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Barangay Mamatid
Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
—  Barangay  —
Nickname(s): Nayon ng Mamatid, Barrio Mamatid
Motto: "One and Only Mamat1d" ("Iisang Mamatid")
Map of Laguna showing the location of Cabuyao.
Country  Philippines
Region CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Province Laguna
Municipality Cabuyao
Puroks 3
Incorporated (settlement) 1571
Incorporated (barrio) 1946
 - Type Sangguniang Barangay, with Chairman as its head supported by seven (7) Barangay Councilors
 - Barangay Chairman Hon. Ernani "Nanie" G. Himpisao
 - Barangay 2.6 km2 (1.00387 sq mi)
 - Urban 2.6 km2 (1.00387 sq mi)
Population (August 2007)
 - Barangay 37,166
 Density 14,294.615/km2 (37,022.722/sq mi)
 Urban 37,166
 - Urban Density 14,294.615/km2 (37,022.722/sq mi)
 Metro Manila
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
 - Summer (DST) Manila (UTC)
Zip Code 4025
Area code(s) 49
Languages Tagalog and English
Demonym Mamateños

Barangay Mamatid (PSGC: 043404009) is one of the eighteen (18) urbanized[1] barangays comprising the progressive municipality of Cabuyao in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It lies for about 6.5 kilometers away from the town proper of Cabuyao and is situated at the eastern portion of the municipality. According to the 2007 Census[2], it has a population of 37,166 inhabitants (grew from 10,020 in Census 2000), making it ranked as the largest barangay in Cabuyao when it comes to population. It is because of a large number of populace migrating to so many subdivisions located in the barangay.

Barangay Mamatid is popular for its two (2) College Schools, so many private schools including catholic schools from Pre-school to High School, three (3) Day Care Centers and a public elementary school where a big number of students are studying there.

The barangay is also famous for its Parish Church, which is a candidate for a Diocesan Shrine, because of a large number of devotees from other provinces, neighbor towns and barangays are coming and visiting there devoting to its Patron Saint, Saint Vincent Ferrer.


Political Division

It is politically subdivided into three (3) Puroks:

Purok I

  • Bella Compound
  • Chavez Compound
  • Ciudad Montrina
  • Phase III-A
  • Phase III-B
  • Phase III-C
  • Phase V
  • Phase VI
  • Phase VII-A
  • Phase VII-B
  • Phase VII-C
  • Oro Ville
  • St. Joseph Village

Purok II

  • Barangay Proper
  • Buena Rosario
  • Corazon Compound
  • Phase II-A
  • Phase II-B
  • Phase II-C
  • Phase IV
  • St. Vincent Compound

Purok III

  • Aplaya
  • Phase I



Land Area

The total land area of Barangay Mamatid is 0.026 hectares (has.) or 2.6 square kilometers (km2), ranking ninth (9th) largest out of eighteen (18) barangays in the town of Cabuyao. It lies for about 6.5 kilometers (km) away from the town proper and is situated at the eastern portion of the municipality and southwest of the Laguna de Bay, the country's largest lake.[3]


It is located south of Laguna de Bay, the country's largest lake, southwest of Brgy. Uwisan and west of Brgy. Banlic in Calamba City, north of Brgy. Banlic, northeast of Brgy. San Isidro, east of Brgy. Gulod and southeast of Brgy. Baclaran in Cabuyao, Laguna.

It is also one of the six (6) "along the lake" barangays of the town while the others are Barangays Baclaran, Gulod, Marinig, Butong and Bigaa.[3]


Types of Seasons

The rainfall regime of Barangay Mamatid is characterized by the two (2) pronounced seasons, the wet and dry seasons. The wet season which is from June to November and the relatively dry season that lasts from December to May. The average rainfall is about 2,000 mm of rain falling in an average year, there are about 150 days which are rainy days.[4]


The seasonal variations of the Temperature field is uneventful. The coldest months start from November up to January and the warmest month on the record is the month of May. On the average, a 12 °C temperature difference exists between the warmest and coolest months. The mean annual temperature is a warm 27.5 °C.[4]


The annual relative Humidity is 70%. The most humid months are June, July, August and September with the normal relative humidity registered at 84%, while April and May are the driest at 70%.[4]


According to 2007 Census[2], it has a population of 37,166 inhabitants, grew from 10,020 in Census 2000. Barangay Mamatid is currently the most populous barangay of the town.

