, CliffCliff Fannin 1945-1952 P
Farmer, EdEd Farmer 1977 P
Fasano, SalSal Fasano 2005 C
Ferens, StanStan Ferens 1942-1946 P
Fernandez, ChicoChico Fernandez 1968 SS
Fernandez, SidSid Fernandez 1994-1995 P
Ferrarese, DonDon Ferrarese 1955-1957 P
Ferrell, RickRick Ferrell 1929-1933,1941-1943 C
Ferrick, TomTom Ferrick 1946,1949-1950 P
Ferris, HobeHobe Ferris 1908-1909 2B
Fetters, MikeMike Fetters 1999 P
Figga, MikeMike Figga 1999 C
Fincher, BillBill Fincher 1916 P
Fine, TommyTommy Fine 1950 P
Finigan, JimJim Finigan 1959 3B
Finley, SteveSteve Finley 1989-1990 OF
Finney, LouLou Finney 1945-1946 OF
Fiore, MikeMike Fiore 1968 1B
Fiorentino, JeffJeff Fiorentino 2005-2007 OF
Fischer, CarlCarl Fischer 1932 P
Fisher, EddieEddie Fisher 1966-1967 P
Fisher, JackJack Fisher 1959-1962 P
Fisher, RedRed Fisher 1910 OF
Fisher, ShowboatShowboat Fisher 1932 OF
Fisher, TomTom Fisher 1967 P
Flanagan, CharlieCharlie Flanagan 1913 3B
Flanagan, MikeMike Flanagan 1975-1987,1991-1992 P
Flinn, JohnJohn Flinn 1978-1979,1982 P
Floyd, BobbyBobby Floyd 1968-1970 SS
Foiles, HankHank Foiles 1961 C
Forbes, P.J.P.J. Forbes 1998-1999 2B
Ford, DanDan Ford 1982-1985 OF
Ford, DaveDave Ford 1978-1981 P
Fordyce, BrookBrook Fordyce 2000-2003 C
Fornieles, MikeMike Fornieles 1956-1957 P
Foster, EddieEddie Foster 1922-1923 3B
Foster, KrisKris Foster 2001 P
Fox, HowieHowie Fox 1954 P
Francona, TitoTito Francona 1956-1957 OF
Frazier, JoeJoe Frazier 1956 OF
Freed, RogerRoger Freed 1970 OF
Freel, RyanRyan Freel 2009 IF
Freire, AlejandroAlejandro Freire 2005-2006 1B
Fridley, JimJim Fridley 1954 OF
Friel, BillBill Friel 1901-1903 2B
Friend, OwenOwen Friend 1949-1950 2B
Frill, JohnJohn Frill 1912 P
Frisk, EmilEmil Frisk 1905-1907 OF
Frohwirth, ToddTodd Frohwirth 1991-1993 P
Fuchs, CharlieCharlie Fuchs 1943 P
Fuller, JimJim Fuller 1973-1974 OF
Fussell, ChrisChris Fussell 1998 P
Gaedel, EddieEddie Gaedel 1951 PH
Gaines, JoeJoe Gaines 1963-1964 OF
Galehouse, DennyDenny Galehouse 1941-1947 P
Gallagher, DaveDave Gallagher 1990 OF
Gallagher, JoeJoe Gallagher 1939-1940 OF
Gallia, BertBert Gallia 1918-1920 P
Garcia, ChicoChico Garcia 1954 2B
Garcia, JesseJesse Garcia 1999-2000 SS
Garcia, KarimKarim Garcia 2000,2004 OF
Garcia, KikoKiko Garcia 1976-1980 SS
Garcia, Luis C.Luis C. Garcia 2002 OF
Gardner, BillyBilly Gardner 1956-1959 2B
Garland, WayneWayne Garland 1973-1976 P
Garms, DebsDebs Garms 1932-1935 OF
Garver, NedNed Garver 1948-1952 P
Garvin, NedNed Garvin 1901 P
Gastall, TomTom Gastall 1955-1956 C
Gaston, MiltMilt Gaston 1925-1927 P
Gedeon, JoeJoe Gedeon 1918-1920 2B
Geier, PhilPhil Geier 1901 OF
Gentile, JimJim Gentile 1960-1963 1B
George, LeftyLefty George 1911 P
Gerber, WallyWally Gerber 1917-1928 SS
Gerhart, KenKen Gerhart 1986-1988 OF
Gerheauser, AlAl Gerheauser 1948 P
Gertenrich, LouLou Gertenrich 1901 OF
Giard, JoeJoe Giard 1925-1926 P
Gibbons, JayJay Gibbons 2001-2007 OF
Gibson, CharlieCharlie Gibson 1905 C
Gil, GeronimoGeronimo Gil 2001-2006 C
Gilbert, BillyBilly Gilbert 1901 2B
Gill, GeorgeGeorge Gill 1939 P
Gilliford, PaulPaul Gilliford 1967 P
Gilligan, JackJack Gilligan 1909-1910 P
Ginsberg, JoeJoe Ginsberg 1956-1960 C
Giuliani, TonyTony Giuliani 1936-1937 C
Glade, FredFred Glade 1904-1907 P
Gleason, BillyBilly Gleason 1921 2B
Gleason, HarryHarry Gleason 1904-1905 3B
Glenn, JoeJoe Glenn 1939 C
Goldsberry, GordonGordon Goldsberry 1952 1B
Goliat, MikeMike Goliat 1951-1952 2B
Gomez, ChrisChris Gomez 2005-2007 SS
Gomez, LeoLeo Gomez 1990-1995 3B
Gonzales, ReneRene Gonzales 1987-1990 3B
Goodman, BillyBilly Goodman 1957 2B
Goodwin, CurtisCurtis Goodwin 1995 OF
Goslin, GooseGoose Goslin 1930-1932 OF
Gouzzie, ClaudeClaude Gouzzie 1903 2B
Grace, JoeJoe Grace 1938-1946 OF
Graff, FredFred Graff 1913 3B
Graham, BertBert Graham 1910 1B
Graham, DanDan Graham 1980-1981 C
Graham, JackJack Graham 1949 1B
Grahame, BillBill Grahame 1908-1910 P
Grant, GeorgeGeorge Grant 1923-1925 P
Gray, DollyDolly Gray 1928-1933 P
Gray, PetePete Gray 1945 OF
Gray, TedTed Gray 1955 P
Green, GeneGene Green 1960 OF
Green, LennyLenny Green 1957-1959,1964 OF
Greene, CharlieCharlie Greene 1997-1998 C
Greene, WillieWillie Greene 1998-1999 3B
Gregory, HowieHowie Gregory 1911 P
Grich, BobbyBobby Grich 1970-1976 2B
Griffin, MikeMike Griffin 1987 P
Griggs, ArtArt Griggs 1909-1910 1B
Grimes, EdEd Grimes 1931-1932 3B
Grimsley, JasonJason Grimsley 2004-2005 P
Grimsley, RossRoss Grimsley 1974-1977,1982 P
Groom, BobBob Groom 1916-1917 P
Groom, BuddyBuddy Groom 2000-2004 P
Gross, WayneWayne Gross 1984-1985 3B
Groth, JohnnyJohnny Groth 1953 OF
Grube, FrankFrank Grube 1934-1935,1941 C
Gryska, SigSig Gryska 1938-1939 SS
Guillén, OzzieOzzie Guillén 1998 SS
Gullic, TedTed Gullic 1930-1933 OF
Gulliver, GlennGlenn Gulliver 1982-1983 3B
Gust, ErnieErnie Gust 1911 1B
Gustine, FrankieFrankie Gustine 1950 2B
Guthrie, JeremyJeremy Guthrie 2007-2008 P
Gutierrez, JackieJackie Gutierrez 1986-1987 SS
Gutteridge, DonDon Gutteridge 1942-1945 2B
Guzmán, JuanJuan Guzmán 1998-1999 P
Habenicht, BobBob Habenicht 1953 P
Habyan, JohnJohn Habyan 1985-1988 P
Haddix, HarveyHarvey Haddix 1964-1965 P
Hadley, BumpBump Hadley 1932-1934 P
Hafey, TomTom Hafey 1944 3B
Haid, HalHal Haid 1919 P
Hairston, Jr., JerryJerry Hairston, Jr. 1998-2004 2B
Halama, JohnJohn Halama 2006 P
Hale, BobBob Hale 1955-1959 1B
Hale, GeorgeGeorge Hale 1914-1918 C
Hale, SammySammy Hale 1930 3B
Hall, DickDick Hall 1961-1966,1969-1971 P
Hall, MarcMarc Hall 1910 P
Hallinan, EdEd Hallinan 1911-1912 SS
Hallman, BillBill Hallman 1901 OF
Hamilton, EarlEarl Hamilton 1911-1917 P
Hammonds, JeffreyJeffrey Hammonds 1993-1998 OF
Hamric, BertBert Hamric 1958 ?
