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Bart Bull is an American writer, reporter, columnist, and critic.

Editor of Sounds, a monthly music newspaper in mid-1970s, West Coast Editor of Spin from 1985 to 1988, West Coast Editor of Vogue, West Coast Editor and a founder of Details; Co-founded Browbeat, first American xerox-punk fanzine, with David Wiley in early summer 1977. Managed The Consumers, pioneering early American punk band from Phoenix, Arizona. Has received numerous journalism awards and professional recognition, writing and reporting on film, music, crime, art, design, cuisine, cars, and architecture for publications including the Washington Post, LA Reader, The Express, Arizona Republic, New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Village Voice, Arena, The Face, GQ, numerous others. His writing has ranged widely from murder stories to humor columns, and typically includes a mix of reporting, criticism, and style, emphasizing vernacular American English. From the earliest days of his work, Bull has actively chronicled numerous subcultures, doing pioneering reporting on such subcultures as skateboarding, cockfighting, lowriders, punk, cowboy culture, hip hop, modelng agencies, heavy metal, and many others.

A list of the individuals Bull has profiled include: Muddy Waters; John Lee Hooker; Al Green; Buck Owens; James Stewart; Walter Matthau; Ian Dury; David Lynch; Bruce Springsteen; Tracey Ullman; Tobe Hooper; Buckminster Fuller; Tom Waits; William Burroughs; Sun Ra; Prince; Clifton Chenier; Steve Miller; Jackson Browne; John Fogerty; Steve Martin; Elvis Costello; Richard Farnsworth; Dwight Yoakum; Joe Ely; Joan Baez; Peter Tosh; Laura Dern; Jeff Beck; Frank Zappa; Michael Jackson; Ed "Big Daddy" Roth; Allen Ginsburg; Amiri Baraka; Carlos Santana; Patti Smith. He edited and introduced Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown's memoir, All About Me, working to preserve the multi-faceted visionary musician's self-created spellings and syntax.

He was married to singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked from 1992 to 2004; his former brother-in-law is Max Johnston, multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter member of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Freakwater, and The Gourds.



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Bart Bull is an American journalist and critic.

  • "Love the sinner; like the sin."
    • Vogue, 1990[specific citation needed]
  • "Nothing, but nothing, is as washed up as a rock star past her prime."
    • Arizona Republic, 1984[specific citation needed]
  • "Continuity is for sissies."
    • Jack Nicholson, to Tom Waits, to Bart Bull in SPIN magazine, 1987[specific citation needed]
  • "Good cars go fast."
    • Details magazine, 1992[specific citation needed]
  • "Muscle cars don't have fins."
    • Details magazine, 1992[specific citation needed]
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