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Battle Kommand Records
Founded 2004
Founder Blake Judd
Rebecca Clegg
Genre Extreme metal
Country of origin United States
Official Website Battle Kommand Homepage

Battle Kommand Records (BKR) is an American underground record label founded by Blake Judd and Rebecca Clegg in 2004, based in St. Charles, Illinois. The company's stated intent is "to bring some of the world's most extreme music to the world's most extreme audiences."[1] BKR has thus far concentrated on extreme metal genres such as black, doom and Death metal, as well as more experimental forms of noise rock and ambient music. The label is the home of Judd's bands Nachtmystium and Twilight, and has released records by Krieg, Leviathan, N.I.L., Sapthuran, and Xasthur, among others. Battle Kommand Records merged with Candlelight Records in January 2009.[2]


As of mid-July 2007, BKR has released the following recordings:

  • Krieg, Songs for Resistance (MC, 2004, BKR001)
  • Nachtmystium, Demise (CD, 2004, BKR002)
  • Krieg, Sono Lo Scherno (CD, 1998; re-released 2005, BKR003)
  • Cult of Daath, The Grand Torturers of Hell (CD, 2005, BKR004)
  • Archgoat, Angelcunt: Tales of Desecration (LP, 1992; re-released 2005, BKR005)
  • Xasthur / Leviathan, split (CD 2004; re-released 2005, BKR006)
  • Nachtmystium, Nachtmystium (CD, 2003; re-released 2006, BKR007)
  • Sapthuran / Leviathan, split (CD, 2006, BKR008
  • Nachtmystium, Instinct: Decay (CD, 2006, BKR009)
  • The Ruins of Beverast, Unlock the Shrine (CD, 2006, BKR010)
  • Dawnbringer, In Sickness and in Dreams (CD, 2006, BKR011)
  • Zoroaster, Zoroaster (MCD, 2006, BKR012)
  • Xasthur, Subliminal Genocide (CD, 2006, BKR013)
  • Obscurus Advocam, Verbia Daemonicus (CD, 2006, BKR014)
  • Rites of Cleansing / Torch of War, split (7" EP, 2006, BKR015)
  • Nunslaughter, Hell on Holland (7" EP, 2007, BKR016)
  • Exalted, We Are the Grim Throng (CD, 2007, BKR017)
  • N.I.L., N.I.L. (CD, 2007, BKR018)
  • Spun in Darkness, Birthright (CD, 2007, BKR019)
  • Zoroaster, Dog Magic (CD, 2007, BKR020)


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