Haney, LarryLarry Haney 1966-1968 C
Hanning, LoyLoy Hanning 1939-1942 P
Hansen, RonRon Hansen 1958-1962 SS
Hansen, SnipeSnipe Hansen 1935 P
Hardin, JimJim Hardin 1967-1971 P
Hargrave, PinkyPinky Hargrave 1925-1926 C
Harlow, LarryLarry Harlow 1975-1979 OF
Harnisch, PetePete Harnisch 1988-1991 P
Harper, BillBill Harper 1911 P
Harper, JackJack Harper 1902 P
Harper, TommyTommy Harper 1976 OF
Harris, BobBob Harris 1939-1942 P
Harris, GeneGene Harris 1995 P
Harris, WillieWillie Harris 2001 OF
Harrison, BobBob Harrison 1955-1956 P
Harrison, RoricRoric Harrison 1972 P
Harrist, EarlEarl Harrist 1952 P
Harshany, SamSam Harshany 1937-1940 C
Harshman, JackJack Harshman 1958-1959 P
Hart, MikeMike Hart 1987 OF
Hartley, GroverGrover Hartley 1916-1917,1934 C
Hartley, MikeMike Hartley 1995 P
Hartzell, PaulPaul Hartzell 1980 P
Hartzell, RoyRoy Hartzell 1906-1910 OF
Hassler, JoeJoe Hassler 1930 SS
Hatton, GradyGrady Hatton 1956 3B
Havens, BradBrad Havens 1985-1986 P
Hawk, EdEd Hawk 1911 P
Hawkins, LaTroyLaTroy Hawkins 2006 P
Hawley, PinkPink Hawley 1901 P
Hayes, FrankieFrankie Hayes 1942-1943 C
Haynes, JimmyJimmy Haynes 1995-1997 P
Hayworth, RayRay Hayworth 1942,1944-1945 C
Hazewood, DrungoDrungo Hazewood 1980 OF
Heard, JehosieJehosie Heard 1954 P
Heath, JeffJeff Heath 1946-1947 OF
Heath, TommyTommy Heath 1935-1938 C
Hebert, WallyWally Hebert 1931-1933 P
Heffner, DonDon Heffner 1938-1943 2B
Heidrick, EmmetEmmet Heidrick 1902-1908 OF
Held, MelMel Held 1956 P
Held, WoodieWoodie Held 1966-1967 SS
Helf, HankHank Helf 1946 C
Helling, RickRick Helling 2003 P
Hemingway, EdEd Hemingway 1914 2B
Hemphill, CharlieCharlie Hemphill 1902-1907 OF
Hemsley, RollieRollie Hemsley 1933-1937 C
Hendricks, EllieEllie Hendricks 1968-1976,1978-1979 C
Hendryx, TimTim Hendryx 1918 OF
Hennessey, GeorgeGeorge Hennessey 1937 P
Henry, DutchDutch Henry 1921-1922 P
Hentgen, PatPat Hentgen 2001-2003 P
Hernandez, LeoLeo Hernandez 1982-1985 3B
Hernandez, LuisLuis Hernandez 2007-2008 SS
Hernandez, RamonRamon Hernandez 2006-2008 C
Herrera, BobbyBobby Herrera 1951 P
Herzog, WhiteyWhitey Herzog 1961-1962 OF
Hetki, JohnnyJohnny Hetki 1952 P
Heving, JohnnieJohnnie Heving 1920 C
Hickey, KevinKevin Hickey 1989-1991 P
Hildebrand, OralOral Hildebrand 1937-1938 P
Hill, HunterHunter Hill 1903-1904 3B
Hitchcock, BillyBilly Hitchcock 1947 3B
Hoag, MyrilMyril Hoag 1939-1941 OF
Hoch, HarryHarry Hoch 1914-1915 P
Hoeft, BillyBilly Hoeft 1959-1962 P
Hoey, JimJim Hoey 2006-2008 P
Hoff, ChetChet Hoff 1915 P
Hoffman, DannyDanny Hoffman 1908-1911 OF
Hogan, WillieWillie Hogan 1911-1912 OF
Hogriever, GeorgeGeorge Hogriever 1901 OF
Hogsett, ChiefChief Hogsett 1936-1937 P
Hogue, BobbyBobby Hogue 1951-1952 P
Hoiles, ChrisChris Hoiles 1989-1999 C
Holcombe, KenKen Holcombe 1952 P
Holdsworth, FredFred Holdsworth 1976-1977 P
Hollingsworth, AlAl Hollingsworth 1942-1946 P
Holloman, BoboBobo Holloman 1953 P
Holmes, DarrenDarren Holmes 2000 P
Holshouser, HermHerm Holshouser 1930 P
Holton, BrianBrian Holton 1989-1990 P
Holtzman, KenKen Holtzman 1976 P
Hood, DonDon Hood 1973-1974 P
Hopkins, PaulPaul Hopkins 1929 P
Horn, SamSam Horn 1990-1992 DH
Hornsby, RogersRogers Hornsby 1933-1937 2B
Houck, ByronByron Houck 1918 P
House, J.R.J.R. House 2007 C
Houtteman, ArtArt Houtteman 1957 P
Howard, BruceBruce Howard 1968 P
Howard, IvanIvan Howard 1914-1915 1B
Howell, HarryHarry Howell 1904-1910 P
Hubbard, TrenidadTrenidad Hubbard 2000 OF
Huckaby, KenKen Huckaby 2004 C
Hudler, RexRex Hudler 1986 2B
Hudlin, WillisWillis Hudlin 1940,1944 P
Hudson, HalHal Hudson 1952 P
Huelsman, FrankFrank Huelsman 1904 OF
Huff, AubreyAubrey Huff 2007-2009 1B/3B
Huffman, BenBen Huffman 1937 C
Huffman, PhilPhil Huffman 1985 P
Hughes, KeithKeith Hughes 1988 OF
Hughes, RoyRoy Hughes 1938-1939 2B
Huismann, MarkMark Huismann 1989 P
Hulett, TimTim Hulett 1989-1994 3B
Hungling, BernieBernie Hungling 1930 C
Hunter, BillyBilly Hunter 1953-1954 SS
Huppert, DaveDave Huppert 1983 C
Huson, JeffJeff Huson 1994-1996 SS
Husting, BertBert Husting 1901 P
Hutto, JimJim Hutto 1975 OF
Hyde, DickDick Hyde 1961 P
Hynes, PatPat Hynes 1904 OF
Incaviglia, PetePete Incaviglia 1996-1997 OF
Iott, HooksHooks Iott 1941,1947 P
Izturis, CésarCésar Izturis 2009- SS
Jackson, GrantGrant Jackson 1971-1976 P
Jackson, LouLou Jackson 1964 OF
Jackson, ReggieReggie Jackson 1976 OF
Jackson, RonRon Jackson 1984 1B
Jacobson, Baby DollBaby Doll Jacobson 1915-1926 OF
Jacobson, BeanyBeany Jacobson 1906-1907 P
Jakucki, SigSig Jakucki 1936-1945 P
James, BillBill James 1914-1915 P
Jansen, RayRay Jansen 1910 3B
Jantzen, HeinieHeinie Jantzen 1912 OF
Jefferson, JesseJesse Jefferson 1973-1975 P
Jefferson, StanStan Jefferson 1989-1990 OF
Jenkins, JoeJoe Jenkins 1914 C
Jenkins, TomTom Jenkins 1929-1932 OF
Jennings, BillBill Jennings 1951 SS
Johns, DougDoug Johns 1998-2000 P
Johns, PetePete Johns 1918 3B
Johnson, BobBob Johnson 1963-1967 SS
Johnson, CharlesCharles Johnson 1999-2000 C
Johnson, ChetChet Johnson 1946 P
Johnson, ConnieConnie Johnson 1956-1958 P
Johnson, DarrellDarrell Johnson 1952,1962 C
Johnson, DaveDave Johnson 1974-1975 P
Johnson, DaveDave Johnson 1989-1991 P
Johnson, DaveyDavey Johnson 1965-1972 2B
Johnson, DonDon Johnson 1950-1951,1955 P
Johnson, ErnieErnie Johnson 1916-1918 SS
Johnson, ErnieErnie Johnson 1959 P
Johnson, FredFred Johnson 1938-1939 P
Johnson, JasonJason Johnson 1999-2003 P
Johnson, JimJim Johnson 2006-2008 P
Johnson, MikeMike Johnson 1997 P
Johnston, JohnnyJohnny Johnston 1913 OF
Jones, AdamAdam Jones 2008 OF
Jones, CharlieCharlie Jones 1908 OF
Jones, DavyDavy Jones 1901-1902 OF
Jones, DougDoug Jones 1995 P
Jones, EarlEarl Jones 1945 P
Jones, GordonGordon Jones 1960-1961 P
Jones, OdellOdell Jones 1986 P
Jones, RickyRicky Jones 1986 2B
Jones, SamSam Jones 1927 P
Jones, SamSam Jones 1964 P
Jones, StacyStacy Jones 1991 P
Jones, TomTom Jones 1904-1909 1B
Jonnard, ClaudeClaude Jonnard 1926 P
Jordan, TomTom Jordan 1948 C
Judnich, WallyWally Judnich 1940-1947 OF
Julio, JorgeJorge Julio 2001-2005 P
Kahoe, MikeMike Kahoe 1902-1904 C
Kamieniecki, ScottScott Kamieniecki 1997-1999 P
Kane, HarryHarry Kane 1902 P
Kauffman, DickDick Kauffman 1914-1915 1B
Kell, GeorgeGeorge Kell 1956-1957 3B
Kellert, FrankFrank Kellert 1953-1954 1B
Kelly, PatPat Kelly 1977-1980 OF
Kennedy, BillBill Kennedy 1948-1951 P
Kennedy, BobBob Kennedy 1954-1955 OF
Kennedy, RayRay Kennedy 1916 ?
