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Baman Piderman, also titled Baman & Piderman, is a popular series of internet Flash cartoons by Alex Butera and Lindsay Small. It has also appeared on the popular G4 TV show, Attack of the Show.

The main characters



A scene from the show.‎

The cartoon, which is animated in a style similar to squigglevision, follows the lives of Baman, Piderman and several others who inhabit a white, empty landscape. The characters' adventures are often surreal, and the humor depicted in the show has drawn both criticism and admiration.[citation needed]


Main characters

Baman – A rubbery being based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. He seems to be the more intelligent of the two, and usually offers suggestions on what activity they should be doing. Baman works for a large yellow creature that he refers to as his boss. He also lives in a small, boxlike house and appears to be able to drive it with a ship's wheel. Sometimes his legs, or entire waist dislocates from his body. This could be an error, or purposefully done.

Piderman – A lazy, slightly overweight being based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. Piderman also appears to possess the same abilities as Spider-Man, such as walking on walls and the ability to shoot webs out of his wrists, which he often uses for unnecessary purposes, such as grabbing small objects or dragging himself along the ground instead of walking. He lives in the larger of the two houses, which usually serves as the setting of the shows. Since the episode "Make Da Cards" Piderman's door is shattered when Baman came inside in the episode.

Supporting characters

Tuba – A semi-sentient tuba that first appeared in "Make Da Band"[1] and has appeared in every episode since. She communicates by making tuba sounds. She moves by dragging herself along the ground, and drinks "Peabnut Bubber" as medicine. The latest episode seems to in fact suggest that Baman and Tuba are domestic partners.

Though she first appeared in Piderman's house, she now seems to live with Baman.

Pumkin – A pumpkin that debuted in the episode "Hab Da Pumkin"[2] and has been a major supporting character since. Like Tuba, He appears to possess some level of sentience, and can be seen moving around on its own several times and operating a phone. Pumkin also has the ability to function as some sort of video game console, but the extent of this role is unclear. He is eventually carved by the inhabitants of Piderman's basement, and screams frequently to express his displeasure. This also causes him to rot. As of "Happy Winter Friends Part 2", Pumkin is restored and is given a humanoid body.

Similar to Tuba, he was first seen with Baman, but now lives with Piderman permanently.

The Basement Monsters - Two discolored creatures that resemble Baman and Piderman who live in the latter's basement. They first appeared in "Guess Da Number", in which they carved Pumkin. Later, they break out of the basement door (which had been taped closed) to borrow an ingredient for a cookie pie, which they share with their housemates. When the main characters are not around, they are usually seen causing mischief.

They are responsible for revealing the pizza-like portal that leads to another part of their world.[3]

The Portal - A pizza like object with a face. His mouth expands to reveal another portion of the world, mostly consisting of a snowy forest.

Baman's boss - A giant, yellow, lion-like monster. He really hates jokes.

Tuba's Dad - A sousaphone with a mustache, who lives in a small house in the forest, beyond the portal. Like his daughter, Tuba's Dad enjoys cakes, and has used his Happy Winter Friends wish to produce them.


The show proved popular enough in its beginnings to be featured on Attack of the Show, and has been picked up by MondoMedia's YouTube channel, with new episodes gaining thousands of views per day.

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