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Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation
(City 2 Television)
Type Broadcast television network
Country Philippines Philippines
Availability Defunct
Owner Salvador Tan, Roberto Benedicto
Key people Ferdinand Marcos
Launch date November 1973
Dissolved July 15, 1986

Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation was a Philippine television network that started its operations in November 1973. Upon its opening, the network operated the Channel 2 Metro Manila frequency owned by ABS-CBN, which was then shut down after the declaration of Martial Law, and changed the station's call sign from DZAQ-TV to DWWX-TV (which is still in use today even after the station was returned to ABS-CBN).



BBC originally operated out of the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center on Sgt. Esguerra (formerly Bohol) Avenue in Quezon City. Roberto Benedicto, a crony of former President Ferdinand Marcos and owner of Radio Philippines Network (alternately known at that time as Kanlaon Broadcasting System), took over the broadcast facility after the KBS Studios at Roxas Boulevard in Pasay (which were, incidentally, sold to them by ABS-CBN in 1969) were destroyed by fire in June 1973, a few months before BBC went on the air. In 1976, BBC, RPN and another Benedicto-owned network, Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (which originally aired from San Juan), transferred to the Broadcast City compound in Old Balara, Quezon City, leaving Channel 4 (also formerly owned by ABS-CBN, but was taken over and reopened by the government as GTV in 1974) at the ABS-CBN compound, then renamed Broadcast Plaza.

In December 1973, the network also operated DYCB-TV 3 in Cebu and DYXL-TV 4 in Bacolod, both of which were also originally owned by ABS-CBN. However, their call signs were also changed to DYCW-TV and DYBW-TV, respectively. The Cebu and Bacolod stations switched affiliations to GTV-4 (later MBS) in 1978 (and reverted to their former call letters), and were finally returned to ABS-CBN in 1986.

BBC-2 was rebranded as City 2 Television from 1980 to 1984, and rebranded again as BBC-2 with a different logo during its last years of broadcast before the People Power EDSA Revolution. After Corazon Aquino became Philippine president in 1986, BBC was shut down after being sequestered by the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG, due to its part in the Marcos regime. Channel 2, which was vacant from February 25, was given back to the ABS-CBN network on July 16, 1986.

The network was well-remembered for its trademark jingle, "Big, Beautiful Country", composed by Jose Mari Chan.

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