Kennedy, TerryTerry Kennedy 1987-1988 C
Kennedy, VernVern Kennedy 1939-1941 P
Kenworthy, BillBill Kenworthy 1917 2B
Kerrigan, JoeJoe Kerrigan 1978-1980 P
Ketter, PhilPhil Ketter 1912 C
Key, JimmyJimmy Key 1997-1998 P
Kilgus, PaulPaul Kilgus 1991 P
Killefer, BillBill Killefer 1909-1910 C
Kimberlin, HarryHarry Kimberlin 1936-1939 P
Kimsey, ChadChad Kimsey 1929-1932 P
Kinder, EllisEllis Kinder 1946-1947 P
Kingsale, GeneGene Kingsale 1996,1998-2001,2004 OF
Kinkade, MikeMike Kinkade 2000-2001 OF
Kinnunen, MikeMike Kinnunen 1986-1987 P
Kinsella, EdEd Kinsella 1910 P
Kirkland, WillieWillie Kirkland 1964 OF
Kittle, RonRon Kittle 1990 OF
Klaus, BillyBilly Klaus 1959-1960 SS
Kline, SteveSteve Kline 2005 P
Klingenbeck, ScottScott Klingenbeck 1994-1995 P
Kloza, NapNap Kloza 1931-1932 OF
Kluttz, ClydeClyde Kluttz 1951 C
Knickerbocker, BillBill Knickerbocker 1937 SS
Knight, RayRay Knight 1987 3B
Knott, JackJack Knott 1933-1938 P
Knott, JonJon Knott 2007 OF
Knowles, DaroldDarold Knowles 1965 P
Koehler, BenBen Koehler 1905-1906 OF
Kohlmeier, RyanRyan Kohlmeier 2000-2001 P
Kokos, DickDick Kokos 1948-1954 OF
Kolp, RayRay Kolp 1921-1924 P
Komminsk, BradBrad Komminsk 1990 OF
Koob, ErnieErnie Koob 1915-1919 P
Koslo, DaveDave Koslo 1954 P
Koupal, LouLou Koupal 1937 P
Kramer, JackJack Kramer 1939-1947 P
Kreevich, MikeMike Kreevich 1943-1945 OF
Krenchicki, WayneWayne Krenchicki 1979-1981 3B
Kress, RedRed Kress 1927-1932,1938-1939 SS
Kretlow, LouLou Kretlow 1950,1953-1955 P
Krichell, PaulPaul Krichell 1911-1912 C
Krivda, RickRick Krivda 1995-1997,2000 P
Kryhoski, DickDick Kryhoski 1952-1954 1B
Kusel, EdEd Kusel 1909 P
Kutina, JoeJoe Kutina 1911-1912 1B
Kuzava, BobBob Kuzava 1954-1955 P
Laabs, ChetChet Laabs 1939-1946 OF
Lacy, LeeLee Lacy 1985-1987 OF
Lake, JoeJoe Lake 1910-1912 P
Laker, TimTim Laker 1997 C
LaMacchia, AlAl LaMacchia 1943-1946 P
Lamb, LymanLyman Lamb 1920-1921 3B
LaMotte, BobbyBobby LaMotte 1925-1926 SS
Landrith, HobieHobie Landrith 1962-1963 C
Landrum, TitoTito Landrum 1983,1988 OF
Lanier, MaxMax Lanier 1953 P
Laporte, FrankFrank Laporte 1911-1912 2B
Larsen, DonDon Larsen 1953-1954,1965 P
Lary, LynLyn Lary 1935-1936,1940 SS
Lasley, BillBill Lasley 1924 P
Lau, CharlieCharlie Lau 1961-1967 C
Lavan, DocDoc Lavan 1913-1917 SS
Lawson, RoxieRoxie Lawson 1939-1940 P
Laydon, PetePete Laydon 1948 OF
Leahy, TomTom Leahy 1901 C
Leary, JohnJohn Leary 1914-1915 1B
Ledesma, AaronAaron Ledesma 1997 SS
Lee, BillyBilly Lee 1915-1916 OF
Lee, DudDud Lee 1920-1921 SS
Lee, MarkMark Lee 1995 P
Lefferts, CraigCraig Lefferts 1992 P
Lehew, JimJim Lehew 1961-1962 P
Lehman, KenKen Lehman 1957-1958 P
Lehner, PaulPaul Lehner 1946-1949,1951 OF
Leicester, JonJon Leicester 2007 P
Leifield, LeftyLefty Leifield 1918-1920 P
Lenhardt, DonDon Lenhardt 1950-1954 OF
Leon, JoseJose Leon 2002-2004 1B
Leonard, MarkMark Leonard 1993 OF
Leonhard, DaveDave Leonhard 1967-1972 P
Leppert, DonDon Leppert 1955 2B
Leverenz, WaltWalt Leverenz 1913-1915 P
Leverette, HodHod Leverette 1920 P
Levey, JimJim Levey 1930-1933 SS
Lewis, MarkMark Lewis 2000 2B
Lewis, RichieRichie Lewis 1992,1998 P
Liebhardt, GlennGlenn Liebhardt 1936-1938 P
Ligtenberg, KerryKerry Ligtenberg 2003 P
Link, FredFred Link 1910 P
Linke, EdEd Linke 1938 P
Linton, DougDoug Linton 1998-1999 P
Lipon, JohnnyJohnny Lipon 1953 SS
Lipscomb, NigNig Lipscomb 1937 2B
Littlefield, DickDick Littlefield 1952-1954 P
Liz, RadhamesRadhames Liz 2007 P
Locke, ChuckChuck Locke 1955 P
Lockman, WhiteyWhitey Lockman 1959 1B
Loes, BillyBilly Loes 1956-1959 P
Loewen, AdamAdam Loewen 2006-2008 P
Lollar, ShermSherm Lollar 1949-1951 C
Long, DaleDale Long 1951 1B
Lopat, EdEd Lopat 1955 P
Lopez, CarlosCarlos Lopez 1978 OF
López, JavyJavy López 2004-2006 C
Lopez, LuisLuis Lopez 2002,2004,2006 SS
Lopez, MarcelinoMarcelino Lopez 1967,1969-1970 P
López, RodrigoRodrigo López 2002-2007 P
Lowdermilk, GroverGrover Lowdermilk 1915,1917-1919 P
Lowenstein, JohnJohn Lowenstein 1979-1985 OF
Lucadello, JohnnyJohnny Lucadello 1938-1946 2B
Luebber, SteveSteve Luebber 1981 P
Luebke, DickDick Luebke 1962 P
Lunar, FernandoFernando Lunar 2000-2002 C
Lund, DonDon Lund 1948 OF
Lutz, JoeJoe Lutz 1951 1B
Lynch, AdrianAdrian Lynch 1920 P
Lynn, FredFred Lynn 1985-1988 OF
Lyons, GeorgeGeorge Lyons 1924 P
Mabe, BobBob Mabe 1960 P
Machado, RobertRobert Machado 2003-2004 C
Maddox, ElliottElliott Maddox 1977 OF
Madison, DaveDave Madison 1952 P
Maduro, CalvinCalvin Maduro 2000-2002 P
Magee, LeeLee Magee 1917 OF
Maguire, JackJack Maguire 1951 OF
Mahaffey, RoyRoy Mahaffey 1936 P
Mahoney, BobBob Mahoney 1951-1952 P
Maine, JohnJohn Maine 2004-2005 P
