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Elections to the Parliament of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, Spain, were held on February 26, 1984.[1]

The PNV won 32 seats, the Socialists came second with 19 seats, Herri Batasuna came third with 11 seats, the Popular Coalition won 7 seats, and Euskadiko Ezkerra won 6 seats.

An additional 15 seats were contested in this election as opposed to the election of 1980 making a total of 75 seats.

Party Party List votes Vote percentage (change) Total Seats (change)
Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ-PNV) 451,178 42.01% +3.91% 32 +7
Socialist Party of the Basque Country (PSE) 247,786 23.07% +8.86% 19 +10
Herri Batasuna (HB) 157,389 14.65% -1.90% 11 ±0
Popular Coalition (AP-PDP-UL) 100,581 9.36% +4.59% 7 +5
Euskadiko Ezkerra (EE) 85,671 7.98% -1.84% 6 ±0
All Others 31,423 3.02%   0  
Totals 1,074,028 100.00%   75


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