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1st Basketball Olympic Tournament
Berlin 1936
Tournament details
Olympics 1936 Summer Olympics
Host nation  Germany
City Berlin
Duration August 7 - August 14
Men's teams 23
Men's medals:
Gold medal.svg Gold medalists  USA
Silver medal.svg Silver medalists  Canada
Bronze medal.svg Bronze medalists  Mexico

Basketball at the 1936 Summer Olympics was the first appearance of the sport as an official medal event. The tournament was played between 7 August and 14 August 1936 in Berlin, Germany. 23 nations entered the competition, making basketball the largest tournament of the team sports.

The International Basketball Federation, which is the governing body of international basketball, used the 1936 tournament to experiment with outdoor basketball. Lawn tennis courts were used for the competition. This caused problems when the weather was adverse, especially during the final game.

The medals were awarded by James Naismith, founder of basketball. All went to North American teams.



Gold Silver Bronze
 United States (USA)
Sam Balter
Ralph Bishop
Joe Fortenberry
Tex Gibbons
Francis Johnson
Carl Knowles
Frank Lubin
Art Mollner
Donald Piper
Jack Ragland
Willard Schmidt
Carl Shy
Duane Swanson
Bill Wheatley
 Canada (CAN)
Gordon Aitchison
Ian Allison
Art Chapman
Chuck Chapman
Edward Dawson
Irving Meretsky
Doug Peden
James Stewart
Malcolm Wiseman
Stanley Nantais
 Mexico (MEX)
Carlos Borja
Víctor Borja
Rodolfo Choperena
Luis de la Vega
Raúl Fernández
Andrés Gómez
Silvio Hernández
Francisco Martínez
Jesús Olmos
José Pamplona
Greer Skousen

Note: The International Olympic Committee medal database shows only these players as medalists. They all played at least one match during the tournament. The reserve players are not listed as medalists.




Third round onwards

  Third round Fourth round Semifinals Final
           USA 56  
  Philippines 39       Philippines 23  
  Estonia 22         USA 25  
  Italy 27         Mexico 10  
  Chile 19       Italy 17  
  Mexico 28       Mexico 34  
  Japan 22         USA 19
  Canada 27         Canada 8
  Switzerland 9       Canada 41  
  Uruguay 28       Uruguay 21  
  Czechoslovakia 19         Canada 42   Bronze medal match
  Poland 33         Poland 15  
  Brazil 25       Poland (w/o) 2     Mexico 26
           Peru 0     Poland 12

Fifth-place classification

  Preliminary round 5th place game
  Philippines 32  
  Italy 14  
      Philippines 32
    Uruguay 23
  Uruguay (w/o) 2
  Peru 0  

First round

Winners advanced to the second round. Losers competed in the first consolation round for another chance to move on.

  • Estonia def. France, 34-29
  • Chile def. Turkey, 30-16
  • Switzerland def. Germany, 25-18
  • Italy def. Poland, 44-28
  • Peru def. Egypt, 35-22
  • Latvia def. Uruguay, 20-17
  • Brazil def. Canada, 24-17
  • Japan def. China, 35-19
  • Mexico def. Belgium, 32-9
  • United States def. Spain, forfeit
  • Czechoslovakia def. Hungary, forfeit
  • Philippines, BYE

First consolation round

Winners returned to the main competition for the second round. Losers were out of the tournament.

  • Uruguay def. Belgium, BYE
  • China def. France, 45-38
  • Egypt def. Turkey, 33-23
  • Canada def. Hungary, forfeit
  • Germany def. Spain, forfeit
  • Poland, BYE

Second round

Winners advanced to the third round. Losers competed in the second consolation round for another chance to move on.

  • Philippines def. Mexico, 32-30
  • Japan def. Poland, 43-31
  • Uruguay def. Egypt, 36-23
  • Peru def. China, 29-21
  • United States def. Estonia, 52-28
  • Italy def. Germany, 58-16
  • Switzerland def. Czechoslovakia, 25-12
  • Chile def. Brazil, 23-18
  • Canada def. Latvia, 34-23

Second consolation round

  • Poland def. Latvia, 28-23
  • Brazil def. China, 32-14
  • Mexico def. Egypt, 32-10
  • Czechoslovakia def. Germany, 20-0
  • Estonia, BYE

Third round

The third round was the first to cause automatic elimination for losers, with no consolation round. Winners advanced to the fourth round.

  • Philippines def. Estonia, 39-22
  • Italy def. Chile, 27-19
  • Mexico def. Japan, 28-22
  • Canada def. Switzerland, 27-9
  • Uruguay def. Czechoslovakia, 28-19
  • Poland def. Brazil, 33-25
  • United States, BYE
  • Peru, BYE

Fourth round

Winners of the fourth round advanced to the medals round, with losers playing in classification matches.