Maisel, FritzFritz Maisel 1918 3B
Maisel, GeorgeGeorge Maisel 1913 OF
Majeski, HankHank Majeski 1955 3B
Majewski, ValVal Majewski 2004,2006-2007 OF
Malloy, AlexAlex Malloy 1910 P
Malloy, BobBob Malloy 1949 P
Maloney, BillyBilly Maloney 1901-1902 OF
Mancuso, FrankFrank Mancuso 1944-1946 C
Manion, ClydeClyde Manion 1928-1930 C
Manning, ErnieErnie Manning 1914 P
Manon, JulioJulio Manon 2006 P
Manto, JeffJeff Manto 1995 3B
Manush, HeinieHeinie Manush 1928-1930 OF
Mapel, RollaRolla Mapel 1919 P
Mapes, CliffCliff Mapes 1951 OF
Marcum, JohnnyJohnny Marcum 1939 P
Marion, MartyMarty Marion 1952-1953 SS
Markakis, NickNick Markakis 2006-2008 OF
Markell, DukeDuke Markell 1951 P
Marquis, RogerRoger Marquis 1955 OF
Marrero, EliEli Marrero 2005 C
Marsans, ArmandoArmando Marsans 1916-1917 OF
Marsh, FredFred Marsh 1951-1952,1955-1956 3B
Marshall, CuddlesCuddles Marshall 1950 P
Marshall, JimJim Marshall 1958 1B
Martin, BabeBabe Martin 1944-1946,1953 OF
Martin, JoeJoe Martin 1903 OF
Martin, MorrieMorrie Martin 1956 P
Martin, SpeedSpeed Martin 1917 P
Martinez, ChitoChito Martinez 1991-1993 OF
Martinez, DennisDennis Martinez 1976-1986 P
Martinez, TippyTippy Martinez 1976-1986 P
Matchick, TomTom Matchick 1972 SS
Mathews, TerryTerry Mathews 1996-1998 P
Matos, LuisLuis Matos 2000-2006 OF
Matthews, Jr., GaryGary Matthews, Jr. 2002-2003 OF
Maxwell, CharlieCharlie Maxwell 1955 OF
May, DaveDave May 1967-1970 OF
May, DerrickDerrick May 1999-2000 OF
May, LeeLee May 1975-1980 1B
May, RudyRudy May 1976-1977 P
Mayer, WallyWally Mayer 1919 C
Mazzera, MelMel Mazzera 1935-1939 OF
McAfee, BillBill McAfee 1934 P
McAleer, JimmyJimmy McAleer 1902-1907 OF
McAleese, JackJack McAleese 1909 OF
McAllester, BillBill McAllester 1913 C
McBride, GeorgeGeorge McBride 1901 SS
McCabe, TimTim McCabe 1915-1918 P
McCarthy, JerryJerry McCarthy 1948 1B
McCormick, BarryBarry McCormick 1902-1903 3B
McCormick, MikeMike McCormick 1963-1964 P
McCorry, BillBill McCorry 1909 P
McCrory, BobBob McCrory 2008 P
McDonald, BenBen McDonald 1989-1995 P
McDonald, DarnellDarnell McDonald 2004 OF
McDonald, HankHank McDonald 1933 P
McDonald, JimJim McDonald 1951,1955 P
McDonald, JoeJoe McDonald 1910 3B
McDowell, RogerRoger McDowell 1996 P
McElroy, ChuckChuck McElroy 1999-2001 P
McGehee, KevinKevin McGehee 1993 P
McGill, BillBill McGill 1907 P
McGowan, BeautyBeauty McGowan 1928-1929 OF
McGregor, ScottScott McGregor 1976-1988 P
McGuire, MickeyMickey McGuire 1962-1967 SS
McGuire, RyanRyan McGuire 2002 1B
McKain, ArchieArchie McKain 1941-1943 P
McKay, ReeveReeve McKay 1915 P
McKnight, JeffJeff McKnight 1990-1991 1B
McLaughlin, JimJim McLaughlin 1932 3B
McLemore, MarkMark McLemore 1992-1994 2B
McManus, MartyMarty McManus 1920-1926 2B
McMillan, NormNorm McMillan 1924 3B
McNally, DaveDave McNally 1962-1974 P
McNeely, EarlEarl McNeely 1928-1931 OF
McQuillen, GlennGlenn McQuillen 1938-1947 OF
McQuinn, GeorgeGeorge McQuinn 1938-1945 1B
Medlinger, IrvIrv Medlinger 1949-1951 P
Mee, TommyTommy Mee 1910 SS
Meine, HeinieHeinie Meine 1922 P
Meinert, WaltWalt Meinert 1913 OF
Mele, SamSam Mele 1954 OF
Melendez, FranciscoFrancisco Melendez 1989 1B
Melillo, SkiSki Melillo 1926-1935 2B
Meloan, PaulPaul Meloan 1911 OF
Melvin, BobBob Melvin 1989-1991 C
Meola, MikeMike Meola 1936 P
Mercedes, JoséJosé Mercedes 2000-2001 P
Mercedes, LuisLuis Mercedes 1991-1993 OF
Mercker, KentKent Mercker 1996 P
Mesa, JoseJose Mesa 1987,1990-1992 P
Messenger, BobbyBobby Messenger 1914 OF
Metzler, AlexAlex Metzler 1930 OF
Michaels, CassCass Michaels 1952 2B
Mickelson, EdEd Mickelson 1953 1B
Miksis, EddieEddie Miksis 1957-1958 2B
Milacki, BobBob Milacki 1988-1992 P
Milchin, MikeMike Milchin 1996 P
Millar, KevinKevin Millar 2006-2008 1B/DH
Miller, BillBill Miller 1937 P
Miller, BillBill Miller 1955 P
Miller, BingBing Miller 1926-1927 OF
Miller, CharlieCharlie Miller 1912 SS
Miller, DyarDyar Miller 1975-1977 P
Miller, EdEd Miller 1912-1914 1B
Miller, JohnJohn Miller 1962-1967 P
Miller, OttoOtto Miller 1927 3B
Miller, OxOx Miller 1943,1945-1946 P
Miller, RandyRandy Miller 1977 P
Miller, StuStu Miller 1963-1967 P
Miller, WardWard Miller 1916-1917 OF
Milligan, RandyRandy Milligan 1989-1992 1B
Mills, AlanAlan Mills 1992-1998,2000-2001 P
Mills, BusterBuster Mills 1938 OF
Mills, LeftyLefty Mills 1934-1940 P
Milnar, AlAl Milnar 1943,1946 P
Minor, RyanRyan Minor 1998-2000 3B
Mirabella, PaulPaul Mirabella 1983 P
Miranda, WillyWilly Miranda 1952-1953,1955-1959 SS
Mitchell, JohnJohn Mitchell 1990 P
Mitchell, PaulPaul Mitchell 1975 P
Mitchell, RoyRoy Mitchell 1910-1914 P
Mizeur, BillBill Mizeur 1923-1924 ?
