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Banque de France
Logo One of the Banque de France's offices in Paris
Logo One of the Banque de France's offices in Paris
Headquarters Paris, France
Established 18 January 1800
Governor Christian Noyer
Central Bank of France
Preceded by Banque Royale
Succeeded by European Central Bank (1999)1
1 The Bank of France (Banque de France) still exists but many functions have been taken over by the ECB.

The Banque de France is the central bank of France; it is linked to the European Central Bank (ECB). Its main charge is to implement the interest rate policy of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). It is headquartered in Paris.


Linkage with the ESCB

On 1 June 1998, a new institution was created, the European Central Bank (ECB), charged with steering the single monetary policy for the euro. The body formed by the ECB, and the national central banks (NCB) of all the member states of the European Union, constitute the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).

The ESCB is an institutional framework of a single monetary policy for the euro. According to the Banque de France's website, the "sharing of responsibilities between the ECB and the NCBs is based upon significant decentralization of the conduct of the ESCB's single monetary policy".


  • 1716 John Law opens Banque Générale
  • 1718 Banque Générale is acquired by the government and renamed Banque Royale
  • 1800 Creation of the Banque de France by Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 1808-1936 The Bank's notes became legal tender; expansion of the branch network
  • 1936-1945 Nationalization
  • 1973 Rewriting of the Bank's statutes
  • 1993 A landmark reform granted the Bank independence, in order to ensure price stability, regardless of domestic politics. This reform cleared the path for the European monetary union.
  • 1998 Entered the European System of Central Bank

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