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Band Marino is an unsigned musical group comprising singer, songwriter, and guitarist Nathan Bond; keyboardist, banjoist, mandolin player, and singer Jonathan Nee; guitarist, mandolin player, harmonicist, and singer Jesse Adams; bassist Abe Couch; and drummer/percussionist Dylon York. Their sound can be described as indie folk rock, drawing on several musical genres including pop, alternative and folk. Band Marino is based in Orlando, Florida.


The band began in 2003 when Nathan Bond recruited Jonathan Nee, his best friend since age one and fellow high school senior, Johnathan Pratt, for a last-minute show at The Last Wave. After their first gig, the three continued to play together for fun while picking up other bookings along the way. JP decided to leave after nearly two years in the band feeling he wasn't what the band needed. Soon, guitarist Jesse Adams, drummer Dylon York, and bassist Abe Couch joined the two musicians to form the quintet known today.

Band Marino self-released its debut album The Sea & The Beast on December 2, 2006 through its own Street Parade record label. The Sea & The Beast topped the charts in Orlando’s indie record shops for its first three weeks on the shelves, selling nearly 1,300 copies. However, many fans have voiced their displeasure with the overall sound of the debut LP, claiming that it is far too "perfect" (most likely the result of frontman Nathan Bond's descriptively excessive attempts at controlling every aspect of the band), and is an extreme injustice to the band's live sound. The band has recently been noted by Rolling Stone as one of the "Top 25 Bands on Myspace". They currently tour on their debut album, and have made plans to tour throughout the country this spring. They hope to split a 7-inch record with Baron Von Bear sometime this year, as well; however, plans for the split release are speculative.

Other projects

Band Marino is invovled in To Write Love on Her Arms.



The Summer Beard Sessions

Band Marino released this extremely lo-fi demo containing "Every Time I Make a Girl Cry I Know I've Done My Job", "Arlee Hayes", and "Feel it in the Air". The original purpose of the demo was to exist as writer demos so that other band members could listen to develop ideas. The songs were later put online for download. All three songs have full-band studio versions on The Sea & The Beast. The demo is no longer available online, but can be found floating within the local music scene.

The Sea & The Beast

The Sea & The Beast
  • American Patriot
  • I Have a Dream
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Elephants Are Grey (Elephants Are Blue)
  • Every Time I Make a Girl Cry I Know I've Done My Job
  • Feel It In the Air
  • Arlee Hayes
  • Someday We All Must Die
  • Como Se Dice Señorita, Act 1: The Layman's Lament
  • Song for a Melody
  • Dear Balladeer

  • The album cover depicts a two-headed sea dragon over five floundering fish, each representing one of the band members. The painting is the work of Nathan Bond’s girlfriend, Anna Melcon, who serves as the band's artist and photographer.

    In Film

    Band Marino wrote much of the score for The Last Romantic, an independent film made by Jonathan's two older brothers Aaron and Adam. They also collaborated with Conrad Winslow, lead of the band Dodger, for some of the pieces. The soundtrack was never released, but the movie is touring film festival circuits.

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