Moeller, ChadChad Moeller 2009 C
Moeller, RonRon Moeller 1956-1958 P
Mogridge, GeorgeGeorge Mogridge 1925 P
Molina, GabeGabe Molina 1999-2000 P
Molina, GustavoGustavo Molina 2007 C
Molina, IzzyIzzy Molina 2002 C
Molinaro, BobBob Molinaro 1979 OF
Molyneaux, VinceVince Molyneaux 1917 P
Moore, GeneGene Moore 1944-1945 OF
Moore, RayRay Moore 1955-1957 P
Moore, ScrappyScrappy Moore 1917 3B
Mora, AndresAndres Mora 1976-1978 OF
Mora, MelvinMelvin Mora 2000-2008 3B
Morales, JoseJose Morales 1981-1982 DH
Morales, WillieWillie Morales 2000 C
Moran, CharlesCharles Moran 1904-1905 SS
Morban, JoseJose Morban 2003 SS
Moreland, KeithKeith Moreland 1989 OF
Moreno, VictorVictor Moreno 2007 P
Morgan, CyCy Morgan 1903-1905,1907 P
Morgan, MikeMike Morgan 1988 P
Moriarty, MikeMike Moriarty 2002,2005 SS
Morogiello, DanDan Morogiello 1983 P
Morris, BugsBugs Morris 1918,1921 P
Morris, JohnJohn Morris 1968 P
Moser, WalterWalter Moser 1911 P
Moss, DamianDamian Moss 2003 P
Moss, LesLes Moss 1946-1955 C
Mottola, ChadChad Mottola 2004 OF
Motton, CurtCurt Motton 1967-1971,1973-1974 OF
Moulder, GlenGlen Moulder 1947 P
Moulton, AllieAllie Moulton 1911 2B
Mouton, LyleLyle Mouton 1998 OF
Moyer, JamieJamie Moyer 1992-1995 P
Mueller, HeinieHeinie Mueller 1935 OF
Mullen, BillyBilly Mullen 1920-1921,1928 3B
Muncrief, BobBob Muncrief 1937-1947 P
Munoz, BobbyBobby Munoz 1998 P
Murray, EdEd Murray 1917 SS
Murray, EddieEddie Murray 1977-1988,1996 1B
Murray, JimJim Murray 1911 OF
Murray, RayRay Murray 1954 C
Muser, TonyTony Muser 1975-1977 1B
Mussina, MikeMike Mussina 1991-2000 P
Myers, GregGreg Myers 2000-2001 C
Myers, HapHap Myers 1911 1B
Myers, JimmyJimmy Myers 1996 P
Myers, RandyRandy Myers 1996-1997 P
Napier, BuddyBuddy Napier 1912 P
Naples, AlAl Naples 1949 SS
Narum, BusterBuster Narum 1963 P
Neighbors, BobBob Neighbors 1939 SS
Nelson, RedRed Nelson 1910-1912 P
Nelson, RogerRoger Nelson 1968 P
Nelson, TexTex Nelson 1955-1957 OF
Neu, OttoOtto Neu 1917 SS
Nevers, ErnieErnie Nevers 1926-1928 P
Newhan, DavidDavid Newhan 2004-2006 OF
Newlin, MauryMaury Newlin 1940-1941 P
Newnam, PatrickPatrick Newnam 1910-1911 1B
Newsom, BoboBobo Newsom 1934-1935,1938-1939,1943 P
Nichols, CarlCarl Nichols 1986-1988 C
Nicholson, DaveDave Nicholson 1960-1962 OF
Niedenfuer, TomTom Niedenfuer 1987-1988 P
Nieman, BobBob Nieman 1951-1952,1956-1959 OF
Niggeling, JohnnyJohnny Niggeling 1940-1943 P
Niles, HarryHarry Niles 1906-1907 OF
Nivar, RamonRamon Nivar 2005 OF
Nixon, DonellDonell Nixon 1990 OF
Nokes, MattMatt Nokes 1995 C
Nolan, JoeJoe Nolan 1982-1985 C
Noles, DickieDickie Noles 1988 P
Nordbrook, TimTim Nordbrook 1974-1976 SS
Nordyke, LouLou Nordyke 1906 1B
Northen, HubHub Northen 1910 OF
Northrup, JimJim Northrup 1974-1975 OF
Nunamaker, LesLes Nunamaker 1918 C
O'Brien, GeorgeGeorge O'Brien 1915 C
O'Brien, PetePete O'Brien 1906 2B
O'Connor, JackJack O'Connor 1987 P
O'Connor, JackJack O'Connor 1904-1910 C
O'Dell, BillyBilly O'Dell 1954-1959 P
O'Donoghue, JohnJohn O'Donoghue 1968 P
O'Donoghue, JohnJohn O'Donoghue 1993 P
O'Leary, CharleyCharley O'Leary 1934 SS
O'Malley, TomTom O'Malley 1985-1986 3B
O'Neill, SteveSteve O'Neill 1927-1928 C
O'Rourke, FrankFrank O'Rourke 1927-1931 3B
Oates, JohnnyJohnny Oates 1970-1972 C
Obando, ShermanSherman Obando 1993,1995-1996 OF
Oertel, ChuckChuck Oertel 1958 OF
Ogden, JackJack Ogden 1928-1929 P
Oliver, BobBob Oliver 1974 1B
Olson, GarrettGarrett Olson 2007-2008 P
Olson, GreggGregg Olson 1988-1993 P
Oquist, MikeMike Oquist 1993-1995 P
Orosco, JesseJesse Orosco 1995-1999 P
Orsino, JohnJohn Orsino 1963-1965 C
Orsulak, JoeJoe Orsulak 1988-1992 OF
Ortiz, RussRuss Ortiz 2006 P
Osik, KeithKeith Osik 2004 C
Ostermueller, FritzFritz Ostermueller 1941-1943 P
Ostrowski, JoeJoe Ostrowski 1948-1950 P
Otanez, WillisWillis Otanez 1998-1999 3B
Otero, RickyRicky Otero 1999 OF
Overmire, StubbyStubby Overmire 1950-1952 P
Pacella, JohnJohn Pacella 1984 P
Pack, FrankieFrankie Pack 1949 ?
