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The term bar may refer to:


bar industry


  • Bar (river morphology), generally long, narrow accumulations of sediment in a river that are visible above water level during normal flows
    • Gravel bar, a deposited accumulation of gravel in a river that typically can be seen above the surface at normal flows
    • Point bar, a bar in a river that is situated on the inside bank of a meander bend
    • Braid bar, formed in times of low discharge, common in braided rivers
  • Shoal



  • Bar, Montenegro, a city in the southeastern region
  • Bar, Ukraine, a fortress and city in the Podolia region of Ukraine that was once a part of Poland
  • Barrois (Bar), the territory of the counts and dukes of Bar in France
  • Bar (river), a tributary to the Meuse in France
  • Bar, Tibet, a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
  • Bár, a village in Hungary
  • Barbizon, an artist's village in France
  • Wairau Bar, New Zealand

Communes of France




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Bar [1] is a major port for Montenegro.
The oldest olive tree in the world. Bar, Montenegro
The oldest olive tree in the world. Bar, Montenegro


The Old Town of Bar, which is 4km far from the coast, is the most significant among the numerous cultural-historical monuments, what witnesses to the turbulent history of this town. The remnants of the town are deaf witnesses of numerous conquerors and different cultures. On the postcard of Bar there are tourist facilities, restaurants, sport fields, trade and a marina with 1050 berths.

Get in

By train

Bar is the final destination of the overnight train that runs from Niš across all of Serbia and Montenegro ending in Bar. The trip, including a sleeper car, costs about 25 EUR. Very nice scenery between Bar and Belgrade.

By boat

Bar is a major port in Montenegro. It is possible to take a ferry to Bari (daily), Ancona and Durrës (bi-weekly). See: [2].

By bus

Well served with public transport especially to other coastal towns and to Podgorica (one and a half hour) during summer. Bus station located approx. 2 km from centre, 300 m from train station.

There are frequent buses from/to Bar that run up and down the Montenegrin coast.

  • A Marker Car Rental-Bar Car hire Bar .

Car,Van,Motorbike-Motorcyrcle,Scooter,Oldtimer and Buggy Rental [3] Tel:00385 (0) 91 739 75 45

  • Stari Bar - The Old Bar Fortress - old city of Bar
    Stari Bar
    Stari Bar
  • The Oldest Olive tree in the world - a must see! It is old between 2000 and 2500 years.
  • In the Port of Bar you can see a lot of great ships, beautiful yachts and small fishing boats.


Day trip to Skadar Lake', Cetinje, Sveti Stefan, Budva, Sestani region, Kotor Bay and Dubrovnik (Croatia).

  • Konoba SPILJA-Old Town Bar Traditonal Dalmatian and Sestan Food.
  • The Spilja Restaurant Home atmosphere and traditional specialities in a renowned restaurant. Tel: +382(0)30 340 353
  • Pizzeria Pulena
  • Restaurant Samba
  • Slasticarnica Helena
  • Cool Fast Food 50m off the main square, platters 4€, drinks 1€
  • Carpe Diem
  • La Esquina
  • Caffebar Holywood
  • Villa Borović, Ratac, Sutomore Crna Gora, +38269072371, [4]. A wonderful house of wonderful hosts expects its guests in the new apartment constructed in spring 2007. You will be awaken by the scent of the sea and pine forest on the promontory of Ratac, between Bar and Sutomore. A private road leads to a clean beach. Strategic place for everyone who wants to visit a part of, or the entire Montenegrin seaside, even Montenegro. One flat – one family – one group Complete privacy with a separate entrance  edit
  • Hostel Montenegro-Bar (email: [5])
  • Hostel Val Bar is located 1km from the center of the city and port, 2 km from the train station and just 50m from the beach Zukotrlica
  • HTP Korali tel: +382 85 300 100 email: [6] [7] 4* hotel directly facing the Adriatic and the Bar Boardwalk. Singles starting from 80€ to 110€. Doubles from 130€ to 200€. Parking, fitness centre and other amenities.
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See also bar, bár, bär, bår, bār, and Bär



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Proper noun




  1. a city in Montenegro




Proper noun

Bar m s

  1. Bar


Proper noun

Bar m s

  1. Bar



  • IPA: [baːɐ]

Etymology 1

Loaned in the 19th century from English bar < French barre.


Bar f.

  1. (desk) bar
  2. (pub) night club

Etymology 2

Scholary creation from Ancient Greek βάρος (báros), weight).


Bar n.

  1. (unit of pressure) bar


Proper noun

Bar m s

  1. Bar

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used to denote the means by which a door is bolted (Neh. 3:3); a rock in the sea (Jonah 2:6); the shore of the sea (Job 38:10); strong fortifications and powerful impediments, etc. (Isa. 45:2; Amos 1:5); defences of a city (1 Kings 4:13). A bar for a door was of iron (Isa. 45:2), brass (Ps. 107:16), or wood (Nah. 3:13).

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

A Bar is originally a long unbent (usually rounded) piece made of metal. It was originally made to spilt a room into two different parts (the one before, and the one behind the bar). Bars or handrails run through courtrooms in some countries. From there, there is the work barrister (who is a specialised lawyer). Lawyers in North America use the phrase "called to the bar" to refer to when a newly-graduated lawyer is admitted to the law society, which entitles them to practise law.

Businesses that serve alcohol

Later, the meaning got extended, and also meant a long table where alcoholic drinks (such as beer, wine, or liquor) are served. It later came to mean the business where such drinks are served, such as a pub or nightclub. Bars such as pubs and nightclubs also serve snack food. In most countries, bars are regulated and licensed by the regional or local governments, which establish laws regarding the opening hours and serving policies. In Canada and the United States, a liquor tax is placed on the sales of alcoholic beverages.

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