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Bārakzai (singular: Bārakzay) is a common ethnic name among the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and western Pakistan and it means ("sons of Barak" in Pashto). Barakzai is also the name of a Baloch tribe in Iran. There are seven distinct Pashtun tribes named Bārakzai, with the Zīrak branch of the Abdal Tareen or Bor Tareen - Tareen - Durrani tribe being the most important and largest tribe with over 4 million people.[1]


Barakzai dynasty of Afghanistan

Barakzai dynasty
Country Afghanistan
Titles Emir, King
Founder Dost Mohammad Khan
Final ruler Mohammad Zahir Shah
Current head Crown Prince Ahmad Shah
Founding year 1818
Dissolution 1973
Ethnicity Pashtun
Predigree of King Dost Mohammad Khan of Afghanistan. Figure shows the branching of the Abdal dynasty into the Popal (founder of the Popalzai; in figure spelled 'Fofal'), Barak (founder of the Barakzai), and Alako (founder of the Alakozai) line (the fourth branch Achakzai is missing).
History of Afghanistan principal ruling families. The figure shows the splitting of the Zirak line into the Popalzai, Alakozai, Achakzai and Barakzai branches.
History of Afghanistan
Emblem of Afghanistan
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Pre-Islamic Period
Achaemenids (550-330 BC)
Seleucids (330-150 BC)
Greco-Bactrians (256-125 BC)
Sakas (145 BC - )
Kushans (30 CE - 248 CE)
Indo-Sassanid (248 - 410)
Kidarites (320-465)
Hephthalites (410-557)
Kabul Shahi (565-670)
Sassanids (224-651)]]..
Islamic Conquest
Umayyads (661-750)
Abbasids (750-1258)
Tahirids (821-873)
Saffarids (863-900)[2]
Samanids (875-999)
Ghaznavids (963-1187)
Seljukids (1037-1194)
Khwarezmids (1077-1231)
Ghurids (1149-1212)
Ilkhanate (1258-1353)
Timurids (1370-1506)
Mughals (1501-1739)
Hotaki dynasty (1709-1738)
Afsharids (1736-1747)
Durrani Empire (1747-1823)
Emirate of Afghanistan
Kingdom of Afghanistan
Republic of Afghanistan
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
Afghanistan since 1992
Afghan Civil War

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According to Hyat Khan history of Afghanistan from their progenitor Bor Tareen, otherwise known as Abdal, are descended two main division the Zirak and the Panjpai. The term Abdal, however, gradually superseded that of Bor Tareen and came into special prominence when Ahmad Shah Abdali commonly known as Durrani, began his career of conquest. The Achakzais are, in strictness, a branch of the Barakzai but Ahmad Shah, Durrani himself an Abdal Tareen, fearing the growing numbers of the Barakzai, separated them from the parent stock, since which time their organization has remained distinct.

The "Barakzai Dynasty" was the line of rulers in Afghanistan in the 19th and 20th centuries. Following the fall of the Durrani Empire in 1818, chaos reigned in the domains of Ahmed Shah Durrani's empire as various sons of Timur Shah struggled for supremacy. Afghanistan temporarily ceased to exist as a single nation, disintegrating for a brief time into a fragmented collection of small units. Dost Mohammad Khan gained preeminence in 1826 and founded the dynasty about 1837. Thereafter, his descendants ruled in direct succession until 1929, when King Amanullah Khan abdicated and his cousin Mohammed Nadir Shah was elected king. The most prominent subclan of the Barakzai Pashtun tribe is the Mohamedzai (Mohammadzai) clan, of which the several last kings had come from, including Mohammad Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan.


The Emirate of Afghanistan

The Kingdom of Afghanistan

Heads of the House of Barakzai since 1973

The Emirate of Western Baluchistan

  • Bahram Khan Barkzai (Baranzahi) (1903 - 1919)
  • Mir Dost Mohmmad Khan Baranzahi (Barakzai) (1919 - 1928)

Nawabs of Kurwai & Basoda

Barakzai Feroze Khel

  • Muhammad Dalayer Khan (founder - 1730)


  • Muhammad Izzat Khan
  • Hurmat Khan
  • Muhammad Akbar Khan
  • Muhammad Muzaffar Khan
  • Muhammad Najaf Khan
  • Munawar Ali Khan


  • Ahsanullah Khan d.1786
  • Bakaullah Khan
  • Asad Ali Khan
  • Haider Ali Khan (became Nawab in 1897)


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