Padden, DickDick Padden 1902-1905 2B
Pagan, DaveDave Pagan 1976 P
Pagliarulo, MikeMike Pagliarulo 1993 3B
Paige, SatchelSatchel Paige 1951-1953 P
Palica, ErvErv Palica 1955-1956 P
Palmeiro, RafaelRafael Palmeiro 1994-1998,2004-2005 1B
Palmer, JimJim Palmer 1965-1984 P
Palmero, EmilioEmilio Palmero 1921 P
Papa, JohnJohn Papa 1961-1962 P
Papai, AlAl Papai 1949 P
Pappas, MiltMilt Pappas 1957-1965 P
Paradis, MikeMike Paradis 2003 P
Pardo, AlAl Pardo 1985-1986 C
Parent, MarkMark Parent 1992-1993,1996 C
Paris, KellyKelly Paris 1985-1986 3B
Park, JimJim Park 1915-1917 P
Parker, PatPat Parker 1915 OF
Paronto, ChadChad Paronto 2001 P
Parrish, JohnJohn Parrish 2000-2001,2003-2007 P
Parrott, MikeMike Parrott 1977 P
Partee, RoyRoy Partee 1948 C
Patterson, CoreyCorey Patterson 2006-2007 OF
Patterson, HamHam Patterson 1909 1B
Patton, TomTom Patton 1957 C
Patton, TroyTroy Patton 2008 P
Paulette, GeneGene Paulette 1916-1917 1B
Payton, JayJay Payton 2007-2008 OF
Pearson, AlbieAlbie Pearson 1959-1960 OF
Pellagrini, EddieEddie Pellagrini 1948-1949 SS
Pelty, BarneyBarney Pelty 1903-1912 P
Pena, OrlandoOrlando Pena 1971-1973 P
Penn, HaydenHayden Penn 2005-2008 P
Pennington, BradBrad Pennington 1993-1995 P
Pennington, KewpieKewpie Pennington 1917 P
Pepper, RayRay Pepper 1934-1936 OF
Peraza, OswaldoOswaldo Peraza 1988 P
Perez, YorkisYorkis Perez 2002 P
Perry, ScottScott Perry 1915 P
Perryman, ParsonParson Perryman 1915 P
Peters, RustyRusty Peters 1947 2B
Peterson, BuddyBuddy Peterson 1957 SS
Peterson, SidSid Peterson 1943 P
Pfeffer, JeffJeff Pfeffer 1911 P
Philley, DaveDave Philley 1955-1956,1960-1961 OF
Phillips, TomTom Phillips 1915 P
Phoebus, TomTom Phoebus 1966-1970 P
Pickering, CalvinCalvin Pickering 1998-1999 DH
Pickering, OllieOllie Pickering 1907 OF
Pie, FelixFelix Pie 2009- OF
Pilarcik, AlAl Pilarcik 1957-1960 OF
Pillette, DuaneDuane Pillette 1950-1955 P
Piniella, LouLou Piniella 1964 OF
Pisoni, JimJim Pisoni 1953 OF
Plank, EddieEddie Plank 1916-1917 P
Platt, WhiteyWhitey Platt 1948-1949 OF
Polli, LouLou Polli 1932 P
Polonia, LuisLuis Polonia 1996 OF
Ponson, SidneySidney Ponson 1998-2005 P
Poole, JimJim Poole 1991-1994 P
Pope, DaveDave Pope 1955-1956 OF
Porter, JayJay Porter 1952 C
Portocarrero, ArnieArnie Portocarrero 1958-1960 P
Poser, BobBob Poser 1935 P
Potter, NelsNels Potter 1943-1948 P
Powell, BoogBoog Powell 1961-1974 1B
Powell, JackJack Powell 1902-1903,1905-1912 P
Powell, JackJack Powell 1913 P
Powers, JohnJohn Powers 1960 OF
Powis, CarlCarl Powis 1957 OF
Pratt, DelDel Pratt 1912-1917 2B
Price, JoeJoe Price 1990 P
Priddy, JerryJerry Priddy 1948-1949 2B
Pruess, EarlEarl Pruess 1920 OF
Pruett, HubHub Pruett 1922-1924 P
Puccinelli, GeorgeGeorge Puccinelli 1934 OF
Pyburn, JimJim Pyburn 1955-1957 OF
Pyle, EwaldEwald Pyle 1939-1942 P
Quirk, ArtArt Quirk 1962 P
Quirk, JamieJamie Quirk 1989 C
Quiroz, GuillermoGuillermo Quiroz 2008 C
Radcliff, RipRip Radcliff 1940-1941 OF
Raines, TimTim Raines 2001,2002-2004 OF
Rakers, AaronAaron Rakers 2004-2005 P
Ramirez, AllanAllan Ramirez 1983 P
Raney, RibsRibs Raney 1949-1950 P
Rapp, EarlEarl Rapp 1951-1952 OF
Rapp, PatPat Rapp 2000 P
Ray, ChrisChris Ray 2005-2008 P
Ray, FarmerFarmer Ray 1910 P
Rayford, FloydFloyd Rayford 1980-1982,1984-1987 3B
Reboulet, JeffJeff Reboulet 1997-1999 2B
Redman, TikeTike Redman 2007 OF
Reed, SteveSteve Reed 2005 P
Rego, TonyTony Rego 1924-1925 C
Reidy, BillBill Reidy 1901-1903 P
Reinbach, MikeMike Reinbach 1974 DH
Remneas, AlexAlex Remneas 1915 P
Rettenmund, MervMerv Rettenmund 1968-1973 OF
Reyes, AlAl Reyes 1999-2000 P
Reynolds, BobBob Reynolds 1972-1975 P
Reynolds, CarlCarl Reynolds 1933 OF
Reynolds, HaroldHarold Reynolds 1993 2B
Rhodes, ArthurArthur Rhodes 1991-1999 P
Rice, DelDel Rice 1960 C
Rice, HarryHarry Rice 1923-1927 OF
Richard, ChrisChris Richard 2000-2002 OF
Richardson, TomTom Richardson 1917 ?
Richert, PetePete Richert 1967-1971 P
Richmond, RayRay Richmond 1920-1921 P
Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey 1905-1906,1914 C
Riley, JimJim Riley 1921 2B
Riley, MattMatt Riley 1999,2003-2004 P
Rineer, JeffJeff Rineer 1979 P
Ripken, BillyBilly Ripken 1987-1992,1996 2B
Ripken, CalCal Ripken 1981-2001 SS
Rivera, JimJim Rivera 1952 OF
Rivera, LuisLuis Rivera 2000 P
Rleal, SendySendy Rleal 2006-2007 P
Roberts, BrianBrian Roberts 2001-2008 2B
Roberts, RobinRobin Roberts 1962-1965 P
Roberts, WillisWillis Roberts 2001-2003 P
Robertson, CharlieCharlie Robertson 1926 P
Robertson, GeneGene Robertson 1919-1926 3B
Robinson, BrooksBrooks Robinson 1955-1977 3B
Robinson, EarlEarl Robinson 1961-1964 OF
Robinson, EddieEddie Robinson 1957 1B
Robinson, FrankFrank Robinson 1966-1971 OF
Robinson, JeffJeff Robinson 1991 P
Robles, SergioSergio Robles 1972-1973 C
Rockenfield, IkeIke Rockenfield 1905-1906 2B
Rodriguez, AurelioAurelio Rodriguez 1983 3B
Rodriguez, EddyEddy Rodriguez 2004,2006 P
Rodriguez, NerioNerio Rodriguez 1996-1998 P
Rodriguez, VicVic Rodriguez 1984 2B
Roenicke, GaryGary Roenicke 1978-1985 OF
Roetz, EdEd Roetz 1929 SS
Rogers, EdEd Rogers 2002,2005-2006 SS
Rogers, TomTom Rogers 1917-1919 P
Rogovin, SaulSaul Rogovin 1955 P
Rojek, StanStan Rojek 1952 SS
Root, CharlieCharlie Root 1923 P
Rosario, MelMel Rosario 1997 C
Rose, ChuckChuck Rose 1909 P
Rossman, ClaudeClaude Rossman 1909 1B
Roth, FrankFrank Roth 1905 C
Rowan, DaveDave Rowan 1911 1B
Rowdon, WadeWade Rowdon 1988 3B
Rowe, KenKen Rowe 1964-1965 P
Royster, WillieWillie Royster 1981 C
Roznovsky, VicVic Roznovsky 1966-1967 C
Rudolph, KenKen Rudolph 1977 C
Ruel, MuddyMuddy Ruel 1915,1933 C
Rumler, WilliamWilliam Rumler 1914-1917 C
Ryan, B.J.B.J. Ryan 1999-2005 P
Sabo, ChrisChris Sabo 1994 3B
Sackinsky, BrianBrian Sackinsky 1996 P
Sakata, LennLenn Sakata 1980-1985 2B
Salmon, ChicoChico Salmon 1969-1972 2B
Sanchez, OrlandoOrlando Sanchez 1984 C
Sanders, DeeDee Sanders 1945 P
Sanders, RoyRoy Sanders 1920 P
Sanford, FredFred Sanford 1943-1948,1951 P
Sarfate, DennisDennis Sarfate 2008 P
Saucier, FrankFrank Saucier 1951 OF
Savage, BobBob Savage 1949 P
Saverine, BobBob Saverine 1959-1964 2B
Sax, OllieOllie Sax 1928 3B
Scarsone, SteveSteve Scarsone 1992 2B
Schacht, SidSid Schacht 1950-1951 P
Schallock, ArtArt Schallock 1955 P
Schang, WallyWally Schang 1926-1929 C
Scharein, ArtArt Scharein 1932-1934 3B
Scheneberg, JohnJohn Scheneberg 1920 P
Schepner, JoeJoe Schepner 1919 3B
Scherrer, BillBill Scherrer 1988 P
Schilling, CurtCurt Schilling 1988-1991 P
Schirick, DutchDutch Schirick 1914 ?
Schliebner, DutchDutch Schliebner 1923 1B
Schmandt, RayRay Schmandt 1915 1B
Schmees, GeorgeGeorge Schmees 1952 OF
Schmidt, DaveDave Schmidt 1987-1989 P
Schmidt, PetePete Schmidt 1913 P
Schmitz, JohnnyJohnny Schmitz 1956 P
Schmulbach, HankHank Schmulbach 1943 ?