No. Barangay Rank Population (2000) Population (2007) Population Density (2007)
1 Baclaran 7th 6,430 12,683 7,267.1537
2 Banay-Banay 4th 9,846 17,419 5,616.7674
3 Banlic 10th 8,232 9,707 4,220.4348
4 Butong 8th 4,082 12,274 7,576.5432
5 Bigaa 11th 7,515 8,649 4,136.2984
6 Casile 18th 1,294 1,555 488.99371
7 Diezmo 14th 1,557 2,689 1,691.195
8 Gulod 9th 8,508 10,127 2,477.8566
9 Mamatid 1st 10,020 37,166 14,294.615
10 Marinig 2nd 10,293 25,619 6,543.8059
11 Niugan 3rd 7,172 21,993 6,247.5321
12 Pittland 17th 1,086 1,627 559.10653
13 Pulo 6th 7,746 13,193 2,692.4325
14 Sala 12th 8,077 7,491 4,845.4075
15 San Isidro 5th 7,243 15,495 4,925.5368
16 Barangay I Poblacion 15th 2,702 2,589 11,248.208
17 Barangay II Poblacion 16th 2,197 1,947 8,344.4049
18 Barangay III Poblacion 13th 2,675 3,153 13,331.924
TOTAL 6th 106,630 205,376 2,427.6123

Barangay Income

Barangay Mamatid has an income per capita of PhP 11,500,000.00 (As of December 2008). It is currently the fast-growing and most outstanding barangay of the town.


Parish Church

A large a number of crowd went here during his feast day(April 5). It is also the first barangay church that became Parish in Laguna.


  • Diocesan Shrine of Saint Vincent Ferrer (2010) - As of now, the Parish Church is a candidate to become a Diocesan Shrine because of its numerous devotees. It will be called Diocesan Shrine of Saint Vincent Ferrer and it will be operational by April 2010.


The list of Chapels under the supervision of San Vicente Ferrer Parish:

  • San Miguel Arkanghel Chapel (Brgy. Banlic, Calamba City)
  • Saint Michael Archangel Mini Parish (Villa Palao, Brgy. Banlic, Calamba City)
  • Immaculate Concepcion Chapel (Brgy. Baclaran)
  • Saint Raphael Archangel Mini Parish (Brgy. Gulod)
  • Mabuhay Mini Chapel - Phase 1 (Brgy. Baclaran)
  • Mabuhay Mini Chapel - Phase 3 (Mabuhay City, Brgy. Mamatid)
  • Mabuhay Mini Chapel - Phase 5 (Mabuhay City, Brgy. Mamatid)
  • The Risen Lord Chapel under construction (Mabuhay City, Brgy. Mamatid)

Educational Attractions/Schools

Number of Schools
Literacy Rate 98%
Pre-Elementary [2007]: Public: 4
Private: 22
Elementary [2007]: Public: 1
Private: 22
Secondary [2007]: Public: 0
Private: 12
Tertiary [2007]: Public: 0
Private: 3

College Schools

There are three (3) College Schools that can be found in Barangay Mamatid, in which one (1) them is a Special Education School:[5]

  1. Saint Vincent College of Cabuyao
  2. Our Lady of Assumption College - Cabuyao Campus
  3. The Academy of Hope Special Education School

High Schools

List of Private High Schools in Mamatid[5] . The proposed public High School to be built in the barangay will be operational in 2010.

Elementary Schools

List of Public and Private Elementary Schools in Mamatid[5] .



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Coordinates: 14°16′42″N 121°7′29″E / 14.27833°N 121.12472°E / 14.27833; 121.12472


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