  • United States def. Philippines, 56-23
  • Mexico def. Italy, 34-17
  • Canada def. Uruguay, 41-21
  • Poland def. Peru, forfeit

We have to state here that the National Olympic Team from Peru voluntarily abandoned the Olympic games in protest to the actions of German authorities.

Classification 5-8

Preliminary matches

  • Philippines def. Italy, 32-14
  • Uruguay def. Peru, forfeit

A controversial situation between the International Olympic Committee, the German government, and Peru resulted in all Peruvian teams withdrawing from the Olympics. This included of course the National Olympic Basketball Team from Peru and as a result Uruguay gained the consolation match.

Fifth place match

  • Philippines def. Uruguay, 33-23

Medals round


  • United States def. Mexico, 25-10
  • Canada def. Poland, 42-15

Bronze medal match

  • Mexico def. Poland, 26-12


The finals were played 14 August under abysmal conditions. The contest was played outdoors, on a dirt court in a driving rain. Due to the quagmire, the teams could not dribble and the score was held to a minimum. High scorer in the game was Joe Fortenberry for the United States with 7 points. In addition, there were no seats for spectators and the nearly 1,000 in attendance had to stand in the rain throughout the entire game.

  • United States def. Canada, 19-8

Participating nations

For the team rosters see: Basketball at the 1936 Summer Olympics - Men's team squads.

Each country was allowed to enter one team of 14 players and they all were eligible for participation.

A total of 199(*) basketball players from 21 nations competed at the Berlin Games:

(*) NOTE: There are only players counted, which participated in one game at least.

Not all reserve players are known.