Schneider, JeffJeff Schneider 1981 P
Schu, RickRick Schu 1988-1989 3B
Schulte, FredFred Schulte 1927-1932 OF
Schulte, JohnnyJohnny Schulte 1923,1932 C
Schulte, LenLen Schulte 1944-1946 3B
Schultz, JoeJoe Schultz 1943-1948 C
Schwamb, BlackieBlackie Schwamb 1948 P
Schweitzer, AlAl Schweitzer 1908-1911 OF
Schwenk, HalHal Schwenk 1913 P
Scott, LukeLuke Scott 2008 OF
Scott, MickeyMickey Scott 1972-1973 P
Sears, KenKen Sears 1946 C
Segrist, KalKal Segrist 1955 2B
Segui, DavidDavid Segui 1990-1993,2001-2004 1B
Severeid, HankHank Severeid 1915-1925 C
Severinsen, AlAl Severinsen 1969 P
Sewell, LukeLuke Sewell 1942 C
Shanley, DocDoc Shanley 1912 SS
Shannon, OwenOwen Shannon 1903 C
Shea, MervMerv Shea 1933 C
Sheets, LarryLarry Sheets 1984-1989 DH
Shelby, JohnJohn Shelby 1981-1987 OF
Shepherd, KeithKeith Shepherd 1996 P
Sherrill, GeorgeGeorge Sherrill 2008 P
Shetrone, BarryBarry Shetrone 1959-1962 OF
Shields, CharlieCharlie Shields 1902 P
Shields, TommyTommy Shields 1992 2B
Shirley, TexTex Shirley 1944-1946 P
Shocker, UrbanUrban Shocker 1918-1924 P
Shopay, TomTom Shopay 1971-1977 OF
Shore, RayRay Shore 1946-1949 P
Short, BillBill Short 1962,1966 P
Shorten, ChickChick Shorten 1922 OF
Shotton, BurtBurt Shotton 1909-1917 OF
Shovlin, JohnJohn Shovlin 1919-1920 2B
Shuey, PaulPaul Shuey 2007 P
Siebern, NormNorm Siebern 1964-1965 1B
Siever, EdEd Siever 1903-1904 P
Sievers, RoyRoy Sievers 1949-1953 1B
Silber, EddieEddie Silber 1937-1939 OF
Simmons, NelsonNelson Simmons 1987 OF
Simón, AlfredoAlfredo Simón 2009- P
Simon, SylSyl Simon 1923-1924 3B
Sims, PetePete Sims 1915 P
Singleton, ChrisChris Singleton 2002 OF
Singleton, KenKen Singleton 1975-1984 OF
Sisk, DougDoug Sisk 1988 P
Sisler, GeorgeGeorge Sisler 1915-1927 1B
Skaggs, DaveDave Skaggs 1977-1980 C
Sleater, LouLou Sleater 1950-1952, 1958 P
Sloan, TodTod Sloan 1913-1919 OF
Slocumb, HeathcliffHeathcliff Slocumb 1998-1999 P
Smith, AlAl Smith 1963 OF
Smith, BillyBilly Smith 1977-1979 2B
Smith, DwightDwight Smith 1994 OF
Smith, EarlEarl Smith 1917-1921 OF
Smith, EdEd Smith 1906 P
Smith, HalHal Smith 1955-1956 C
Smith, LeeLee Smith 1994 P
Smith, LonnieLonnie Smith 1993-1994 OF
Smith, MarkMark Smith 1994-1996 OF
Smith, MikeMike Smith 1989-1990 P
Smith, NateNate Smith 1962 C
Smith, PetePete Smith 1998 P
Smith, RoyRoy Smith 1991 P
Smith, SydSyd Smith 1908 C
Smith, WibWib Smith 1909 C
Smoyer, HenryHenry Smoyer 1912 SS
Snell, CharlieCharlie Snell 1912 C
Snell, NateNate Snell 1984-1986 P
Snyder, RussRuss Snyder 1961-1967 OF
Solters, MooseMoose Solters 1935-1936, 1939 OF
Sommers, BillBill Sommers 1950 3B
Sosa, SammySammy Sosa 2005 OF
Sothoron, AllenAllen Sothoron 1914-1921 P
Southwick, ClydeClyde Southwick 1911 C
Spade, BobBob Spade 1910 P
Sparks, TullyTully Sparks 1901 P
Spence, StanStan Spence 1949 OF
Spencer, HackHack Spencer 1912 P
Spencer, TubbyTubby Spencer 1905-1908 C
Speraw, PaulPaul Speraw 1920 3B
Spindel, HalHal Spindel 1939 C
Springer, BradBrad Springer 1925 P
Spurgeon, JayJay Spurgeon 1997-2002 P
Stanhouse, DonDon Stanhouse 1978-1979,1982 P
Stanicek, PetePete Stanicek 1987-1988 OF
Stanton, BuckBuck Stanton 1931 OF
Starr, CharlieCharlie Starr 1905 2B
Starr, DickDick Starr 1949-1951 P
Starrette, HermanHerman Starrette 1963-1965 P
Stauffer, EdEd Stauffer 1925 P
Stefero, JohnJohn Stefero 1983-1986 C
Stephens, BryanBryan Stephens 1948 P
Stephens, GeneGene Stephens 1960-1961 OF
Stephens, JimJim Stephens 1907-1912 C
Stephens, JohnJohn Stephens 2002,2005-2006 P
Stephens, VernVern Stephens 1941-1947,1953-1955 SS
Stephenson, EarlEarl Stephenson 1977-1978 P
Stephenson, GarrettGarrett Stephenson 1996 P
Stern, AdamAdam Stern 2007 OF
Stevens, ChuckChuck Stevens 1941-1948 1B
Stewart, LeftyLefty Stewart 1927-1932 P
Stewart, SammySammy Stewart 1978-1985 P
Stiely, FredFred Stiely 1929-1931 P
Stiles, RollieRollie Stiles 1930-1933 P
Stillman, RoyleRoyle Stillman 1975-1976 OF
Stirnweiss, SnuffySnuffy Stirnweiss 1950 2B
Stock, WesWes Stock 1959-1964 P
Stoddard, TimTim Stoddard 1978-1983 P
Stone, DeanDean Stone 1963 P
Stone, DwightDwight Stone 1913 P
Stone, GeorgeGeorge Stone 1905-1910 OF
Stone, JeffJeff Stone 1988 OF
Stone, SteveSteve Stone 1979-1981 P
Storti, LinLin Storti 1930-1933 3B
Stovall, GeorgeGeorge Stovall 1912-1913 1B
Strange, AlanAlan Strange 1934-1935,1940-1942 SS
Strelecki, EdEd Strelecki 1928-1929 P
Stremmel, PhilPhil Stremmel 1909-1910 P
Strickland, BillBill Strickland 1937 P
Stuart, LukeLuke Stuart 1921 2B
Stuart, MarlinMarlin Stuart 1952-1954 P
Sturdy, GuyGuy Sturdy 1927-1928 1B
Suchecki, JimJim Suchecki 1951 P
Sudhoff, WillieWillie Sudhoff 1902-1905 P
Sugden, JoeJoe Sugden 1902-1905 C
Sullivan, BillyBilly Sullivan 1938-1939 C
Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan 1949 SS
Sundin, GordieGordie Sundin 1956 P
Sundra, SteveSteve Sundra 1942-1946 P
Surhoff, B.J.B.J. Surhoff 1996-2000,2003-2005 OF
Susce, GeorgeGeorge Susce 1940 C
Sutcliffe, RickRick Sutcliffe 1992-1993 P
Swaggerty, BillBill Swaggerty 1983-1986 P
Swander, PinkyPinky Swander 1903-1904 OF
Swartz, BudBud Swartz 1947 P
Swift, BobBob Swift 1940-1942 C
Tackett, JeffJeff Tackett 1991-1994 C
Tamulis, VitoVito Tamulis 1938 P
Tarasco, TonyTony Tarasco 1996-1997 OF
Tasby, WillieWillie Tasby 1958-1960 OF
Tatis, FernandoFernando Tatis 2006 3B
Tavarez, JesusJesus Tavarez 1998 OF
Taylor, BenBen Taylor 1951 1B
Taylor, DornDorn Taylor 1990 P
Taylor, JoeJoe Taylor 1958-1959 OF
Taylor, PetePete Taylor 1952 P
Taylor, WileyWiley Taylor 1913-1914 P
Tejada, MiguelMiguel Tejada 2004-2007 SS
Telford, AnthonyAnthony Telford 1990-1991,1993 P
Temple, JohnnyJohnny Temple 1962 2B
Tennant, TomTom Tennant 1912 ?
