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Basketball at the 1948 Summer Olympics was the second appearance of the sport as an official medal event. A total number of 23 nations entered the competition.

Olympic basketball returned to indoor competition in Harringay Arena, after the disastrous weather conditions of the final game in the 1936 Summer Olympics.




Gold Silver Bronze
 United States (USA)
Cliff Barker
Don Barksdale
Ralph Beard
Lew Beck
Vince Boryla
Gordon Carpenter
Alex Groza
Wah Wah Jones
Bob Kurland
Ray Lumpp
Robert Pitts
Jesse Renick
Jackie Robinson
Kenny Rollins
 France (FRA)
André Barrais
Michel Bonnevie
André Buffière
René Chocat
René Dérency
Maurice Desaymonnet
André Even
Maurice Girardot
Fernand Guillou
Raymond Offner
Jacques Perrier
Yvan Quénin
Lucien Rebuffic
Pierre Thiolon
 Brazil (BRA)
Ruy de Freitas
Marcus Vinícius Dias
Affonso Évora
Alexandre Gemignani
Alfredo da Motta
Alberto Marson
Nilton Pacheco
Massinet Sorcinelli



Preliminary round

The 23 teams were split into 4 pools of 6 teams each, with one pool being of 5 teams. There was a round-robin in each pool with every team playing each of the 5 other teams once. 2 points were given for a win, 1 point for a loss. Ties were broken by the ratio of points scored to points allowed.

Group A

  Pld W L PF PA Pts
Brazil 5 5 0 261 150 10
Uruguay 5 3 2 246 170 8
Hungary 5 3 2 201 172 8
Canada 5 3 2 222 205 8
Italy 5 1 4 170 208 6
Great Britain 5 0 5 103 298 5
  • Uruguay def. Great Britain, 69-17
  • Brazil def. Hungary, 45-41
  • Canada def. Italy, 55-37
  • Brazil def. Uruguay, 36-32
  • Canada def. Great Britain, 44-24
  • Hungary def. Italy, 32-19
  • Brazil def. Great Britain, 76-11
  • Hungary def. Canada, 37-36
  • Uruguay def. Italy, 46-34
  • Italy def. Great Britain, 49-28
  • Uruguay def. Hungary, 49-31
  • Brazil def. Canada, 57-35
  • Hungary def. Great Britain, 60-23
  • Brazil def. Italy, 47-31
  • Canada def. Uruguay, 52-50

Group B

  Pld W L PF PA Pts
South Korea 5 3 2 258 152 8
Chile 5 3 2 269 162 8
Belgium 5 3 2 234 156 8
Philippines 5 3 2 262 200 8
Republic of China 5 3 2 281 202 8
Iraq 5 0 5 113 545 5
  • Philippines def. Iraq, 102-30
  • Korea def. Belgium, 29-27
  • Chile def. China , 44-39
  • Chile def. Iraq, 100-18
  • Philippines def. Korea, 35-33
  • China def. Belgium, 36-34
  • Chile def. Philippines, 68-39
  • Belgium def. Iraq, 98-20
  • China def. Korea, 49-48
  • Belgium def. Chile, 38-36
  • Korea def. Iraq, 120-20
  • Philippines def. China, 51-32
  • Belgium def. Philippines, 37-35
  • China def. Iraq, 125-25
  • Korea def. Chile, 28-21

Group C

  Pld W L PF PA Pts
United States 5 5 0 325 167 10
Czechoslovakia 5 4 1 217 190 9
Argentina 5 3 2 246 199 8
Peru 5 2 3 198 187 7
Egypt 5 1 4 162 252 6
Switzerland 5 0 5 120 269 5
  • United States def. Switzerland, 86-21
  • Czechoslovakia def. Peru, 38-30
  • Argentina def. Egypt, 57-38
  • Peru def. Egypt, 52-27
  • Argentina def. Switzerland, 49-23
  • United States def. Czechoslovakia, 53-28
  • Peru def. Switzerland, 49-19
  • United States def. Argentina, 59-57
  • Czechoslovakia def. Egypt, 52-38
  • United States def. Egypt, 66-28
  • Czechoslovakia def. Switzerland, 54-28
  • Argentina def. Peru, 42-34
  • Egypt def. Switzerland, 31-29
  • United States def. Peru, 61-33
  • Czechoslovakia def. Argentina, 45-41

