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Commune of Batna
بلدية باتنة
Batna location.svg
Map of Batna Province highlighting Batna Municipality
ONS code 0501
Postal code 05000
Province Batna (seat)
District Batna (seat)
PMA Seats 33
Altitude 1048 m (3441 ft)
Population 247 520 (1998)

Batna (Arabic: باتنة‎, Berber: Batna in Tifinagh.svg, Tbathent) is the main city of Batna Province, Algeria. With a population of 285.800 (2004 estimation) it is the fifth largest city in Algeria. It is also one of the principal cities of the Chaoui area and is considered the capital of the Aures.



Vestiges à Timgad

The first solid foundations (a military encampment) of the city were erected by a French garrison in 1844, with a strategic mission to create a permanently guarded access point for the main Sahara road.

Batna's geographical location offers a natural break through the Atlas Mountains. The Romans did not detect this passage in their early invasion phase.

The ancient cities of Timgad and Lambese, built around the first century CE, are living examples of the importance that the Romans gave to commercial control over the region.

Signature and proclamation of the Algerian revolution Batna
« Groupe des six », chefs du FLN. Photo prise juste avant le déclenchement des hostilités le 1Template:Er novembre 1954. Debouts, de gauche à droite : Rabah Bitat, Mostefa Ben Boulaïd, Didouche Mourad et Mohamed Boudiaf. Assis : Krim Belkacem à gauche, et Larbi Ben M'Hidi à droite.

The inhabitants of the city revloted against the French authorities at the beginning of colonization. Thereafter they will organize the Algerian revolution against colonialism french.

The first Batneens adhere to Messali Hadj (PPP), also with the Ulemas Ben Badis and the Movement for the triumph of democratic freedoms (MTLD), then they will organize the great historic summit of 22, June 25 1954.

The outbreak of the Algerian revolution was decided at Batna under the chairmanship of Batnéen Mustapha Benboulaïd (FLN). Batna was the first military region of L 'Algeria (zone 1) 1954 1962. On the night of November 1 (()) 1954, the barracks of the city of Batna is attacked by the mujahedeen. Batna is the command headquarters of the Algerian revolution until independence. [1]

Previous civil war

On September 6, 2007, Batna saw a massive Al-Qaeda suicide bombing. The bombing, which took place shortly before the visit of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, resulted in approximately 15-20[2][3][4] deaths and 107[5] injuries as the bomber detonated his device among a crowd waiting to see the President,[3] who was at the end of a three-day tour of eastern Algeria.[6]. The bombings were condemned by the UN Security Council.[7]

Historical population

Year Population[8]
1901 6,900
1926 10,300
1931 13,600
1936 15,500
1948 21,700
1954 26,400
1966 54,900
1974 115,100
1977 102,800 (town)
112,100 (municipality)
1987 181,600
1998 246,800

City of Batna at a Glance

Théâtre de Batna.jpg

Batna is located in the north east of Algeria, not far from Constantine and the Tunisian border. The town has increasingly broadened the last 15 years (from 1992). Many trade centers, houses and apartments have been built during this time. The city combines a variety of both eastern and western architectural styles with Algerian stamp. The city is known as the "City of Retirements" due to its tranquil and calm environment; even the mentality of native habitants of Batna is peaceful and almost identical to the calm of the city. Most people speak Arabic, Chaouia, fluent in French and very little English.


Many entertainment resorts are spread across the town. With regard to sports activities the most important destinations are the 1st November Stadium (Stade du premier Novembre), and Seffouhi Stadium, which is used mainly for soccer clubs and festivals (CAB & MSPB are the biggest teams in the city), in addition to the Scholar Stadium. For cultural activities there is a municipal Cultural House, which is located behind the Prefecture and covers many cultural and educational activities, in addition to the Islamic Cultural Center in the heart of the city and the Youth House in Cite Ennaser. For children, an attraction park is located in Kechida, which is approximately a ten minute drive from the downtown area. However, this park is undergoing maintenance for few years.

Batnian Youth

One of the main hobbies of Batnian youth is simply the exercise of walking back and forth for hours in Trig Biskara and enjoying people watching. While some older people look at the youths' aimless walks with perplexity, the activity is really just for fun and relaxing (similar to what people do in Hollywood Walk of Fame in California: they too walk and watch as others trace out their steps on the walk or watch celebrities). For those who felt tired from walking, or just don’t like to walk, a good place for them would be a café. Batnian youths enjoy having a seat at a café and chatting with friends, discussing affairs, or playing domino, chess, or cards. Another important hobby is hopping on a computer in a cyber café, due to the affordable price. Online, the youths enjoy just googling, surfing the internet, or chatting with overseas people using MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, caramail, and so on.

Dining and Nightlife

With regard to night life, due to some religious and cultural limitations, there is almost no night clubs in the city. However, a warm atmosphere for a perfect night life is concentrated in the heart of the city, around allées Ben Boulaïd and "STAND" areas, especially during summer break. Downtown Batna has plenty of cafés, traditional restaurants (Chouwaya) or GARGOUTTIER, Pizzerias, French and oriental bakeries, and a limited number of luxury restaurants. Many festivities take place in allées Ben Boulaïd area, mainly in the season of International Timgad Festival (usually between 04-15july every year). The most attractive exciting places surrounding the city are, Lambese (also called Lambaesis), Timgad, Balcons de Ghoufi, Chelaalaa, and Belezma National Park.


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Coordinates: 35°33′N 6°10′E / 35.55°N 6.167°E / 35.55; 6.167

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