Terrero, LuisLuis Terrero 2006 OF
Terry, JohnJohn Terry 1903 P
Tettleton, MickeyMickey Tettleton 1988-1990 C
Thomas, BudBud Thomas 1951 SS
Thomas, FayFay Thomas 1935 P
Thomas, LeoLeo Thomas 1950,1952 3B
Thomas, TommyTommy Thomas 1936-1937 P
Thomas, ValmyValmy Thomas 1960 C
Thompson, FrankFrank Thompson 1920 3B
Thompson, HankHank Thompson 1947 3B
Thompson, TommyTommy Thompson 1939 OF
Thomson, BobbyBobby Thomson 1960 OF
Throneberry, MarvMarv Throneberry 1961-1962 1B
Thurmond, MarkMark Thurmond 1988-1989 P
Thurston, SloppySloppy Thurston 1923 P
Tibbs, JayJay Tibbs 1988-1990 P
Tietje, LesLes Tietje 1936-1938 P
Tillman, JohnnyJohnny Tillman 1915 P
Timlin, MikeMike Timlin 1998-2000 P
Tobin, JackJack Tobin 1916-1925 OF
Tomer, GeorgeGeorge Tomer 1913 ?
Torres, EiderEider Torres 2008 2B
Torrez, MikeMike Torrez 1975 P
Towers, JoshJosh Towers 2001-2002 P
Traber, JimJim Traber 1984-1989 1B
Trachsel, SteveSteve Trachsel 2007-2008 P
Triandos, GusGus Triandos 1955-1962 C
Trombley, MikeMike Trombley 1999-2001 P
Trotter, BillBill Trotter 1937-1942 P
Trout, DizzyDizzy Trout 1957 P
Trucks, VirgilVirgil Trucks 1953 P
Truesdale, FrankFrank Truesdale 1910-1911 2B
Turley, BobBob Turley 1951-1954 P
Turner, ShaneShane Turner 1991 3B
Turner, TomTom Turner 1944 C
Underwood, TomTom Underwood 1984 P
Uehara, KojiKoji Uehara 2009 P
Upright, DixieDixie Upright 1953 ?
Upton, TomTom Upton 1950-1951 SS
Vahrenhorst, HarryHarry Vahrenhorst 1904 ?
Valentine, FredFred Valentine 1959-1963,1968 OF
Valenzuela, FernandoFernando Valenzuela 1993 P
Van Atta, RussRuss Van Atta 1935-1939 P
Van Gorder, DaveDave Van Gorder 1987 C
Van Slyke, AndyAndy Van Slyke 1995 OF
Van Zandt, IkeIke Van Zandt 1905 OF
Vangilder, ElamElam Vangilder 1919-1927 P
Vineyard, DaveDave Vineyard 1964 P
Virgil, OzzieOzzie Virgil 1962 3B
Voigt, JackJack Voigt 1992-1995 OF
Voigt, OllieOllie Voigt 1924 P
Vosmik, JoeJoe Vosmik 1937 OF
Waddell, RubeRube Waddell 1908-1910 P
Waddey, FrankFrank Waddey 1931 OF
Wade, JakeJake Wade 1939 P
Wahl, KermitKermit Wahl 1951 3B
Waitkus, EddieEddie Waitkus 1954-1955 1B
Walden, FredFred Walden 1912 C
Waldron, IrvIrv Waldron 1901 OF
Walker, ErnieErnie Walker 1913-1915 OF
Walker, GregGreg Walker 1990 1B
Walker, JamieJamie Walker 2007-2008 P
Walker, JerryJerry Walker 1957-1960 P
Walker, TillyTilly Walker 1913-1915 OF
Walkup, JimJim Walkup 1934-1939 P
Wallace, BobbyBobby Wallace 1902-1916 SS
Walsh, DeeDee Walsh 1913-1915 OF
Walton, JeromeJerome Walton 1997 OF
Ward, PetePete Ward 1962 3B
Wares, BuzzyBuzzy Wares 1913-1914 SS
Warnock, HalHal Warnock 1935 OF
Warwick, CarlCarl Warwick 1965 OF
Wasdin, JohnJohn Wasdin 2001 P
Washington, RonRon Washington 1987 SS
Watt, EddieEddie Watt 1966-1973 P
Weaver, ArtArt Weaver 1905 C
Weaver, JimJim Weaver 1934, 1938 P
Webster, LennyLenny Webster 1997-1999 C
Weiland, BobBob Weiland 1935 P
Weilman, CarlCarl Weilman 1912-1920 P
Welchel, DonDon Welchel 1982-1983 P
Wells, DavidDavid Wells 1996 P
Wells, EdEd Wells 1933-1934 P
Werley, GeorgeGeorge Werley 1956 P
Wertz, VicVic Wertz 1952-1954 OF
West, LeftyLefty West 1944-1945 P
West, SamSam West 1933-1938 OF
Westlake, WallyWally Westlake 1955 OF
Weston, MickeyMickey Weston 1989-1990 P
Wetzel, DutchDutch Wetzel 1920-1921 OF
Whaley, BillBill Whaley 1923 OF
White, FuzzFuzz White 1940 OF
White, HalHal White 1953 P
Whitehead, JohnJohn Whitehead 1939-1942 P
Whiteside, EliEli Whiteside 2005-2007 C
Whitt, ErnieErnie Whitt 1991 C
Widger, ChrisChris Widger 2006 C
Widmar, AlAl Widmar 1948-1951 P
Wiggins, AlanAlan Wiggins 1985-1987 2B
Wigginton, TyTy Wigginton 2009- DH
Wight, BillBill Wight 1955-1957 P
Wilhelm, HoytHoyt Wilhelm 1958-1962 P
Williams, BrianBrian Williams 1997 P
Williams, DallasDallas Williams 1981 OF
Williams, DickDick Williams 1956-1958,1961-1962 OF
Williams, EarlEarl Williams 1973-1974 C
Williams, GusGus Williams 1911-1915 OF
Williams, JimmyJimmy Williams 1908-1909 2B
Williams, KenKen Williams 1918-1927 OF
Williams, ToddTodd Williams 2004-2007 P
Williamson, MarkMark Williamson 1987-1994 P
Williamson, ScottScott Williamson 2007 P
Willis, JoeJoe Willis 1911 P
Wilson, FrankFrank Wilson 1928 OF
Wilson, JimJim Wilson 1948,1955-1956 P
Wiltse, HalHal Wiltse 1928 P
Winegarner, RalphRalph Winegarner 1949 P
Wingard, ErnieErnie Wingard 1924-1927 P
Witte, JerryJerry Witte 1946-1947 1B
Wood, KenKen Wood 1948-1951 OF
Woodling, GeneGene Woodling 1955,1958-1960 OF
Worrell, TimTim Worrell 2000 P
Worthington, CraigCraig Worthington 1988-1991 3B
Wright, GeneGene Wright 1903-1904 P
Wright, JaretJaret Wright 2007 P
Wright, JimJim Wright 1927-1928 P
Wright, RastyRasty Wright 1917-1923 P
Wright, TomTom Wright 1952 OF
Yan, EstebanEsteban Yan 1996-1997 P
Yeager, JoeJoe Yeager 1907-1908 3B
Young, BobbyBobby Young 1951-1955 2B
Young, MikeMike Young 1982-1987 OF
Young, RussRuss Young 1931 C
Young, WalterWalter Young 2005 1B
Zachary, TomTom Zachary 1926-1927 P
Zarilla, AlAl Zarilla 1943-1949,1952 OF
Zaun, GreggGregg Zaun 1995-1996 C
Zeile, ToddTodd Zeile 1996 3B
Zoldak, SamSam Zoldak 1944-1948 P
Zupo, FrankFrank Zupo 1957-1961 C
Zuverink, GeorgeGeorge Zuverink 1955-1959 P


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