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Baoh WJ issue 1.jpg
First issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump featuring Baoh.
(Baoh Raihōsha)
Genre Action, Supernatural, Thriller
Author Hirohiko Araki
Publisher Japan Shueisha
English publisher Canada United States Viz Media
Demographic 'Shōnen'
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Original run 19841985
Volumes 2
Original video animation
Director Hiroyuki Yokoyama
Studio Studio Pierrot
Released 1 November 1989
Runtime 48 minutes
Episodes 1
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Baoh, known in Japan as Baō Raihōsha (バオー来訪者 Baō Raihōsha ?, Baoh: The Visitor) is a manga series and anime OVA created by Hirohiko Araki, most famous for his epic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It is licensed in English by Viz Media.[1] The manga lasted only two collected volumes and was adapted into a single-episode original video animation.



An innocent young man, Ikuro Hashizawa (橋沢育朗 Hashizawa Ikurō), has a parasite known as Baoh implanted in his brain by an evil organization, Doress. The parasite makes him nearly immortal and gives him the ability to transform into a beast with extraordinary power when he is in trouble. Doress intends to use him in some sort of ploy for world domination. But while they're moving him around a young psychic girl, Sumire (スミレ) (who is also being held by the organization), sets him free and the two escape together. Of course, Dr. Kasuminome (霞の目博士 Kasuminome-hakase) is the mad scientist behind the whole plot, and he is not about to let his test subject get away and he has everything from super powered lackeys to a small army at his disposal.


  • Superhuman strength, agility, and speed
  • Superhuman healing: The more a BAOH host body is injured, the quicker the parasite heals the host and initiates defensive measures. In the anime Ikuro has his throat slit and a knife embedded in his heart. Even with the knife still in his chest Ikuro's heart continues to beat and pushes the blade out of his chest.
  • Corrosive enzymes: Hands produce a corrosive substance that melts through flesh & metal.
  • Armor: Hosts produce organic metal over their skin that serves as a protective shell.
  • Bio-blades: Hosts produce organic blades from various parts of the body (depending on type of host).
  • Stingers: Organic needles that burst into flame on contact with flesh are projected from the host. In Ikuroo's case, from his hair.
  • Dark thunder: A devastating electrical blast. Produces enough power to charge a large scale laser (As shown in the anime).


  • According to the parasite's creator the only means of destroying a BAOH (once inserted in a host) is to put a bullet through the brain of the host, and then to completely burn the body (thus killing the host and parasite).
  • The only way to keep an implanted host dormant is to submerge them in salt water.
  • After 111 days of non-dormancy, the parasite will reproduce and its larvae will leave the host, killing it.


  • The character Neo Dio from the video game series World Heroes is based on Baoh, bearing not only a strikingly similar appearance, but also has similar attacks in which he uses in his various appearances in the World Heroes series, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


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