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Bande Utkala Janani
Directed by Suvendu Swain
Produced by Debasish Dogra, Pragati Mohanty
Written by Suvendu Swain
Starring Siddhanta Mahapatra
Sabyasachi Misra
Music by Sarat Nayak
Cinematography Abhiram Mishra
Editing by Susanta Mani
Distributed by Lotus Films Pvt Ltd
Release date(s) 2 October 2008
Running time ?
Country  India
Language Oriya

Bande Utkala Janani (Oriya: ବଂେଦ ଉକ୍ତଳ ଜନନୀ), (English: Salute to Mother Utkala) is a 2008 Indian Oriya film directed by Suvendu Swain. The movie is all about patriotism and honesty towards profession.[1][2] [3] That this is the first Oriya film released through satellite using Digital UFO system. [4]



In this story a lady journalist holds the key to the story and due to her courage, risk taking and confidence the secret is revealed and the story moves. The police station is the family which is the center of all activities. Three police officers and the lady journalist are working together with a common goal to eradicate political corruption and goondagardi in the society.


  • Siddhanta Mahapatra
  • Sabyasachi Misra
  • Arptia Mukherjee
  • Minaketan
  • Hara Rath
  • Smitha Mohanty
  • Ashru Mochon Mohanty
  • Raicharan Das
  • Matru Prasad [5]


  • Story, Screenplay and Direction: Suvendu Swain
  • Producer: Debasish Dogra& Pragati Mohanty
  • Cameraman: Abhiram Mishra
  • Editor: Susant Mani
  • Lyrics: Bijaya Malla, Panchanan Nayak & Bapu Goswami
  • Music Director: Sarat Nayak
  • Music Arranger: Nityashree Ranjan
  • Singers: Kumar Bapi, Abhijit Majumdar, Mitu Mahakud, Arvind, Pami, Tapu, Sanju & Sarat Nayak
  • Dialogue Writer: Hara Barik
  • Choreographer: James Anthony
  • Fight Master: Rashid Mehta
  • Make up: Santanu
  • Production Designer: Manoj Mishra
  • Costume: Babuni
  • Art Director: Budha Maharana
  • Assistant Directors: Asish and Kailash Panda [6]


The irony of the situation is that the film's title itself suggests that it is a patriotic movie and it portrays three honest police officers fighting corruption. Some of the noted actors have been cast in the film and the producer and the director have left no stone unturned to show skin, much to the disgust of Oriyas. Bande Utkal Janani, was supposed to be a social, action-oriented drama. But it is a terrible movie. Even the songs are not good. The only exception in the film is Minaketan (the main villain). His portrayal of a corrupt politician who uses rustic language certainly deserves accolade.[3]


In this movie the songs are completely modern in nature. lyrics by Bapu Goswami, Panchanana Nayak and Bijaya Malla. Music arrangement has been done by Nityashri Ranjan. To make it appealing to youth all songs have been done by keyboard sequencing. Abhijit Majumdar has sang a song. He is the first composer after Late Sri Akshaya Mohanty to sing a song in a film for another music composer.[7]


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