Group D

  Pld W L PF PA Pts
Mexico 4 4 0 184 109 8
France 4 3 1 214 131 7
Cuba 4 2 2 213 131 6
Iran 4 1 3 136 219 5
Ireland 4 0 4 70 281 4
  • France def. Iran, 62-30
  • Mexico def. Cuba, 39-31
  • Mexico def. Ireland, 71-9
  • France def. Cuba, 37-31
  • Mexico def. France, 56-42
  • Iran def. Ireland, 49-22
  • Mexico def. Iran, 68-27
  • Cuba def. Ireland, 88-25
  • Cuba def. Iran, 63-30
  • France def. Ireland, 73-14

Classification 17-23

  • China def. Switzerland, 42-34
  • Great Britain def. Ireland, 46-21
  • Italy def. Iraq, 77-28
  • Egypt, BYE

Classification 21-23

  • Switzerland def. Ireland, 55-12
  • Iraq, BYE

Classification 21/22

  • Switzerland def. Iraq, forfeit

Classification 17-20

  • China def. Great Britain, 54-25
  • Italy def. Egypt, 35-33

Classification 19/20

  • Egypt def. Great Britain, 50-18

Classification 17/18

  • Italy def. China, 54-38

Classification 9-16

  • Belgium def. Hungary, forfeit
  • Canada def. Iran, 81-25
  • Peru def. Cuba, 45-40
  • Philippines def. Argentina, 45-43

Classification 13-16

  • Cuba def. Argentina, 35-34
  • Iran def. Hungary, forfeit

Classification 15/16

  • Argentina def. Hungary, forfeit

Classification 13/14

  • Cuba def. Iran, 70-36

Classification 9-12

  • Canada def. Belgium, 45-40
  • Peru def. Philippines, 40-29

Classification 11/12

  • Belgium def. Philippines, 38-34

Classification 9/10

  • Canada def. Peru, 49-43


Quarter finals Semi finals Final
August 9 - Harringay Arena        
  United States  63
August 11 - Harringay Arena
  Uruguay  28  
  United States  71
August 9 - Harringay Arena
    Mexico  40  
  Mexico  43
August 13 - Harringay Arena
  South Korea  32  
  United States  65
August 9 - Harringay Arena
    France  21
  Brazil  28
August 11 - Harringay Arena
  Czechoslovakia  23  
  France  45 Third place
August 9 - Harringay Arena
    Brazil  33  
  France  53   Brazil  52
  Chile  52     Mexico  47
August 13 - Harringay Arena

Classification 5-8

  • Chile def. Czechoslovakia, 38-36
  • Uruguay def. Korea, 45-36

Classification 7/8

  • Czechoslovakia def. Korea, 39-38

Classification 5/6

  • Uruguay def. Chile, 50-32


  • United States def. Mexico, 71-40
  • France def. Brazil, 43-33

Bronze medal match

  • Brazil def. Mexico, 52-47


  • United States def. France, 65-21

Participating nations

Each country was allowed to enter one team of 14 players and they all were eligible for participation.

A total of 298(*) basketball players from 23 nations competed at the London Games:

(*) NOTE: There are only players counted, which participated in one game at least, according to the official report, because the rosters for the matches are unknown. It is also unknown up to now, if there were more reserve players.

(*) and (**) It is uncertain if P. Benedek and J. Verbenyi played for Hungary in this tournament. The official report shows them, but Hungarian sources did not, however they are counted.


