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Stable release 0.9 beta / 2009-09-22; 3 months ago
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Webshop
License GNU General Public License

Batavi - Latin for Batavians - is an open source webshop under the GNU General Public License. The development of Batavi started in 2007 inspired by a preliminary osCommerce 3.0 version, a version that seemed to be never finished by the osCommerce team. In Batavi, an Object oriented design model is adopted, and on a functional level XML-EDI integration with the systems of suppliers is a lead theme, as most merchants don't run 'standalone' webshops. This distinguishes Batavi also from other webshops like PrestaShop, Zen Cart and Magento.

Batavi is developed on LAMP (software bundle), especially PHP and MySQL, and adopts a three layer model in which design objects, code and the database are strictly separated. From a designer perspective, this creates the advantage of easy manipulation of template objects, without the need of adapting code.

Key Features (0.9 beta version)

  • Fully flexible template system, including pages/boxes groups layout and page access limitation
  • Full content management including menus, texts, mails, pages etc
  • Robust architecture to process vast numbers of products, visitors, customers and orders
  • Customer/group specific pricing, payment or shipping modules
  • Related products for cross- and upselling
  • Unlimited product segmentation to present products
  • Product price rules for pricing vast numbers of products
  • Fully automated integration with product content providers: Open ICEcat interface available
  • Interface for multi warehouse and multi supplier (including stock and purchase prices) support
  • Advanced batch price list import and order export & status feedback facilities (e.g. interfaces to ICEimport/ICEorder)
  • Standard Open Catalog Interface to Open ICEcat XML.


The Batavi development team was formed in 2007 by osCommerce core-team members and ICEshop, an ecommerce service provider active since 1999. The name Batavi was chosen, as this refers to a partly mythical Germanic tribe which revolted against The (Roman) Empire, and whose living territory overlaps with the present-day Netherlands. It also refers to the Golden Age of The Republic of The Netherlands, in which Batavian myths were used for inspiration. The Batavi core team made use of an unfinished pre-release of osCommerce 3.0, and reworked it completely, and added the much needed high-end business-to-business functionalities that were already present in ICEshop's ecommerce solutions.

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