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This article is about a type of administrative division in Inner Mongolia, China.
For other meanings of the term "banner", see banner (disambiguation).
Manchu: gūsa
Gūsa (romanized)
Classical Mongolian: qosiɣu
bošuqu (romanized)
Chinese: (character)
(Pinyin romanization)
Cyrillic Mongolian: Хошуу (cyrillized)
khoshuu (romanized)

A banner (simplified Chinese: pinyin: ) is an administrative division of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China.

Banners were first used during the Qing Dynasty, which organized the Mongols into banners except those who belonged to the Manchu Eight Banners. Each banner had sumu as nominal subdivisions. In Inner Mongolia, several banners made up a league. In the rest, including Outer Mongolia, northern Xinjiang and Qinghai, Aimag (Аймаг) was the largest administrative division. While it restricted the Mongols from crossing banner borders, the dynasty protected Mongolia from population pressure from China proper.

Today, banners are a county level division in the Chinese administrative hierarchy. There are 49 banners in total.

Banner (incomplete list)

In the following existing Banner-articles from the englisch Wikipedia are listed. Banners are sorted alphabetically according to their reference word (i.e. without Left, Right, Old, New, etc.).

An autonomous banner (simplified Chinese: 自治旗pinyin: zìzhìqí) is a special type of banner set up by the People's Republic of China. There are 3 autonomous banners, all of which are found in northeastern Inner Mongolia, each with a designated ethnic majority other than Han or Mongol and which is a national ethnic minority:

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