Place Nation
1  United States (USA)
Coach: Omar Browning (Phillips 66ers (Bartlesville, OK))
Cliff Barker (University of Kentucky)
Don Barksdale (Oakland Bittners/UCLA)
Ralph Beard (University of Kentucky)
Lew Beck (Phillips 66ers/Oregon State)
Vince Boryla (Denver Nuggets/Denver)
Gordon Carpenter (Phillips 66ers/Arkansas)
Alex Groza (University of Kentucky)
Wah Wah Jones (University of Kentucky)
Bob Kurland (Phillips 66ers/Oklahoma St.)
Ray Lumpp (New York University)
Robert Pitts (Phillips 66ers/Arkansas)
Jesse Renick (Phillips 66ers/Oklahoma St.)
Jackie Robinson (Baylor University)
Kenny Rollins (University of Kentucky)
2  France (FRA)
3  Brazil (BRA)
Coach: Moacir Daiuto
4  Mexico (MEX)
Angel Acuña Lizaña
Issac Alfaro Loza
Alberto Bienvenu Barajas
Jorge Cardiel Gaytán
José de la Cruz Cabrera Gándara
Rodolfo Díaz Mercado
Francisco Galindo Chávez
Jorge Gudiño Goya
Héctor Guerrero Delgado
Emilio López Enríquez
Fernando Rojas Herrera
José Rojas Herera
Ignacio Romo Porchas
Josué Santos de León Neri
5  Uruguay (URU)
Martín Acosta y Lara
Néstor F. Anton Giudice
Victorio Cieslinskas
Nelson Demarco
Miguel Carlos Diab Figoli
Abraham Eidlin Grossman
Eduardo A. Folle Colombo
Héctor García
Eduardo M. Gordon Morgan
Adesio Lombardo
Roberto Lovera
Gustavo Magariños Morales de los Ríos
Carlos Roselló
Héctor Ruiz
6  Chile (CHI)
Eduardo Cordero Fernández
Ezequiel Figueroa Reyes
Juan José Gallo Chinchilla
Roberto Hammer Casadio
Eduardo Kapstein Suckel
Manuel Ledesma Barrales
Víctor Mahana Badrie
Luis Enrique Marmentini Gil
Andrés Mitrovic Guic
Antonio Moreno Rodillo
Eduardo Parra Rojas
Hermán Raffo Abarca
Marcos Sánchez Carmona
Guillermo Verdugo Yañez
7  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Karel Bělohradský
Cyril Benáček
Jiří Chlup
Jiří Drvota
Josef Ezr
Jozef Kalina
Jan Kozák
Václav Krása
Zoltán Krenický
Jozef Křepela
Ivan Mrázek
Jiří Siegel
Josef Toms
Ladislav Trpkoš
8  South Korea (KOR)
Ahn Byung-Suk
Bang W.
Chang Chin-Ri
Chyo Joon-Deuk
Kang Hyun-Bong
Kim Shin-Chung
Lee Hoon-Sang
Lee Yung-Choon
Oh Chul-Soo
9  Canada (CAN)
Coach: Bob Osborne (University of British Columbia))
Ole Bakken (University of British Columbia)
Bill Bell (University of British Columbia)
Doodie Bloomfield (Montréal YMHA)
Dave Campbell (University of British Columbia)
Harry Kermode (University of British Columbia)
Bennie Lands (Montréal YMHA)
Pat McGeer (University of British Columbia)
Reid Mitchell (University of British Columbia)
Mendy Morein (Montréal YMHA)
Nev Munro (University of British Columbia)
Bobby Scarr (University of British Columbia)
Cy Strulovitch (Montréal YMHA)
Sol Tolchinsky (Montréal YMHA)
Murray Waxman (Montréal YMHA)
10  Peru (PER)
G. Ahrens Valdivia
Carlos Alegre Benavides
David Descalzo Álvarez
Virgilio Drago Burga
Alberto Fernández Calderón
Arturo Ferreyros Pérez
Eduardo Fiestas Arce
Rodolfo Salas Crespo
Luis Sánchez Maquiavelo
R. Ríos Soracco
José Vizcarra Nieto
11  Belgium (BEL)
Georges Baert
Auguste Bernaer
Henri Coosemans
François de Pauw
