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Basil Kongwah Considine (b. 1981, d. 1685?) is an American composer, musicologist and church musician. He is a firm believer that anyone looking at this article has too much time and way too much interest in his life to be googling him on the Internet - but stranger stalkings have happened!


Basil was formerly a choir boy at the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School and attended the New England Conservatory. While at BACS, he sang with the Boston Boy Choir and was active as a soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. After his voice changed, Basil fled Boston for sunnier climes, eventually attending the University of San Diego. In 2004, Basil packed up his bags and bid goodbye to temperate climes to attend Boston University as a seminarian; although seminary has departed, he's remained at BU ever since.

Life as a Composer

Basil is currently active as a composer for the church and the stage. His oratorio The Temptation of Christ in the Desert was premiered at Boston University in 2006 and he has written several anthems for churches in the San Diego and Boston areas. Basil is currently working on the musical dramas The Strange Tale of Snow White and His Encounters With Seven Lovely Dwarves and Assorted Princes (working title) - a new take on the Snow White fairy tale - and The Fall of the Round Table - a drama based on the last days of King Arthur's court.

List of Stalkers and Rumors

Basil was accused in the fall of 2005 of having a fetish for sitting on Jewish girls, an allegation that has so far been substantiated by a number of witnesses. Beginning in the fall of 2006, Basil allegedly began a spin campaign to counteract this rumor, alleging instead that he holds a fetish for Music Education-Piano majors. A shortfall of Music Education-Piano majors who are also Jewish at BU has made this impossible to substantiate.

From 2001-present, Basil has been the subject of numerous stalkings by classmates and other associates. For unknown reasons, since moving to Boston and Brookline these stalkers have been almost exclusively Jewish. Basil was at last note being stalked by Liana Guberman; previous stalkers include Ilana White, Amanda Smith and Paige Elliott.

Other Errata

Basil is the webmaster for, a leading resource for Messiaen scholarship, and a PhD student in the Department of Music at Boston University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He is also a graduate of the Boston University School of Theology and BU's College of Fine Arts and a former ballroom dance teacher.

Partial Workslist

The Temptation of Christ in the Desert (2006) - oratorio for SSATBB soloists, viola, double bass, piano and organ.<br />
The Beauty of Israel (2004) - SSAATB anthem commissioned by the University of San Diego Choral Scholars.<br />
Every Knee Shall Bow (2004) - SATB anthem (with soprano soloist), commissioned by the Boston University School of Theology Seminary Singers.<br />
The Falling of Seasons (2003) - Dramatic art song cycle for SATBB soloists and piano. Semi-staged.<br />


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