Place Nation
1  United States (USA)
Coach: James Needles (Universal Pictures (CA))
Sam Balter (Universal Pictures (UCLA))
Ralph Bishop (University of Washington)
Joe Fortenberry (Globe Oilers (West Texas State))
Tex Gibbons (Globe Oilers (Southwestern))
Francis Johnson (Globe Oilers (West Texas State))
Carl Knowles (Universal Pictures (UCLA))
Frank Lubin (C) (Universal Pictures (UCLA))
Art Mollner (Universal Pictures (L.A. J.C.))
Donald Piper (Universal Pictures (UCLA))
Jack Ragland (Globe Oilers (Wichita State))
Willard Schmidt (Globe Oilers (Creighton))
Carl Shy (Universal Pictures (UCLA))
Duane Swanson (Universal Pictures (USC))
Bill Wheatley (Globe Oilers (Kansas Wesleyan))
2  Canada (CAN)
Coach: Gordon Fuller (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Ass. coach:Julius Goldman (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Gordon Aitchison (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Ian Allison (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Art Chapman (Victoria Blue Ribbon)
Chuck Chapman (Victoria Blue Ribbon)
Edward Dawson (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Irving Meretsky (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Doug Peden (Victoria Blue Ribbon)
James Stewart (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Malcolm Wiseman (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Norman Dawson (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Don Gray (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Stanley Nantais (Windsor Ford V-8's)
Bob Osborne (University of British Columbia)
Tom Pendlebury (Windsor Ford V-8's)
3  Mexico (MEX)
Carlos Borja
Víctor Borja
Rodolfo Choperena
Luis de la Vega
Raúl Fernández
Andrés Gómez
Silvio Hernández
Francisco Martínez
Jesús Olmos
José Pamplona
Greer Skousen
4  Poland (POL)
Coach: Walenty Kłyszejko
Zdzisław Filipkiewicz
Florian Grzechowiak
Zdzisław Kasprzak
Jakub Kopf
Ewaryst Łój
Janusz Patrzykont
Andrzej Pluciński
Zenon Różycki
Paweł Stok
Edward Szostak
5  Philippines (PHI)
Coach: Dionisio Calvo
Charles Borck
Jacinto Ciria Cruz
Franco Marquicias
Primitivo Martínez
Jesús Marzan
Amador Obordo
Bibiano Ouano
Ambrosio Padilla
Fortunato Yambao
John Worrell
6  Uruguay (URU)
Coach: Juan A. Collazo
Gregorio Agós
Umberto Bernasconi Galvar
Rodolfo Braselli
Prudencio de Pena
Carlos Gabín
Leandro Gómez Harley
Alejandro González Roig
Víctor Latou Jaume
Tabaré Quintans
Héctor González
Alberto Martí
Amílcar Mesa
7  Italy (ITA)
Coaches: Decio Scuri-Guido Graziani[1]
Gino Basso
Ambrogio Bessi
Enrico Castelli
Galeazzo Dondi
Livio Franceschini
Emilio Giassetti
Giancarlo Marinelli
Adolfo Mazzini
Mario Novelli
Sergio Paganella
Michele Pelliccia
Remo Piana
Egidio Premiani
8  Peru (PER)
Coach: Pedro Vera
Manuel Arce
Rolando Bacigalupo
Willy Dasso
Antuco Flecha
José Carlos Godoy
Miguel Godoy
Luis Jacob
Cañón Oré
Armando Rossi
Koko Cárdenas
Roberto Rospigliosi
Fernando Ruiz
Pedro Vera
Place Nation
9-14  Brazil (BRA)
Armando Albano
Carmino de Pilla
Nelson Monteiro de Souza
Miguel Pedro Martinez Lopes
Américo Montanarini
José Oscar Zelaya Alonso
9-14  Chile (CHI)
Luis Carrasco
Augusto Carvacho
José González
Eusebio Hernández
Luis Ibaseta
Eduardo Kapstein Suckel
Michel Mehech
9-14  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Jiří Čtyroký
Alois Dvořáček
Ludvík Dvořáček
František Hájek
Vítězslav Hloušek
Josef Klíma
Karel Kuhn
Josef Moc
František Picek
F. Prokop
Ladislav Prokop
Ladislav Trpkoš
9-14  Estonia (EST)
Coach: Herbert Niiler (Tartu NMKÜ)
Erich Altosaar (Tallinna Kalev)
Artur Amon (Tartu NMKÜ)
Aleksander Illi (Tartu NMKÜ)
Vladimir Kärk (Tartu NMKÜ)
Robert Keres (Tartu NMKÜ)
Evald Mahl (Tartu NMKÜ)
Aleksander Margiste (Tallinna Kalev)
Heino Veskila (Tartu NMKÜ)
Bernhard Nooni (Tallinna Kalev)
Leonid Saar (Tallinna NMKÜ)
Georg Vinogradov (Tallinna Russ)
9-14  Japan (JPN)
Richin Cho
Takehiko Kanakogi
Masayasu Maeda
Satoshi Matsui
Uichi Munakata
Takao Nakae
Seikyu Ri
Kenshichi Yokoyama
9-14  Switzerland (SUI)
Fernand Bergmann
Pierre Carlier
René Laederach
Raymond Lambercy
John Pallet
Jean Pare
Marcel Wuilleunier
15-18  Republic of China (ROC)
Li Shao-Tang
Liu Bao-Cheng
Liu Yun-Chang
Mou Tso-Yun
Shen Yi-Tung
Tsai Yen-Hung
Wang Hung-Pin
Wang Shi-Hsuan
Wang Yu-Tseng
Wong Nan-Chen
Yu Sai-Chang
15-18  Egypt (EGY)
Abdel Moneim Wahib Hussein
Albert Fahmy Tadros
Edward Riskalla
Gamal el din Sabri
Goanni Nosseir
Kamal Riad
Mohamed Rashad Shafshak
15-18  Germany (GER)
Coach: Hermann Niebuhr
Bernhard Cuiper (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Robert Duis (DSC Berlin)
Karl Endres (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Emil Göing (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Otto Kuchenbecker (Luftwaffen-Sportschule Spandau)
Emil Lohbeck (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Hans Niclaus (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Kurt Oleska (Heeressportschule Wünsdorf)
Siegfried Reischieß (VfB Breslau)
Heinz Steinschulte (Luftwaffen-Sportschule Spandau)
Willy Daume (TV Eintracht Dortmund)
Otto Gottwald (Post SV Bad Kreuznach)
Adolf Künzel (NSTV Breslau)
Jupp Schäfer (TV Kreuznach 1848)
15-18  Latvia (LAT)
Coach: Rihards Dekšenieks
Eduards Andersons (US)
Voldemārs Elmūts (US)
Mārtiņš Grundmanis (ASK)
Rudolfs Jurciņš (US)
Maksis Kazaks (LJ)
Visvaldis Melderis (ASK)
Džems Raudziņš (US)
Edgars Rūja (US)
Askolds Hermanovskis (LJ)
Aleksejs Anufrijevs (Starts)
J.Tiltiņš (US)
Place Nation
19-21  Belgium (BEL)
Robert Brouwer
Gustave Crabbe
René Demanck
Raymond Gerard
Émile Laermans
Guillaume Merckx
Pierre van Basselaere
Gustave Vereecken
19-21  France (FRA)
Pierre Boel (Olympique Lillois)
Pierre Caque (Reims)
Georges Carrier (CS Plaisance)
Robert Cohu (Stade Français)
Jean Couturier (Reims)
Jacques Flouret (Paris UC)
Edmond Leclere (Charleville)
Étienne Onimus (CA Mulhouse)
Fernand Prud'homme (AS Hippolyte)
Étienne Roland (US Métro)
Lucien Theze (Romilly)
19-21  Turkey (TUR)
Coach: Rupen Semerciyan
Şeref Alemdar (Galatasaray)
Hayri Arsebük (Galatasaray)
Nihat Riza Ertuğ (Galatasaray)
Jak Habib (Barkhoba)
Naili Moran (Galatasaray)
Hazdai Penso (Barkhoba)
Dionis Sakalak (Kurtulus)
Sadri Usluoğlu
Kamil Ocak (Galatasaray)

Note: Flag of Hungary 1940.svg Hungary and Flag of the Second Spanish Republic.svg Spain withdrew before competition started



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