Henri Hermans
André Hollanders
Henri Hollanders
Emile Kets
Léon Lampo
Julien Meuris
Gustave Poppe
René Steurbaut
Luois van de Goor
Armand van Wambeke
12  Philippines (PHI)
Coach: Dionisio Calvo
Manuel Araneta
Ramón Campos
Eduardo Decena
Andrés de la Cruz
Felicisimo Fajardo
Gabriel Fajardo
Edgardo Fulgencio
Antonio Luis Martínez
Lauro Mumar
Francisco Vestil
13  Cuba (CUB)
Mario Aguero Medrano
José Miguel Alvarez Pozo
Casimiro García Artime
Juan García García
R. Carlos García Ordoñez
Francisco Lavernia Hernández
José Llanusa Gobel
Miguel Llaneras Rodríguez
Federico López Garviso
Pedro Manuel Otero Vázquez
Mario Quintero Padrón
Fabio Ruiz Vinajeras
Ramón Wiltz Bucelo
Otazo A. Paget
14  Iran (IRI)
Coach: Kazem Rahbari
Kazem Ashtari
Asghar Ehsasi
Fereidoun Esfandiari
Hossein Hashemi
Hossein Jabbarzadegan
Hossein Karandish
Farhang Mohtadi
Houshang Rafatjah
Fereydoon Sadeghi
Ziaoddin Shadman
Abolfazl Solbi
Hossein Sorouri
Hossein Saoudipour
15  Argentina (ARG)
Coach: Jorge Hugo Canavesi
Raúl Calvo
Leopoldo Contarbio
Oscar Furlong
Ricardo González
Manuel Guerrero
Rafael Lledó
León Martinetti
Rubén Menini
Jorge Nuré
Oscar Pérez Cattáno
Arturo Ruffa
Juan Carlos Uder
Bruno Varani
Tomás Vío
16  Hungary (HUN)
Antal Bánkuti
P. Benedek
János Halász
Géza Kardos
József Kozma
István Lovrics
Tibor Mezőfi
György Nagy
László Novakovszky
Attila Timár Geng
István Timár Geng
Ede Vadászi
J. Verbenyi
Tibor Zsíros
17  Italy (ITA)
Gianfranco Bersani
Carlo Cerioni
Sergio Ferriani
Ezio Mantelli
Federico Marietti
Giancarlo Marinelli
Giovanni Nesti
Valentino Pellarini
Giancarlo Primo
Renzo Ranuzzi
Luigi Rapini
Romeo Romanutti
Sergio Stefanini
Vittorio Tracuzzi
18  Republic of China (ROC)
Chia Chung-Chang
Chua Bon-Hua
Kya Is-Kyun
Lee Edward
Lee Tsun-Tung
Pao John Sung-Yuan
Wee Tian-Siak
Woo Cheng-Chang
Yee Jose
Yu Sai-Chang
19  Egypt (EGY)
Youssef Mohamed Abbas
Youssef Kamal Mohamed Abou-Ouf
Fouad Abdel Meguid Abu el Kheir
Armand Philippe Catafago
Mahmoud Gamal el Leissy
Albert Fahmy Tadros
Mohamed Habib
Abdelrahman Ismail Hafez
Robert Makzoume
Hassan Moawad
Medhat Youssef Mohamad
Hussein Kamal Montassir
Ahmed Nessim
Mohamed Soliman
20  Great Britain (GBR)
Frank Cole
Trevor C. Davies
Alexander Elk
Malcolm Finlay
Colin L. Hunt
Douglas C. Legg
Ronald H. Legg
Stanley McMeekan
Sydney McMeekan
Robert H. Norris
Lionel Price
Harry L. Weston
Stanley B. Weston
21  Switzerland (SUI)
Pierre Albrecht
Henri Baumann
Marc Bossy
Claude Chevalley
Maurice Chollet
Bernard Dutoit
Robert Geiser
Hans Gujer
Claude Landini
Jean Pare
G. Piaget
Jean Pollet
Georges Stockly
J. Tribolet
22  Iraq (IRQ)
H. Ahmed
Y. Emile
G. Hanna
A. Hashim
A. Irfan
A. Kanaan
F. Saleh
M. Salmain
Ali D. Salman
K. Wadoon
23  Ireland (IRL)
Harry Boland
Vincie Crehan
John Flynn
William Jackson
Thomas Keenan
James R. McGee
Gerald McLoughlin
Thomas Malone
Frank B. O'Connor
Donald O'Donovan
Daniel Reddin
Donald Sheriff
Patrick Sheriff
Christy Walsh
Liam Doherty



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